Using a Copier

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hi this is Terry and Sarah and you will

be watching our information video on the

basics of using a copier ok first what

you'll need to do is turn the copier on

so most copiers have the power button up

top you'll just hit that sometimes it

may take a few minutes to turn on and

then in some offices or in this example

at the college you'll have to have a

department ID or a password to get into

the copier so I'm just going to put in

our ID

and there you go now you're ready to

start using the copier

next we're going to show you how to load

the paper this is for regular letter

sized paper and this is tray one tray

two of the letter size paper tray three

is legal paper and Cho 4 is 11 by 17 and

that's how you load the paper