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all right what's up guys in this video

I'll be showing you how to utilize this

which is your standard pallet jack

before we get into it I think do me a

huge favor

hit that like button hit that subscribe

button and then let's learn how to use

this let's get started so before we get

into it let's actually look at what we

got on this machine well we got a handle

that comes down and up we've got a lever

on the handle which clicks down and then

it can also click back up and also be

squeezed we've got what we got we got

two small tires we've got two metal arms

to go under the pallet we've got two

small rollers there and that's about it

this is a very simple machine but very

useful for the day-to-day tasks so how

do you actually operate this well it's

pretty dang simple so you push and pull