Concord, CA Overhead Crane Operator Training

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my name is Tony strobo with Cincinnati

crane today is November 2nd is 10:20 and

this is overhead crane training I'd like

to start with the disconnect this is the

magnet this disconnect for the entire

bus bar system this is the only time

that you can disconnect or de-energized

the power to the entire bus bar system

the orange and green bar that you see

that runs down the length of the runway

is the bus bar system that's what

carried the power to the crane the crane

feeds from the collector shoes see above

that bar is open at the bottom it is hot

it's finger safe meaning that you should

not be able to get your finger up to

where you could you could begin to the

energy bar however it still is a safety

item that you need to be aware of I'm

now going to energize the system so by

turning this on the bus bar is now on it