Barnes & Noble Nook: Unboxing and Demo

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hello youtube this is Detroit boring

again with another unboxing this time

it's a Barnes and Noble Nook this is

their ebook reader which uses an eating

display along with a color LCD display

this is actually my first Android device

as well because this runs on the Android

platform before I cut this open let's

just take a look around the box we see a

picture of the front of the Nook on the

front and back the Nook on the back of

course the side of the Nook on the side

some of the information we have model

number B and our v100 designed by Barnes

& Noble assembled in China let's go

ahead and crack this open so in order to

open this I'm just going to bend this a

little bit like that pop it up like this

there's the e-book now I should just

note that there's a piece of foam inside

like top cover to keep it protected