Unboxing / Setup Instructions for a new laptop [HP Pavilion Notebook 17]

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hey guys welcome back this would be the

first one of its kind video I love

opening new things and doing the

unboxing for them so this would be the

first unboxing video ever on my channel

let's get started first thing we need to

open this package it's greatly packed

let's use a pen it seems like it might

be a problem using it with one hand I

think I have a better idea let's go have

a look at the keys and see if that works

better cuz this normally does work okay

yeah that's not too bad let's move on

alright let's have a look at what it is

actually okay it's HP Pavilion i7 and by

the GeForce graphics card eight

gigabytes of RAM and a 2 terabyte of

hard drive look at how awesome do I look

with these glasses on say let's move on

alright just a basic packing stuff you

need to move fast

pick this up put it on the table and

these all things are just alright what

else would be having there ok cool setup

instructions a whole bunch of different

things paper works and stuff and this is

some of the important things that we

might need that attack and chase

charging nothing else special going on

here these are all just garbage now you

can sit back on the side here put them


alright what do we have here ok a whole

bunch of paperwork I might not even open

these I don't think I'm gonna need that

support yet instructional manual thing

alright so the instruction is something

about my knees not that visor alright

they don't understand

blah-blah-blah-blah-blah a little bit I

got it okay make sense

pictures are a lot easier to follow

instead of just two words got it all

right so this is the battery pack and

that's the charger oh I love this sound

of opening this for anything there you


it's the logo looking awesome yep

without battery it's not going to work

oh really easy to install with one hand

nice appreciate that mr. engineer say

nice everything looks brand new which is

an amazing feeling

always i7c for rocks all these buttons

are very very nicely done they're very

smooth trackpad let's turn it on

oh okay it's not turning how'd you feel

oh I forgot

it's okay the battery is not already

charged and we're gonna have to hook it

up with some kind of power outlet to

give it some juice I know exactly how to

do that I'm gonna have to say doing it

with one hand it's quite challenging but

it's not it's fun I like challenges like

that you just a heads up you guys it's

the only reason I'm doing it because you

will be able to find a lot of guide in

this video for any kind of laptop out

there that you were setting up for the

very first time all right

it's on now that HP emblem looks cool on

screen at all all right this is from my

very first video ever I believe but

let's erase that because I'm going to be

reading that while making this video hey

there hello I whole bunch of different

things we've been instant stuff it's

telling me the timing yeah except that

there's some legal stuff it's always yes

you don't accept you won't

you won't move forward anyways never

mind you don't want this we don't want

to do this going forward riffing if you

want to customize a lot of things you

don't want to have some someone else

taking control over our PC or laptop

without a filling it so yeah I want to

complete control of my things like that

yep a bit tick

take quite a long time and then it's set

again hey we're sitting things up all

right I get it

getting critical updates oh cool stuff

like this animation happening here for

loading anyways let me explain what

exactly was I looking for

so the very first thing that anyone

would ever be looking for in a laptop

would basically be I was looking for i7

+ fish best Ram STD card good storage

wasn't really important having that but

whatever dedicated graphics card yes 15

- 17 inch screen was definitely required

and a cd-rom as well

yes because sometimes you do have to

write some movies you do have to make

some DVDs anyways you get the plan and

guess what you found it all and this

one's laptop a bit more than that

actually it's great

alright first thing it's asking for the

username and password right the cool

name on it Mickey yards and put the

passwords and stuff and then it's asking

about the registrations and products you

don't want to do it yet cuz

there might be some things that are not

fully yours it might be on trial this

won't take long do this being quite a

long time already I we are finally here

the screen is massive

g-force ready for some awesome stuff

anyways it's Windows 10 you guys have

the basic layout there I'm sure you guys

know how to do that now here is the

congratulation message saying that you

are almost done setup more things

alright apparently this is something

different edge Microsoft edge and you

browser uh-huh office 365 it's always

needed all right an update is being

installed welcome to Windows 10 I

believe all right

yep a whole bunch of different

software's in there needs to set them up

so yeah

during this setting up process make sure

that you know exactly what's being set


customize them take control of your PC

let's have a look at what we have in the


all righty oh my bad sixteen gigabytes

of RAM 64 bits see this is a lot more

than what we were expecting HP pavilion

notebook rocks and did you want to all

these changes to be made yeah because I

think I want to play a game

let's see before show me what you got

agree in except obviously but don't

agree you won't let me play what's the

point of giving me the option seems like

everything's going well so far these

buttons are really soft really easy to

press them trackpad awesome we all know

where the design is coming from but it's

being upgraded it's cool I like it

alright so what do we have in the app

James calm I don't know why

that's there games games games games

what kind of game should I play I wonder

if these are actually already built-in

downloaded into the system alright

that's Hercules name as in there so why

not try that again if I don't agree I

won't be able to apply oh wait you don't

have to download that I don't know if I

want to do this anymore

I'm thinking if there is another rig

yeah definitely not gonna be that high I

believe yeah so the graphics look okay

I'm sorry did I just say okay dude it

looks awesome I meant yeah I told you

man awesome like for fast and responsive

here I'm sure you guys won't be able to

see the actual graphics on this camera

but trust me when I say that's very


so yeah it was HP boolean and totally

worth that price

you guys want to probably buy this kind

of laptop where you get more than what

you were expecting it always a good


yeah Windows 10 might be a problem at

some point but whatever you just need to

get used to it all right so we're almost

to the end of our video the laptop

physical design of the laptop is great

it does not hinder in any kind of

physical interaction with the laptop to

really smooth to use great piece of

technology whoever designed it talk to

you you guys have done a great job I

have found indeed exactly what I was

looking for I would see a bit more than

that a lot more than that so thank you

again and to all the viewers if you guys

haven't subscribed to this channel

please do hit that like button as well I

appreciate that if you have already

subscribed thank you very much and stay

tuned for more

this is gjhb signing off