Neff S513M60X2GB Integrated Dishwasher

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hi in this video I'll be showing you


it's the Neff s-51 3m 60 X 2 GB

integrated dishwasher it's a bit of a

mouthful and what I want to do today is

just to show you around the dishwasher

some of the features and benefits it's

got so I have got it plugged in and

fully connected up let's have a look so

the first thing to notice on the

dishwasher is when you open the door it

has something called a counterbalance

door and I know it's such a simple

feature but it basically means wherever

you have the door then it just stays in

place now not all integrated issue is

how this and I certainly recommend

looking out for one that has got one

because when you are loading things or

if you only want it open a little bit

then it's such a useful feature so you

will notice that in most dishwashers

there are there at all wore throughout

13 place setting and on this one

we've actually got 14 play settings so

the main advantage is that on this one

we've got the top cutlery basket and the

main advantage of this is you can put

all of your cutlery on here

and you can also take this out so if the

dishwasher isn't near to your cutlery

drawer then you can just take this top

basket out so when you finish when it

comes to empty in it it'll make life a

lot easier so the top basket itself this

is a brilliant design and between Bosch

Neff and Siemens they've had this for

several years but what you'll find is on

the side you've got two handles and what

you do is you can add your braised or

lower the bucket now there are actually

three positions first sit in this is

called rack Matic and what you can find

is when you're loading things into the

top especially if you've got tall

glasses a lot of wine glasses and you

can find that it's too tall so the

glutes are too tall to get underneath

the color reverse scale so what you want

to do is you want to either raise or

lower the basket so you can do that

using the handles on the side too to

lower the basket what you can also do is

if you

on one side reducing then you can just

put it down like that it still drops in

which i think is such a fantastic idea

and just find it's a lot easier having

that facility to be able to raise or

lower the basket like that rather than

having to take it off the wheels because

there are some other more basic

dishwashers that you can actually remove

the basket and put it back in but

because you have to relocate the wheels

then it's a lot more difficult to do it

especially when it's full because it

gets really heavy so the bottom basket

it's easily pulled out cuz you've got a

handle on front here and what you will

notice that these are actually fixed in

here so when it comes to put in place

dishes in here it's nice and easy

because you got nice big gaps here what

you'll also find is the the back ones

you can actually fold it down so you've

got these looks it is an easy process so

that just pulls out and what you can do

is you can create a nice flat area so if

you have got say big pounds or saucepans

that you want to put in with having the

ability to fold them down just makes

life so much easier what you will also

notice is this is a full stainless steel

interior it isn't the cheaper plastic

finish like some of the other brands

what you want to show you the as far as

the filter in here it's easy to take out

so it is a bit wet because these are all

tested in the factory so this is the

filter and it is easy to take out and

you can take this apart and clean easily

by where do it at the moment but all

we'd recommend every now and then just

giving it a good clean just rinse it

under the tap and make sure there's no

food debris around it because that can

have an effect on the performance of the


to put that back in place you just twist

that you've also got the salt is just on

the left-hand side here so that's easy

to do you just untwist that you do also

get this dispenser so that's that's just

really as a simple piece of plastic to

pop in there just makes life a lot

easier when you put in the salt in it

just saves it going everywhere and

you've got in the dishwasher and then

cap back on that just sits on and twist

sir show you the control panel now as

you can see everything is controlled

from the top of the door and you've got

the on and off button on the left-hand

side here and I've got a nice clear LED

display right in the middle of the door

here and if we work from left to right

so some of the programs first of all

you've got the 70 degree program and

that's really very high temperature so

if you've done a Sunday roast and if you

want to make sure your pots and pans are

nice and clean then that's really the

one that that's a recommend then you've

got this one the auto program this one

is it's great program because what you

can find if you're not too sure what

temperature to put everything on then

this auto program takes all the

guesswork out of it and what it will do

is it will actually send a certain

amount of water through the dishwasher

once it started and depending on how

dirty the water is it uses a clever

technology and it will actually detect

the temperature to use so if everything

in there is not too dirty then it will

select a lower temperature say 45 or 50

degree wash but if the water is fairly

dirty then it will select er a higher

temperature up to 55 or 65 degrees and

what you can find is that the time will

vary as well so it might not be two

hours twenty you can reduce a bit

further than that depending on the

temperature it's selected the next one

is the Eco program that's really

recommended for it is a longer program

so it can be up to say three and a half

hours but if you're not in too much of a


and if and

efficiency is key for you then that

would probably be in the main program to

select the next one is a more of a

glasses wash so this is a lower

temperature of 40 degree program' if

you've got slightly delicate items if

you are in a hurry then you've got a

one-hour wash that's a sixty-five

degrees so it's quite high temperature

for a dishwasher and what you'll find is

that that's really a as I say just a

quick wash so if everything in there is

perhaps not too dirty but you're in a

hurry then select that one it's not the

most efficient program if you are more

often so economy them I'd recommend

going over this side but what you have

also got is this option this is a just a

rinse as you come over to here this is

the time delay so what you can do is if

you selected a program then you can

actually enable the time delay so if you

use things like economy 7 or if you just

wanted to come on when you're out then

that goes up to 24 hours and that goes

back to zero the next option is called

various speed plus what this will do is

this reduces the program time by up to

two-thirds and what you can do so if

you've selected this option this is the

the Eco program and you select the

various B plus then it will still with

door wash I'll be honest the actual

performance of the wash may not be here

as good as if you're doing the full wash

clearly because it's only doing it in in

around an hour but again this is great

option if you are in a hurry you've got

this one this is called hygiene plus and

that's mainly for did things like

chopping boards or you've got other

cooking utensils that you want to have

washed at a higher temperature or baby

box or things like that then you've got

that so that's the extra dry feature so

if you've got things like plastic cups

in there sometimes they don't dry

properly and just

enable that and that can really help to

to get things dry the next one is called

the EZ clean feature this is really a

program on her to help click the

dishwasher clean so you don't presenter

then I probably recommend using this say

once every month that's what most

manufacturers will recommend if you if

you using it quite often what it will do

is it just puts it through a program of

around hour-and-a-half and it just

really keeps everything nice and clean

and you can find by running that and

things like keeping the filters clean

that can make a huge difference to how

long the dishwasher will last and also

the performance once you've selected one

of these programs

then I'll right-hand side here you've

got the start button if you do realize

that you've selected the wrong program

just press and hold the start button for

thirty seconds and then just resets it

it's as nice and easy to to operate so

one of the most annoying things that you

can find with any integrated dishwasher

especially if you've had one before is

that you don't often know how long is

left in the program and what you can't

find especially when it's a fully

integrated one like the majority of

dishwashers now but you've got the door

in all of it the only way normally to

tell is by own in the door and that can

defeat the objects a little bit because

you lose a lot of the heat and the

moisture and can stop the program for a

moment so really what Neff have done is

they've come up with a fantastic

solution to this and it's called time

light and what you'll find once you've

selected the program and then you press


at the bottom here on the left-hand side

and it will zoom in hopefully you can

see it it's actually a displaying how

long the program will take so at the

moment that's around three and a half

hours and clearly that will count down

so you don't have to open the door to

see how long if the program is left so

that's just showing me that what I need

to do is I need to put soul to rinse aid

in there because I've not done that

because this is a display model so the

majority of people nowadays tend to use

all the tablets or the little Jo pouches

and what you'll find is that they sit in

the middle here so when you're ready for

the wash pop it in their heart just shut

the little door there and what you'll

find is that during the wash the tablet

or the pouch will actually drop into

here this axon handle as well your top

basket but by doing that the main

advantage is it stops it dropping into

say a cup or something at the bottom and

not dissolve them properly so it's

something that I'll be honest Neff and

the sister company Bosch and Siemens

have done for several years this design

but it really is such a good design so a

couple of other accessories it comes

with the first one is this this is a

childproof lock and I won't go into it's

in too much detail but this is a little

basically it's a piece of plastic that

is designed that when it's first

installed you actually clip it

underneath install its underneath and

really it's designed if you've got

youngsters in the house that want to

come along and open their dishwasher

during the wash then it can actually

keep the door locked and it's just a

little tab that you move across and that

enables you to open the door so it's a

little feature that has to be installed

when it's but mainly when it's first

installed you can do afterwards bits a

little bit more tricky but again that

comes with it so if you have got your

stirs then that's quite good the other

item comes with is this this is called a

large item spray head

this is just really designed to sit at

the back of the dishwasher see is take

the top basket out and clip that onto

the back and if you've got big pans or

if you've got force a big barbecue grill

racks or the racks from your oven then

sit those in the dishwasher

pop that on and that helps to disburse

the water around the dishwasher that's

something that comes with I'd say most

box Neff and seaman's dishwashers not a

lot of people use it from what to her

because they don't know what it does but

that's what it is useful called a large

item spray head so this is just

something else to show you that this is

the energy label so this just shows some

of the performance figures on it so as

you can see it's a 1/8 double plus

energy rating so very energy-efficient

and at the bottom here shows that it's

got 14 place settings now I'm not really

into comparing this model with others or

puts in other models down but this is

one of the sister model this is in the

bosch range and as hopefully as you know

that Bosch Neff and Siemens are all the

same company and this is another Bosch

one that we sell and if you have a quick

check on the comparison that the energy

rating so the kilowatt hours so 266

against 290 surround attempts and

difference the noise level you're

comparing 46 to 50 decibels and if you

know your decibel ratings then that's

quite a lot quieter both are in a

performance for the drawing but one of

the main things is the water consumption

so you go from 2600 up to 3,300 liters

per annum and if specially if you

automate said then that can make quite a

big difference because that's a lot less

water that you haven't ate by going for

the better model and clearly there will

be a price difference between these they

do always vary in price so I'm not

really going to quote I think our prices

at the moment but you can find that by

going up a little bit in the range and

go for something like this Neff

dishwasher then long term it can

actually save you money something I

haven't really covered is the

installation side of the dishwasher you

don't get all the instructions to show

you how to do it if you're not that

confident don't

self I'd recommend getting a

professional to come in and do it for

you what you also gets as while I'm on

the subject of the installation you have

got something called aqua stop which on

the back of the saw on the water pipe is

a little device and if it detects that

there is a leak or anything like that

within the dishwasher then it will

actually stop the machine and it will

show an error code on the display and

that's something that again just in

itself is a fantastic feature if you're

interested in purchasing one of these

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