How to Operate a Tracked Dump Truck // Ep. 139

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hi everyone today we're covering how to

operate a tracked dump truck so we've

got a murukku MST 3000 out here it is a

treads basically built like a almost

like an excavator base with a dump body

so these are very versatile machines

we've already done our pre site

inspections out here I've already done

the pre-op inspection on the machine and

then like I say in every training video

here we're not experts I'm just gonna

show you some of the basics how to

operate this and then hopefully you guys

can give us some suggestions as well so

let's get in this thing and check it out



off-road track machines is really just

the access three points caudate but out

of all the construction machines this is

probably the most complicated not a lot

of room because they gave a lot of

clearance for these things go off-road

so again three points contact step there

you really have to work your way up

there get in close the door

seat belt first okay and these machines

are a lot louder you're obviously

sitting even closer to the engine right

there so for these over on the right I

get a key turn it out one click my

system will boot up make sure I don't

have any warnings anything like that

we're good to go okay

so this is the maruka MST 3000 there is

a it is the top is fixed and what I mean

by that there is other tract dump trucks

that have a swivel base those are the

ones really simpler to an excavator base

where they'll swing on these machines

this size right here is fixed really the

reason you'd want to use these is purely

on the soil conditions you're going over

these machines are they're almost little

tanks they'll go anywhere so sometimes

you may not obviously build around and

on the road dump trucks very limited you

know you've got off-road dump truck to

have much bigger wheels but even those a

lot of weight on one particular surface

will sink in these machines are really

good for out and you know forestry if

you're going out for trails if you're

going very slow up muddy conditions

things like that these are very

versatile units that can get kind of

anywhere so also very simple

so these you'll notice I've got nothing

on there's no track pedals some of the

older models this is a new one older

ones will have track piles like an

excavator because they take that same

base but this one's pretty simple

nothing there all I've got is a joystick

left joystick

so we have my throttle over here left

joystick here so on this then none of

your standard controls that you would

normally see with climate control radio

lights things like that and you're right

but you'll see I've got my throttle knob

right here and then my joystick

joysticks pretty simple and if you've

ever operated some of the more basics

newer skid steers now it's this point

kind of point and push where you want to

go and then it's going to go the way the

safety device on these is the trigger so

on this machine won't move unless I'm

holding the left trigger in but if I

push it for to go forward back back left

left right right things like that and

then in my dump is the two yellow

buttons so on this if I hope hold the

left one you'll see my dump bed will go


and if I hold it down it'll bring that

back down so with that said I'm going to

throttle it up a little bit

and I hold my left trigger and that's

what you have to do to maintain mass

again the beauty of these machines is

they don't go pretty much anywhere I

might display it will show me all my

different angles so obviously you don't

want to get too much out of up down

sideways things like that you'll see

I've got some here that this single just

plow right through so if as long as I

hold the trigger in

basically point a direction I want

the beauty of these things are very

versatile they'll pretty much go

anywhere the key I matched any track

machine is really finding understanding

the guy can see you're gonna it's

basically that guy's a seesaw is these

things will rock and forward really

really hard so when I'm coming up this

I've kind of taken it at an angle as

much as possible but watching when

you're going to come down like that and

trying to make sure this also why it's

really important to have a seat belt on

in these machines because I can feel

myself start to tip be kind of got to

know your center point there now the

other way to drive these I you have

either have to hold the trigger or

there's like kind of a cruise where it

sets it so if I'm going forward and my

left button up there is a crew so if I

take that off now that machine will

basically help didn't hold it so now

it's on cruise if it goes over a bump it

will not itself out so right now all I

have I don't want to hold the trigger

anymore and i can change my speed with

the throttle so a good indicator where I

need to go my loner excavator upward

will always be having the bug get right

over where I need to be so I'm watching

I've got two mirrors and a backup camera


so Jake's is gonna load me a little bit

light here just a few loads if you

haven't seen we've got other videos

about how to load a dump truck she can

see that he's doing some bench loading

right now on to us


and now he gave gave my horn so knows

I'm good to go I'm gonna throttle it up

a little bit

so here's a good example again we're at

our site here in Minnesota I don't have

a lot of really rough terrain but this

is something typically when they'll

definitely not taken on the road dump

truck and even an off-road a haul truck

might have a little bit of trouble here

but this is really where these tracks

and machines come in just any time you

have that track system it's able to go

over a lot more terrain so again I'm

going to go off I just kind of payment

my own path here


following it up

you'll see I'll give out regular a

warning here

so I don't give you warnings

give you a warning if it's got a certain

angle the tag that's reaching it

see how it's kind of go over any terrain

put it through

so again you saw when they hit the bumps

there it'll take itself out accrues so

once I'm where I want but I'm going to

start raising that dumb bed

slowly I can start going forward

Park it right here righto it down and

shut it off make sure you lock these

doors all the way open and then again

the most challenging part is getting in

and out so three points contact foot

there foot there and all the way down

that is our tract dump truck the maruka

MST 3000 again hopefully you guys

enjoyed that again those machines they

take a little bit as you saw they can go

over any conditions but you're also kind

of getting jostling around a lot in

there so it takes a lot of stick time

things like that the only difference the

other machine when I was talking about

that actual turntable it would say

machine there which spin that's one

other piece you'd have on there so hope

you guys doing that but any suggestions

if you run one of these things a lot

give any tips or tricks you may have and