How To: Use Android Smartphones for Beginners

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today I want to show you how to use

Android in general this video really is

going to be basically for for beginners

for people who have never really used

Android or who are very very unfamiliar

with it still and so I'm going to go

through some very basic stuff today so

if if you know much about Android at all

then know this video is probably not

going to be not going to be of much help

to you I'm just going to focus on very

very basic things to get people going

who don't know anything about Android so

there's a first few things I want to

talk about before before we get into

some of this other stuff first thing is

I want to talk about some of these

phones I've got a few Android phones

here this is the the HTC Eris is one of

the very first Android phones made there

was the the g1 there was the original

Motorola Droid and then there was this

one I believe there may have been a few

others but this is one of the very first

ones and what I wanted to show you on

this is on Android typically there are

four buttons that that you have you have

a home button you have a menu button and

most time it doesn't say menu anymore

most of time it looks like that that's a

menu button so these two buttons right

here will do the same thing in Android

and then there's the back button and

then there's the search button and so

depending on which app you're in some of

these things will do different things

like menu will do something different

depending on what what app you have open

when I say tap that short for

application so if you if you have

facebook open and you push menu it's

going to do it's going to open up one

type of menu say you're in your phone

dialer where you can call people and you

push menu you're going to get a

different you're going to get different

looking menu and the same thing for the

search button depending on where you're

at on your phone where whatever place

you're at the search button is going to

bring up something different the home

typically always going to take you back

to your home screen and back to is going

to go to the screen before that

this is on one of the first ones that

had this little trackball here they you

don't see that very much anymore but

these four buttons right here are the

ones that you see most of the time on

Android home menu back and search and

sometimes they take this down to just

three but usually you see these four and

they're never just in this order it's

never home menu back search sometimes

they're all switched around it just

depends on which phone you have and so

that's another thing I want to say about

this is if you're if you're really

trying to figure out how to use your

phone and in particular you need to find

something that that really focuses on

that in general once you kind of learn

the basics because every one of these

phones has little quirks to it that are

different than other ones

so once you get the basic general very

basic general idea of how how Android

works then you need to find something

that talks specifically about your phone

to help you out

but generally you're going to have these

four buttons sometimes these buttons are

like these are where they're actually

they're hard buttons where they're built

onto the onto the case basically there's

some that have these buttons on the

screen so you if your screen is off you

don't see those buttons you only see it

when the screen comes on then you can

push those buttons obviously called

on-screen navigation okay so now another

very basic thing I want to talk about

for Android is that the term Android

refers to the operating system

now when Verizon first came out with

their androids

they called them droids and so that was

more of a way to to designate that the

actual phone which to me I guess it

brought recognition to to Android but it

also created confusion because Android

is the operating system and Verizon's

phones were called droids so to me that

that was a little bit confusing but

overall and really the the thing that

we're concerned about in this video is

just talking about

enjoyed the operating system now Android

is an operating system just like you

have Windows operating systems none on

your on your desktop computer you may

have Windows XP or you may have Windows

7 or you may have Windows 8

all those are just different versions of

Windows operating system and that's what

Android is but for phones and for

tablets as well but it's the actual

operating system it's what it's what

what allows you to do anything on your

phone it's what lets let you turn your

phone on to be able to to make calls to

open up Facebook to open any that type

stuff that's what the operating system

does and so I want to talk real quick

about Android Android has lots of

different versions and what Android did

very early on is they started referring

to their to their versions as desert

names the a and B and this goes in

alphabetical order the a and the B I

believe never really had had a desert

name they just went by alpha and beta I

believe that's that's what happened they

starting at seed and they started

calling them by desert names so it's C

it was cupcake D was donut II was Eclair

f was Froyo or frozen yogurt G was

gingerbread H was honeycomb Ice Ice

Cream Sandwich jelly bean and K is

KitKat and that's the latest one that

we're at and so this goes in

alphabetical order and so the next one

after KitKat K is going to be L and I'm

making this video early March of 2014

there's not an official name for it yet

lollipop is one that's been brought up

quite a bit but there's there's still

nobody knows except for engineers at

Google so these phones these three

phones are for phones have all have

Android operating system running on them

but each one of these has a little

different flavor this one is still

running Android Eclair

so this is running an old version of

Android and so there's not very many

people probably who use this old of a

version of Android but I'm still going

to show you a few things in case you do

happen to have a phone that's running

this old of it of an Android version

these two turfs same phones what this

one's mine this one's my wife wifes and

I'm running KitKat on mine and she's

running jelly bean on hers and then this

is my old Galaxy Note the Galaxy Note 1

and it's running jelly bean also and so

the reason I have all four of these is I

want to show you kind of how how they

look different because each one of these

has something different on them even

these two that are the same phones I

have two different versions on here this

one has KitKat and this one has

jellybeans like I said and so I want to

kind of show you the differences in some

of these okay so first thing is Android

originally was was a operating system

for phones that was developed by by by a

company that was not owned by Google it

was developed by by some different


Google eventually bought Android the

Android operating system and now Android

is Google's phone mobile operating

system so when you're running Android

you're running something that is is

developed by Google and so really for

you to really take advantage of your

Android smartphone you need to have a

gmail account I know some of you may

have old hot mail accounts or yahoo

accounts or you know some other

something like that but really to use

these to their fullest potential you

need to have a gmail account and so over

here on my computer I want to show you

how to to set up a gmail account if you

don't already have that so if you'll

just go to Gmail and if something else

comes up there will be a button down

here it says create an account

and so as you click on create an account

it's going to bring this up where you

can create a free google gmail account

and so you'll just type all this in your

first name you'll want to choose your

username and there's lots of people who

have usernames so if I were to put Joe

Smith no doubt that's going to be used

see it says here someone already has

that username so you can have to develop

a username for your gmail account that's

going to be unique that's going to be

different than what anybody else has so

this is just going to be the typical

stuff you're going to put your first

last name username create a password and

then just go through the steps here to

set up your gmail account so you

definitely need that gmail account to

really use your Android phone to the to

its potential before I started using

Android smartphones I was using Windows

smart phones on the windows mobile

platform and before I got into Android

phones I used hotmail as my primary

email account or is my primary personal

email account and so whenever out

whenever I was trying to decide whether

I wanted to go to Android or not that

was one of the big things as do I really

want to mess with moving everything from

hotmail over to Gmail and once I figured

out I could forward all of my hotmail

email to my gmail it made it a lot

easier for me to make that transition

and I'm not going to go into how to do

that today but because it you know you

may have hotmail or yahoo or whatever so

they're all going to have different ways

to do that but from most of your email

services you're going to be able to

forward any email that you get into that

account over to your gmail account and

so now even I don't know how many years

I've been running Android I still have

my hotmail forward to my gmail I'm still

getting people who emails stuff to my

hotmail that just comes to my gmail

account and two or three years later I'm

still doing that so just know if you

have some some old

email account that that you've used for

a long time you can forward that to your

new gmail and of course I'm biased but I

think you'll figure out that you like

Gmail quite a bit especially as you see

how it integrates into your phone and

how how it's just across everything how

it makes it so much easier to start

using start using Google and of course I

know the old argument about we're

letting Google know too much about us I

understand that and and I've thought

about that but that's beyond the purpose

of this video for today also at this

point right now

Google gives 15 gigabytes of free

storage with each gmail account that you

have so pretty generous at this point

okay so let's go ahead and start looking

at how to use the phones now so first

thing on my phone I went ahead and did a

reset on it so I can show you kind of

how to go through the initial set up

here like I said this is a Samsung phone

this phone right here is an HTC phone

you're going to this is going to look

different between between different

phones there's just going to be

different things and even if I were to

if I reset this one and I reset my

wife's phone going through the startup

thing is going to look different because

of the way I have these to set up so

there's all different ways to set this

up but I'm just going to show you going

through here on mines so you have this

welcome screen okay I'm not going to

worry about setting up my my my Wi-Fi

right now and I'm and I'll get to that

in a little bit I will show you how to

set that up so this is got Google do you

have a Google account so that's going to

go back to where you just set up your

account over on the computer so if

you've done that then you're going to

want to set up your Google account if

you haven't doing that if you haven't

done that push no but I suggest that you

just go ahead and do this I'm gonna push

no and I'll show you how you okay so

right now my phone is is back to just

stock and my phone also has the new

most where I can say okay Google and it

lets me ask a question now that's why it

did that but I don't want that right now

so this is one of the most important

things on your it's a very important

part of your phone is the Play Store

because the Play Store is where you can

go and download different apps this is

where you're going to go get Facebook if

you don't have that as an app this is

where you're going to go and get angry

birds as a game for for you to play it

for your kids to play this is where

you're going to get the stuff that

you're going to get to download so if I

click on the Play Store here you have to

have an account for this so this is

where it's going to ask you to add your

Google account again this is the account

that that you created over on the

computer if you have it if you didn't

put that in at the beginning so I'm

going to push existing because I've

already got one and let me just top this

in real quick

so I'm typing in my username and my

password that I put in on the computer

to set up my account and once I get this

set up and push ok it's going to sign in

and then it's going to let me open up

the Google account our app open up the

Play Store okay I'm not going to worry

about that right now

okay so I just added my Play Store

that's something I added my account so I

could get into the Play Store and like I

said this is important for you to set up

your account on the Play Store because

that's where you're going to get all

your different apps and stuff okay now

if you didn't sign into your email or

into your Wi-Fi your your wireless

network where you can get onto the

Internet I want to show you how to do

that now so you're going to need to get

into your settings and for you to get

into your settings the easiest way to do

that is to go into the app drawer okay

they call this the app drawer so on this

one you can see this button right here

when I click on that it brings up a

drawer full of apps all right let me

show you over here on this old phone how

this works


okay so on this one the app drawer the

button is right there where it lets me

open up all of my apps okay on this one

I believe this one has the same type of

setup yep this little button there's

going to be a button somewhere down at

the bottom of the page that's going to

allow you to open your app drawer if

you're at your home screen so if you

don't know if it's your home screen just

hit home a few times and that will give

you that'll get you to to your home and

from your home you can hit this and it

takes you into your app drawer okay so

back over here to my phone when I open

my app drawer this is where all of your

apps are going to be at this is the

gallery that's where you go and you can

look at your pictures that you've taken

there's the camera app that lets you

open your camera okay here's the phone

app and if you can't find that anywhere

else so it's not anywhere there if you

can't find anywhere else if you'll go

into your app drawer you'll always be

able to find your phone app where it

lets you open up your dollar so on this

one same thing this one has a button

right there that says phone so you can

click on that but again if you go into

here you'll see right there there's a

phone app that's where you can open up

your phone so while I'm at it also if

you want to do text messages usually

there's an app called messages or

messaging see here it says messages that

will if you open that up it'll let you

take a send a text message on this one

you can see right here that it says

messaging that'll let you send text

messages and so again this is going to

look different depending on the app so I

click on plus it I can type in the

telephone number where it says to

tapping the telephone number of the

person I want to text and then down here

I would top what I wanted to send to

them and then I would

or sin and it would go to them okay now

I kind of got off track there so it's

what I'm what I'm going to show you is

once you go into the app drawer here

there will always be an app called

settings okay so that settings is where

you where you're going to get to some of

the important stuff that you need to get

to it's where you get to your Wi-Fi your

Bluetooth data usage and some some

different stuff so once you go into

Wi-Fi this is where you'll be able to

put in put in the password so this is my

home network I can see the name of my

home network here and in password I

would type in my password and then I

would be able to connect to my wireless

network in my house okay

so from this you can turn your Bluetooth

on and off this is how you'd connect to

if you have a Bluetooth in your receiver

or if you have in your in your vehicle

you have a Bluetooth player where you

can connect and play music this is where

you're going to turn that on and off

that data usage this is pretty useful

and I've reset mine so it's there's not

a lot here but this will show you how

much data you've used and this began

they started putting this data usage in

I believe in Ice Cream Sandwich so

anything Ice Cream Sandwich or newer Ice

Cream Sandwich jelly bean or KitKat is

going to have this data usage so in your

settings this is where you'll be able to

change lots of stuff this is where you

can go into sound and in sound you can

go to you can go to phone ringtones so

it's where you're going to change your

ringtones this is where you'll change

weather touch sounds so if you touch

something on the screen it's going to

make a sound or whatever you have this

is where you can change all of your

different sounds okay

so you have sound display

this is where you'll be able to change

the brightness turn the automatic on or

off and then you can adjust it if you

don't have it on automatic however

bright you want it this is where you can

check your battery see what's going on

with your battery 81% charging 31

minutes because it's been that long

since I've reset it but that shows you

how long it's been on the battery

there's all kinds of stuff here in in in

settings but I just want to show you a

few of those basic things and most

importantly is the Wi-Fi that's how you

can connect to your wireless home

network and you have to be connected to

that network before you can open the

Play Store before you can do any of that

stuff okay so if you've already set up

your account like like I did whenever I

clicked on the Play Store then now it's

receiving from my gmail account and if I

opened up my Gmail I would be able to

see all of my all of my emails that are

in my gmail account if I were to open my

calendar it'll show me all of my entries

for my calendar and show me what's going

on in each of let me put this on and so

in my Google Calendar and this is

another good reason to really try to

change everything over to Google is I

put everything into my gmail calendar

and so I keep track of everything and I

have friends relatives birthdays

appointments that I have for work all

kinds of stuff in my Gmail in my in my

Google Calendar here and so the good

thing about this is is that all of my

calendar events are not stored on this

phone they're actually stored in what's

called the cloud they're stored by

Google themselves so I don't ever lose

that if I get a new Android phone and I

put my account back on it then

everything that I've saved in my

calendar just gets put right back on

there and same thing with Pete

with my contacts so sometimes it's

called people

let me see over here on this HTC I don't

remember what they called it yeah they

called it people also sometimes it's

contacts depending on which phone you

have you see here on this one now on

this one you can see there it says

contacts and so with my contacts I've

got all of them safe to my to my Google

account contacts and so anytime I get a

new Android phone and I type in my

Google username and my password boom all

of that smack on there all of my email

all of my calendar events all of my

contacts so I don't have the problem

where people I see them on Facebook all

the time saying oh my phone died I lost

my contacts please text me your phone

number that never is going to happen to

me because google has it all stored and

well I guess if Google ever loses it

then we're all gonna be in trouble

anyways but that that's all stored there

for me on on my Google account so I

don't ever lose any that kind of stuff

okay I'm going to show you here on on

this is the original Galaxy Note it's

running jelly bean but I will show you

this has a different settings page you

can see how it looks different than the

one I was just showing you but you can

see at the top it's basically the same

thing you have your Wi-Fi Bluetooth data

usage scrolling through here you can see

there's the battery sound display all

that looks very similar now we're here

my wife's phone you can see here that

she has the the settings page that you

that you see on a lot of the newer

phones where it has them tabbed across

the top here so you can see here under

connections this is where you have Wi-Fi


usage and all these other things and

definitely not going to get into all of

that under my device this is where you

have displaced sound it counts this

where she has her Facebook account in

there a Google account in their

blackboard account in there and there

are more just just some different things

you can see me patty

okay so hopefully I gave you a few

pointers that will help you to be able

to start using the Android phone and

where it will kind of kind of help you

get started

hope you hope you enjoyed this video and

hope hope it will get you rolling on

your new phone thanks for watching