Food Truck Startup For Less Than $5000

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hi in today's video I'm gonna show you

how you can start your own food truck

for five thousand dollars or less so

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everybody my name is Carlos Benson I'm a

serial entrepreneur and I help

entrepreneurs all around the world grow

and build successful food concessions

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if you enjoy the content alright today I

want to show you guys how you can start

your own food truck business for five

thousand dollars or less I've been doing

a little research on the internet trying

to find used food trucks all around the

country on Craigslist just to see what

kind of prices are out there on used

food trucks I live on the Eastern Shore

so I was mostly looking in like areas

like New York Baltimore New Jersey

Delaware Maryland in that area this is

what I was able to find I found four

food trucks one food truck was $3,800 I

found one for $1,000

I found one for $1,800 and I found one

for $3,100 okay for this example we'll

just use a truck that cost $1,800 just

for this example we're going to assume

that the engine and transmission are in

good working order this particular truck

actually had a hood and ventilation

system installed already so I would

recommend if you're going to try to

start a food truck for less than $5,000

make sure that the truck that you buy

already has a hood and ventilation

system in it because that is very very

expensive to put in alright I would also

try to make sure the truck had stainless

steel inside food-grade stainless steel

and this truck actually had food grade

stainless steel inside amazingly okay

next you're gonna want to make sure you

have your sinks set up that's very

important it'll be awesome if it already

has a sink in there you're gonna need a

four compartment sink

you need a hand-washing sink and you

need your three compartment sink for

washing your utensils and your pant pots

and pans you can have this sink

installed in your truck set up for less

than $600 all you have to do is go on

Facebook marketplace I see these sinks

all the time on there

dirt cheap and then just find you a

plumber that works on the side that

knows what he's doing does just set you

up put it install it in your truck get

your waste water supply get your fresh

water supply and just put that baby in

there and you're up and running okay the

next thing you're gonna need is your

equipment that goes inside the truck for

cooking let's just for this example

we're gonna say that we're only gonna be

cooking fried foods so we're gonna buy

two double fryer that way you'll have

four fryers now you can find those

fryers on eBay for around four or five

hundred dollars you may be to go to like

a restaurant auction and get them for

four or five hundred dollars every now

and then I'll see one for three 350 but

let's just say that you can get both of

those fryers for $400 apiece so there's

$800 I want to find somebody certified

to run your gas line so this is one

thing you don't want to be playing

around with it's somebody professional

that may be somebody that actually works

installing gas lines for the gas company

or does heat in air condition that maybe

can do it on the weekend they can do it

for you for two three hundred bucks so

everybody knows somebody so just get out

there pound the pavement

you'll find somebody to come run the gas

lines for you I would say get two

hundred pound propane tanks just so you

can have a backup piece you have a busy

day and you're out there making ten

twenty thousand dollars next you're

gonna need electricity so you're gonna

have to get you a generator hopefully

the truck is already outfitted for

electricity if not you're gonna have to

get your electrician to come by same way

find somebody to does it on the weekends

to come over for two three hundred bucks

and run your electrical system for you

alright now that you have the inside

complete you have all stainless steel

food-grade you have your countertop you

have your sinks you have your

electricity you have your fryers

everything is in place got your storage

now you got to go to the outside you're

gonna need some decals for your truck

you're gonna need a menu board for your

truck you're gonna need a light in case

you're operating the night time and

you're ready to roll

you can get the menu sign and a few

decals done

probably for 500 bucks I mean you're

gonna need decals that's big enough for

people to see or it could be less but I

prefer to have large decals you're not

gonna be able to get it right because

you're getting a truck wrapped up that

side routes gonna cost you eight to

three thousand dollars easy so you're

gonna just have to get you a few decals

be creative with your name get your nice

little menu board get you some lights

get your serving shelf for the outside

your window so you can put people's

orders on and you're gonna be ready to

go for less than $5,000 you're ready to

rock and roll all you have to do now is

go get inspected by the health


figure out what your menus gonna be get

your business plan together and get out

there and start making money that's how

you can start a food truck for less than

$5,000 I hope these tips helped you guys

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until next time