How To Start A Mobile Car Wash Business !! (PART 1)

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hey what's up guys welcome to another

episode of pansy organizer on today's

show you're going to learn how to start

your own mobile car detailing business

let's get the show started


alright so hey guys I'm pan and for all

my regular viewers welcome back to the

channel and for all you you viewers out

there while you're at the right place if

you're looking for ways to improve

different aspects of your life so today

I'm going to show you all the necessary

steps all the tips and all the tricks

for you guys to start your own mobile

car detailing business now I've been

detailing cars for over 20 years already

and have quite a bit of experience in

the mobile car detailing business world

now as you probably all know people have

busy lines and the last thing on their

priority list is to take care of their

cars so this is where you guys come in

and you can offer your services through

a mobile car detailing business so a

mobile car detailing business is a very

practical service to have because the

person can stay in the comfort of their

own home call you guys up you guys come

to their houses perform your work and

when you leave the car is all detailed

and it looks brand new so step number

one we're going to take care of your

image so the first step is to find a

name for your business and if you're

going to make this your work you got to

make sure that you register that name

next you got to make sure that you have

an appropriate suit to do the work

meaning that you got a dress for the job

very important to have a professional so

you need a nice pant a nice shirt and

some appropriate shoes to wear for doing

that kind of a job I can't stress how

important it is for people in the

detailing business to look very


now the second biggest expense people

have in their lives is usually their car

so for somebody is to have trust in you

to perform work on their vehicle you got

to make sure that you look the part one

cool thing is that you can create

business cards those are easy to give

out once you complete your work and

they're easy to hand out the potential

summers as well you also got to go ahead

and start promoting your business so you

can create a webpage you can open a

Facebook page you can start a YouTube

channel to share some tutorials on car

detailing like I do on my channel you

can have social accounts like Twitter or

even snapchat and you can start

advertising your services through family

friends and your neighborhood there is

nothing better than a satisfied customer

and the word come out they're going to

give to you is going to help propel your

business to some new heights alright so

step number two equipment you guys are

going to need some basic pieces of

equipment in order to perform your job

so the most important one is a pressure

washer you're going to need a heavy-duty

hose to connect to a water supply you're

going to need a weapon july's vacuum but

we typically call a shop vac you're

going to need an extension cords for

power you're going to need some

containers to carry your products and

your tools of course you should

technically have access to electricity

and a water supply when you get to your

clients home but as you roll and as you

get bigger you might want to invest into

a water tank so 150 to 200 gallons is a

minimum and you also want to invest in a

generator so that way you can be

independent as far as the electrical

supply goes so who are going to be your

client well you usually have two sources

you're either going to be detailing cars

for independent dealers or you're going

to be doing work for the public so

that's up to you to choose so you can

either go see some dealerships around

you and offer your services they usually

hire subcontractors like that on the

private side to help them do the job or

you can go from house to house and see

just the average Joe alright so step

number three the types of services

you're going to perform it's very

important when you start a new mobile

car detailing business that you start to

offer the basic services and you offer

more and more as you grow or as your

clients demand so the basic services you

guys are going to offer to start off are

going to be the exterior washing and the

interior cleaning so by exterior wash

we're talking about cleaning the paint

cleaning the wheels and cleaning the

windows now for the interior detailing

we're talking about usually a vacuum

cleaning the windows dusting cleaning

and protecting of all the plastic and

rubber moldings clean leather seats

clean carpets and upholstery and

deodorize the interior result now as

bonus steps you can add either a quick

detail spray at the end to enhance the

gloss of the vehicle or add a coat of

black or paint sealant also don't forget

to apply tire dressing on the tires to

give that ultimate detailed look all

right so number four we're going to need

some tools now you're going to need

microfiber towels some high-quality

microfiber towels are essential and are

one of the most used tools by any

professional in the car detailing

business you're going to need different

applicator pads to apply wax to apply

tire dressing to apply the interior

detailer you're going to need a squeegee

for the windows you're going to need

different brushes so one for the tires

one for the wheels and one for the

fender wells you're going to need at

least two microfiber wash myths one for

the paint and one for the wheels you're

also going to need three buckets so two

of those buckets are to wash the paint

one is going to be the rinse bucket and

the one will contain the salty water and

the third bucket is going to be the

bucket dedicated for the wheels so by

having three different buckets you avoid

contamination you're going to need a

leather cleaning brush and you're going

to need a carpet and upholstery brush by

the way don't worry guys all the tools

products and equipment that we're going

to talk about in this video will be

linked for your convenience in the

description down below alright so step

number five you're going to need some

products to do a good job make sure you

select some quality product that's going

to help you be more efficient and also

gives better results

so the basic products that you're going

to need are a dedicated car soap is

gentle on the paint will not strip wax

and it's generally pH neutral you're

going to need a good quality wheel

cleaner to remove any contaminants and

particles that are embedded in the

wheels you're going to need a good

quality glass cleaner that's ammonia

free that way you won't damage any

tinted windows if the customer has them

you will need an interior detailer and


so you're going to be able to wash and

clean all the interior trim and - and

also protect those trends against the

harmful UV rays when you see a dull and

cracked interior that's usually because

of the sun's damaging UV rays you're

going to need an air freshener and odor

eliminator you're going to need a quick

detailer you're going to need a good

quality carnauba wax and the paste

sealant you're going to need a good

quality water-based tire dressing you're

going to need a leather cleaner and a

leather conditioner because the leather

is like human skin it needs to be

treated it needs to be cleaned and it

also needs to be protected and

moisturized and finally you're going to

need a carpet and upholstery cleaner as

well to remove any stains or any calcium

from the winter months all right so what

I thought I'd do is also give you some

cool tips and tricks on how you can make

sure you stand out from the rest of the

mobile detailing crowd so one of the

first things that you guys can do is to

leave a list of all the work that has

been done on the vehicle and the

products that we'll use to perform your

work this is a personalized touch that

is usually very appreciated by your

customers another tip is to use an

interior deodorizer so when you're done

people usually associate that clean

smell with a fantastic job don't forget

that your sense of smell is one of the

most used ones from your everyday life

and usually it's associated with

positive memories so if you guys do a

good job the car is clean and it also

smells amazing this will leave a lasting

impression on your customer and trust me

they will be hooked and call you back

every single time another tip is to ask

your customers to leave a comment on

social media once you've completed the

job so word of mouth travels a long way

and if they can leave a positive comment

or feedback on your Facebook Twitter

snapchat YouTube accounts you name it

that'll be very positive people will

take notice of that and want to hire you

as well another tip is to always make

sure you apply tire dressing on the

tires this gives the ultimate detailed

look and helps to convey to the customer

that you guys have done a fantastic

and professional job talking about

professional it's very important that

you guys act and the work as

professional and part of that is always

being on time so when you tell a

customer you'll be present at a certain

time you guys got to make sure that

you're present at that exact time as

being professional courteous and on time

are three important qualities of any

professional car detailer by the way all

the tips the tricks and the tutorials on

how to perform any part of detailing a

car are on my youtube channel so after

watching this video go ahead take a

couple of minutes and watch my other

videos all right so we offered many

basic services but as you grow your

customers might eventually ask for more

and that's how you'll be able to adapt

and offer different services as well for

example if your customers car has

damaged oxidized or dull paint or paint

that has a lot of scratches in it you

might want to start offering paint

correction services so you're going to

start by contaminating the paint with a

clay bar and an iron remover you're

going to then compound the paint to

finish with the polishing steps and then

eventually wax or seal the paint as a

finishing step you'll also eventually be

able to offer a waterless car wash

service because there are countries

states cities and provinces where water

is not easily accessible or sometimes

even you can't use water according to

the local laws and bylaws basically

always make sure that you're up to date

and all the new techniques and all the

tips the tricks and the new products

that are available out there so that you

make sure that you're on top of your

game that you're aware of anything

that's going on and also that you become

more efficient at the work you do

so channels like mine offer you great

tutorials on how to perform your work

and how to stay up to date and all the

new techniques and all the new products

that are out there so what kind of

prices can you guys ask for the work

that you're going to be doing well of

course that question is very hard to

answer because it depends on many

factors the first and most important

factor is your location what city and

what country are you in for example

detailing work that

formed in los angeles california in the

united states won't have the same price

as the same work performed in montreal

canada for example also there are other

determining factors like the number of

years of service and experience that you

guys have the types and quality of

products that you're using and the

amount of hours that you spend

performing the duties so what i suggest

is for you guys to go out there look at

your competition that's in your

surrounding area and ask or look at the

prices that they suggest that they offer

for different types of services and that

way you can adjust and you'll know

exactly where to start off as you grow

bigger and you gain more notoriety in

your field you'll be able to ask more

for the services that you perform of

course never forget that when you start

on your business you don't start making

profits and money right away you're

going to have to reinvest that money to

repay for the tool the equipment the

products that you guys have purchased

and as you work more and make more money

you're going to be able to reinvest that

money re-inject it into your business

will bigger and bigger possibly buy a

bigger vehicle a truck to have all your

equipment and tools in and also you'll

be able to hire extra workers with you

so the mobile car detailing business is

an amazing one you're independent you

get to do what you like which is

detailing cars you're going to see the

customers smiles and how happy they are

and trust me you'll love every single

minute of it so I hope you enjoyed the

video if so give it a big thumbs up if

there are any questions or any topics

that you'd like me to go more into depth

let me know in the comment section down

below take some time and stay up to date

by watching all my car detailing

tutorials and other how-to videos on my

channel and in the meantime guys don't

forget keep it tight keep it clean and

I'll see you guys on the next one