How to use a Miter Saw - A complete beginner's guide

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hey there welcome back to another video

in the series of woodworking for

beginners today I am talking all about

miter saws a couple of weeks ago I

showed you all the woodworking tools of

baking their needs and if you caught

that video you know that a miter saw is

one of my favorite sauce it was the

first power tool I got and it was the

only saw I had for a long time so today

I am going to show you everything you

need to know about using a miter saw now

before we get started I have a bunch of

new videos coming to you soon about how

to use all kinds of power tools so don't

forget to hit that subscribe button now

let's talk about miter saws so first

things first what is a miter saw a miter

saw is a saw that can cut across a board

so it can cut across the board at a 90

degree angle at a 45 degree angle and a