How to use a Miter Saw - A complete beginner's guide

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hey there welcome back to another video

in the series of woodworking for

beginners today I am talking all about

miter saws a couple of weeks ago I

showed you all the woodworking tools of

baking their needs and if you caught

that video you know that a miter saw is

one of my favorite sauce it was the

first power tool I got and it was the

only saw I had for a long time so today

I am going to show you everything you

need to know about using a miter saw now

before we get started I have a bunch of

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to use all kinds of power tools so don't

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let's talk about miter saws so first

things first what is a miter saw a miter

saw is a saw that can cut across a board

so it can cut across the board at a 90

degree angle at a 45 degree angle and a

bunch of other angles that we will get

to in a few minutes but what it cannot

do is rip a board that is it cannot go

across the board like this it's just not

safe now let's take a closer look at the

miter saw and all of its parts there is

a blade and a guard the guard protects

the blade of course and when you lower

the saw to make a cut the guard moves up

and out of the way next you have a fence

the fence is where you hold your board

against and it helps you keep the board

stable and steady and straight as you

make your cut

next you have the miter gauge it's the

angle gauge on the table it helps make

angled cuts across the board there is a

liver or a knob to loosen and turn the

table to set to the angle you want

almost all sauce comes with built in

angle stops to make common angles to

help you

now the beveled gauge is under or behind

the blade and it helps you measure the

tilt of your blade of course then you

have your handle and your trigger when

you operate the saw you hold the handle

and press the trigger to operate the saw

now let's talk about the different types

of mitre saws miter saws come in

different sizes and have different

capabilities and the pricing of the

miter saw depends on all of those

factors as well the first thing is the

miter saw blade size that comes starting

at seven and a half inches to almost

twelve or fourteen inches apart from

that you have a few other options for

the miter saw itself you can get a

single beveled saw which means that the

blade tilts in only one direction which

is what I have or you can get a double

bevel compound saw which means that the

blade tilts in both directions you can

also get a sliding compound miter saw

which means that the blade slides out

giving you the capability to cut wider

boards so let's talk about the different

types of cuts the first cut is a

crosscut which is basically a simple 90

degree cut across the board the next

type of cut is and a miter cut which is

basically an angled cut across the board

for example a 45 degree is a very common

angle cut next is a beveled cut which is

basically an angled cut across the

thickness of the board this is achieved

by tilting the saw blade using the bevel

gauge then you have the compound cut

which is basically a combination of the

miter and the beveled cut now that you

know all about the parts of the miter

saw and all the different kinds of cuts

it's time to show you how to use it but

before that let's talk about safety like

with any power tool be sure to read the

manual and follow all the safety

instructions specifically you want I

protected hearing protection

and dust protection also make sure you

don't have any loose clothing or hair or

jewelry and keep your hands at least six

inches away from the blade of the miter

saw there is one more thing you need to

understand before we actually start

making cuts and that is the curve the

curve is a very important concept to

understand so you are able to make

accurate cuts using a miter saw now the

curve is the width of your blade or

rather the part of your board that turns

into sawdust when you go through it with

your blade so if I were to take a piece

of wood and cut through it you would end

up with this you see this picnic right

here that is a curve you have to account

for it when you make cuts so let's take

an example if you have a ten inch board

well this is not ten inches but let's

assume this is ten inches if you have a

ten inch board and you wanted to make

two boards of exactly five inches each

you can't do that because one of the

boards would be missing the equivalent

of the curve so my saw has a curve of an

eighth of an inch which means to get to

equal boards of five inches each I need

to start with a board which is ten and

an eighth of an inch I know it's a bit

of a complicated concept to grasp so if

you have any questions about it or about

anything else be sure to leave it in the

comments and I will definitely answer

them so finally now let's use the miter

saw once you measure and mark your board

you want to draw a straight line where

you want to cut use a speed square if

you need to then you push the workpiece

against the fence and hold it with one

hand away from the blade without pushing

the trigger lower the blade to make sure

that the curve is on the other side of

the piece you want to keep once you're

satisfied with it lift

back up press the trigger and wait for

the saw to reach full speed then slowly

lower the blade through the board at the

end of the cut let go of the trigger and

let the blade come to a complete stop

before lifting the blade back up now if

you are using a sliding miter saw always

bring the saw out and then cut toward

the fence and that is how you use a

miter saw but before you leave a very

very important tip always always cut off

the ends of the boards that you get from

a lumber yard they are never square so

just cutting about an inch to a half an

inch off of the ends will give you

perfect boards with perfect ends to

start with and that's it I hope you have

fun using your miter saw it is

definitely one of my favorite saws if

you have any questions be sure to leave

them in the comments and I will

definitely answer them if you don't have

any questions I would still love to see

your comments and thumbs ups and of

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woodworking tools in the meantime here

are a bunch of projects for you to make

using your miter saw