MIG Machine Setup for Beginners

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hey guys welcome back to the lab today

we're talking about gas metal arc

welding and how to get set up so whether

you're a home hobbyist or just getting

into MIG welding you got a little setup

in your garage or your start a small

business this episodes for you so let's

go ahead to the round of the bagging

machine so we're gonna start see went on

the Amazon or the website you bought

yourself a lolly machine it gets to your

door and then you realize you need some

gas right yeah you don't have gas

so one thing you do is call up your

local welding supplier you can order gas

you can rent a bottle buy a bottle lease

a bottle just get yourself a bottle

doesn't matter what size you have

there's various sizes of bail available

so get whatever size fits your needs

your budget make sure you get a tested