How to start using your Miele dishwasher

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as well as all the super functions that

you have in a military sure you also

have a quick power wash this is a 65

degree wash and dry in 56 minutes as

every dishwasher is tested in the

factory there will be residual water

inside in order to get rid of this you

will need to run a maintenance wash so

pull out the bottom tray unscrew the

salt reservoir lid place the salt foam

inside fill up with two liters of water

followed by two kilos of salt once this

is done replace the cap and run a 75

degree wash this will get rid of any

residual water from the testing if you

have raised the upper basket you may

have a problem with the cutlery tray in

order to alleviate this problem just

slide the two yellow levers to the side

and move the basket from right to left