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today we have Maytag experts Beth Janek

live from their exciting product exhibit

at the show what we're standing in front

of here today is the top-of-the-line

Maytag Dishwasher and as you can see

from the exterior the style is really

going to convey that better built

performance that you get with the Maytag

brand and starting on the inside want to

talk about some of the key innovation

that Maytag is bringing to its a new

relatively new line of dishwashers open

it up and one of the things that we hear

that customers just cannot stand is when

they take a fork right from their

dishwasher and they can find those nasty

Krusty's that are still left on their

silverware well Maytag is bringing the

industry exclusive silverware blasts

these extra special jets that are really

going to spray three times the water

pressure directly at the silverware

blast basket so it's going to blast away

that grime every time with silverware

blast some other key innovation that

you're going to get on the

top-of-the-line dishwasher for Maytag is

going to be the steam clean option again

another customer complaint is having a

glassware that's spotty and it doesn't

come out clean so steam clean option

easy to select is really going to come

in right at the end of the cycle and

make sure that your glasses are going to

come out clean the first time every time

as well along with those key innovative

cycles for the maytag line and you're

going to get better built components a

motor that's tested to twice the light

it turns out to be around 20 years of

average use so you know the maytag's on

the last long be durable and dependable

we want to talk again about the racking

configuration as well another unique

advantage that maytag's bringing to the

dishwashers having the tiered rack

you're going to be able to fit two nine

by thirteen pans right in the lower rack

because who only makes one pan the

brownies you got to make two and you can

fit both of those right in that lower

rack as well and leaving you room to put

taller items in that upper rack as

well so really giving you the best

flexibility that you can find with the

Maytag brand so again you can find this

innovation on other dishwashers but

you'll find it all packaged together at

this top-of-the-line Maytag the MDB 89

59 great Beth thanks for showing us that

dishwasher and thanks to all the Maytag

experts for showing us the latest in

Maytag innovation we hope you've enjoyed

this installment of the imagination wide

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