Grease Gun - How To Use A Grease-Gun Properly

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welcome back friends to a very chilly

day on the homestead we woke up to 11

degrees this morning I've got to plow

some snow we've actually Believe It or

Not got another storm coming in today

we're gonna cover grease guns I'm gonna

tell you everything you ever wanted to

know about them the proper use how to

pick up the right one and a simple hack

that will make it about a thousand times

better so working in excavating for 15

years I have pumped a lot of grease and

handled a lot of grease guns so the

reason why I have a brand new one here

is I can't find mine I have no idea if

someone borrowed it fell I have I

couldn't find it I've looked searched

high and low so I went back to the

drawing board and thought okay let's see

what's what's available out there so

your grease guns basically are gonna

come down to three different price

points your entry level that I was

looking at that were around $20 and then

if you just step up a little bit more

like 40 this was like 40 bucks at Amazon

this is a Lincoln you get so much more I

mean just perfect example you know like

the rubber hose on here you know rather

than this is gonna be your fail point

that's the first thing that fails on any

grease gun I've ever had

made in Germany made in Germany not made

in China so that extra 20 bucks what

does that get you I'll get you a grease

gun that's probably gonna last you a


for common users so if you buy a twenty

dollar one well plan on buying a second

one when the hose fails or a new hose

whatever but that's probably gonna cost

you about the same so this is the first

one I've ever had

that was one-handed I've had the

old-style you know they did the pumping

and all that and I just really appealed

to me the kind of the one hand my only

concern was I wasn't sure you could get

enough pressure on sometimes you get

those grease certs that are zerks excuse

me I always say it wrong jerks that are

clogged up and you need tremendous

pressure we'll see but the first and

most important thing is to do is to get

rid of the factory little nipple thing

on here and I'll show you why can't see

I'm looking forward to taking my gloves

off here so here's the deal so this

little guy if you look in there can you

see there's some little jaws right some

little jaws on there and they're under

spring tension this is your zerk this is

what you're going to have on your

equipment side now it's important on

this an equipment like your tractors and

stuff to grease those pins every eight

hours or so if you're working in really

dirty stuff or you're like you're

digging in water like underwater you

even want to do it

i sedae about every four hours it'll

make your machine last longer and stay


so problem with these ones that come on

here and this is actually a good one is

that they snap on and when they're new

they work really great right but if

you're not at the perfect angle

sometimes when they get a little bit

worn and there's no chance of going to

get that out of there now

you're going to your hands are so cold

you're gonna have what's gonna happen is

you're gonna get grease all over the

machine they're just a pain that

sometimes well you know when you're

crawling around underneath something you

can't get underneath of it

let's pause we go get some pliers oh

that's a good one couldn't get that off

so on the grease zerk side you're gonna

have a little ball bearing under Spri

under spring tension there and that's

going to keep keep dirt and everything

from going in so get rid of this thing

right here do your safe self a favor and

get one of these automatic locking style


I don't lock and lube I think that's

kind of the one of the big brands the

names but what it does is it's got a

spring deal here and it's got a really

high quality set of jaws I mean look at

the difference right there you can see

they're they're big and they're robust

and you you pull the spring deal and

those little alien grabbers come out

there and you can lock onto the map I

can't quite get it when it's not mounted

up here

let's see those will come out they're

there you can see that will come out

there and capture that guy and you will

not get that loose and you don't have to

pull and put strain on your cord and all

of that they are they are wonderful

they're really great

downside that I found with these guys

these lock & lubes it there they're so

big and the reason why you have a

flexible hose is so you can get to those

hard to get areas like a good grease gun

will come with both you'll have the

rigid one which makes it easier you can

oh you can push it right on kind of

one-handed but they're really difficult

to get into come into tight areas like

little tractors especially compact

tractors so the downside of this guy is

that it basically you're adding a little

metal extension on there that doesn't

have a lot of flex so that may or may

not work for you there are some other

ones out here this one here is

unit universe universe all see if I can

put some links on there but look how

much smaller it is and it essentially

does the same thing we can thread that

on there like this and then just by

simply pulling back this knurled had to

educate myself there so when you pull

this back it locks and then you press it

on there and then it will hook on there

the same way that will not come off and

if you deflect or try to put grease in

an angle it's going to go into the into

the machine I prefer this one over the

cuz it's even smaller I think about the

same tiny bit longer than the factory

one so that's the one we'll go with

either one will serve you good if you

have a bigger machine that would be just

fine so of course we're always going to

put teflon tape on anything with with

with threads on it like that and the

gray stuff if you can get the this the

gray stuff is a little bit thicker than

the white and I've had better I like

with it

I let her I like it I've had better luck

with it because it's just it's more

substantial and it's easier to apply now

remember when you're when you're

tightening threads and stuff you can

always come back and retighten if they

leak but if you over tighten and you

stretch it and ruin it there's nothing

you can do you have to replace it so

right tool for the right job here of

course and now we got an awesomely

modded grease gun now if you're a young

guy is going to be going out into the

workforce pay special attention to this

because I and several the guys that I

you know business owners that I know

will take simple things like this at to

test to see if a guy is is just talking

nonsense or does he really know what

he's doing this is one of those

fundamental skills that it's everyone

thinks they know how to do it but it's

just complicated enough where you can

tell if someone's never done it before

by quickly that that's what the way you

know your man so you want to know those

things because it could be a test for

you someday

so the moment just quit real quickly how

they work is you you loosen the barrel

there's gonna be barrel that the blue

barrel there that grease could be

stuffed into but usually we're gonna use

the cartridges no one manually fills

them anymore

very rarely outside of industrial

applications okay so you're going to

pull this t-handle back and it's gonna

have a little groove cut in it you see

that that's gonna

store it right there for you now you

also are gonna have a bleeder there's

all different types this one right here

just happens to have a little like a

kind of a modified Schrader valve in

there and that's going to help to dispel

the air because you get air trapped in

there and you can't get the thing going

especially in cold weather like this so

here's what you do you're gonna have

your grease gun cartridge in there

you're going to take that out if it

won't come out

you can usually take your pocket knife

and hook on that metal lip there and

flip it out I just give it a thrill like

that and it will almost always come out

now you got a load it the right way you

don't want to be some hub cover as my

friend Tom used to say don't want to hub

cover messing things up and not knowing

how to load a grease gun it's got two

ends it's got the cardboard in when it's

got the top like you'd have on a pop-can

or a beer can that always goes up so

remember if you're trying to if you

can't remember remember you hold it like

this it's like you would drink something

it's gonna go in like that so the metal

part up you're gonna drop it down in

there like that you're gonna pop the cap

off if you don't have any fingernails

because you're a fingernail chew or you

can use this right here pop that up and

you're gonna pull this off like that

there's always going to be grease stuck

on it right there so just take it and

and just wipe it off I'll be watching

you if you were working for me and I'd

see if you know how to do that take that

can that lid poke it in there and then

you don't have to things to get rid of

and a bunch of grease all over

everything all right so you got that

right now here's the important part

especially on a brand new one you see

how this is all going to be empty and

you're gonna have air trapped in there

and you're gonna have cold grease and

this can be a real bug bear to get it

going so what I do is all through it you

thread this on here thread it all the

way all right okay and then back it off

three twists or one turn like that

that's gonna let that that air escape

out of there now you're going to take

this piston and just or the little pull

rod you're going to take it off of that

channel right there and there's a spring

that's gonna be pressing that grease up

in there and you can even assist it a

little bit you can press that spring and

you can hear the air

if you can't I can hear the air escaping

out of there we'll pump that piston

let's pull this off and you can even see

inside the first time it's always going

to be much worse because you've got to

dry a dry head and not you're not gonna

have there we go you see there how that

Springs pushing that out

look at the mess I'm making free for you

guys so you can understand ok I'm not

happy about that ok let's get the spring

tension off put the plug back in but

what that you can see what that did that

that pressed all of that grease and all

of that air out of there and now we have

we should have piston should be working

open that crack it let a little more air

out see we have to fill the head we have

to fill the hose there's a lot of stuff

going on here

I can feel now that the piston there we

go the piston is primed and we've got

the hole filled and now the grease of

course is coming out the end it's it

took a long time to prime this one

because everything is so cold so let's

snap it on there and do a little

greasing here these automatic locking

heads are just absolutely the way to go

you can pump grease in here at an at an

angle you don't have to worry about it

coming off you I mean you get some of

those that are really tough and they

don't snap on and you're pushing on it

trying to get the angle and you got

grease coming out all over your machine

these are they're worth every bit the

money just so what you'd say from grease

alone so how much should you put in so

if you're if you're greasing your

machine regularly I'll go up here and on

the smaller ones I'll give one and on

the bigger ones I'll give two to three

if you've got grease that's squirting

out between the joints it's almost too

much and only thing it's gonna happen is

it's gonna fall on the ground you're

gonna buy more grease and it's gonna

make your machine all dirty

I mean you'll see guys over grease

machines because it at every pivot point

they're all black because they just put

too much in there and then when you're

ready to take it off you can just simply

pull on that little neural there

and this is a wonderful wonderful tip

right there one two this is my first

time using the hand the one-handed one

it's a little bit hard to pump because

the grease is still so thick it would be

a little bit better off during maybe

warmer climate I'll put three on these

big three pumps on these big pivots I'm

also noticing with this one hander is it

I don't think it moves as much grease as

the big hand crank one that I'm

typically used to so but I can hear the

grease coming through and dispelling

some water there so that pretty much

covers everything a guy needs to know

about a grease gun I know some of this

stuff may be basic to you if you had the

benefit of growing up with someone who

actually showed you how to do it so you

know don't be too hard on guys that

don't know this there's just so much

that a man's got to know and to learn

and and you can sometimes you don't even

know what you don't know and so I that

one I have guys working for me it's

challenging sometimes because you tend

to expect from others what you expect

from yourself and that's not fair if

they haven't been taught it's not that

they can't do it they may be able to

eventually do it better than you can but

if no one showed you how to do it you

wouldn't know how to do it either so I

try to remember that and this is just

one of those things that you don't just

automatically know there's some

complexities and if you don't do it

right it can you know be a kind of a

pain and if you do it if you do do it

right that it's a it just works a whole

lot better so I think that the this is

the lincoln is the one that i bought it

was kind of in the mid price range

you can start with these things for 20

bucks but i'd stay away from those pay a

little bit more another 20 bucks and get

something that's good quality you got

good stick cast aluminum housing is

gonna hold the piston you've got made in

germany connections you've got air hose

you've got USA fittings i don't know

where this is made it doesn't say on

there which usually means not in america

but it is good quality or for around the

$40 range i saw some

that we're going up there you know like

60 or so that included the $20 tip you

know maybe that's the best bet have it

pre-loaded but you but pay 40 60 bucks

if you're gonna pay 60 make sure you get

one of those automatic spring release

tips because it should come with it for

that price and if you don't lose it like

I lost mine you should have it forever

so that's it click the thumbs up if you

enjoy these I'm gonna go back inside

before my jaw freezes I can't hell you

talk and we'll see you guys on the next