How to operate a Luton Tail Lift

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hello my name's Lee Ellis I work stone

Ollie limited

I'm gonna give you a demonstration and

how to safely operate a tail lit when

arriving at your unloading area inspect

the ground where you're going to be

operating the lift to make sure there's

no debris or anything that can damage it

then turn on the isolator switch in the

cup after you've turned the isolator on

inside the cab you come around to the

exterior buttons and press the down

button keeping this unclear once the

lift is approximately halfway down you

lift the safety catch and open out the

platform pressing the down button again

check the lift all the way to the floor

once it's reached the floor and I shut

up and go to the interior switches turn

over to the three buttons setting and

the lift will go off and you can start

loading your vehicle

right when you finished unloading your

vehicle press the down button which

checks the lift down to the floor when

you've reached the floor don't forget to

turn the changeover switch on the

interior switches to the to button

setting which is the exterior switch

closed you shut up then it's time to put

the lift away press the up body till the

tower lift is approximately halfway up

folding the tower lifts away making sure

the safety catch is applied until the

lift will go up no more

once you've done this we put the lift

away you must remember to turn off the

isolator switch inside the cab before


if you tell this stops working at any

time we UPS three-step procedure we'd

like to carry out before you call

anybody out on a break now number one is

check the interior switch is switched

over to the correct vision in the

correct position we need to check the

isolator switch is illuminated

and the last step we require to carry

out because the towel is to fit with the

restart protector so you're able to

restart the engine when the batteries

allow we need to start the engine of the


the three-step procedure just carried

out usually cures tell if problems if

not please refer to your rental

agreement where you will find the

breakdown number