How To Use A Lowboy Trailer.- Lowboy Training

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hi guys welcome to masala vehicle

operations today we'll be learning about

the lowboy trailer soon yau-man harmony

will be demonstrating how to properly

disconnect and reconnect the neck so the

first step date to disconnect the neck

you need to raise the the bed until you

can unlock the locking mechanism that

lowers the bed all the way down so once

you get that unlock can lower all the

way down to the ground and you will

disconnect the locking pin that connects

the bed to the neck

so right here he's gonna flip the switch

and the locking pin did not come out so

now he's gonna raise and lower the neck

or the bed and so the pin comes out

all right once you get the pin out I can

disconnect your air hoses and your

electrical line

once those are disconnected now you can

lower your platform and that's what will

support the neck on the tractor and you

just want to lower this down to where

it's just touching the tractor

all right now it's lowered he's going to

pull forward about a foot

all right now he's going to jump out

raise the neck with the platform about a

couple inches off the bed of the trailer

so right about there that's just to

ensure that the neck doesn't fall on the

ground after you take off with it it's

now he's going to jump up pull the

tractor toward and you'll you'll be able

to load whatever you have that needs to

be loaded on the trailer and you chain

it down and stuff it and you'll

reconnect the neck after so you want to

take off a little slow and make sure you

don't move left or right too quickly

because that neck could ship and

possibly damage the platform

so now he's gonna back up until he's

over the bed with the neck

so right about there and I'll jump out

and they'll lower the neck onto the bed

and he'll raise that platform all the

way up

all right now the platform's all the way

up he's going to back all the way into

the bed and reconnect the neck using the

locking pin

so when you're backing into the bed with

the neck attached you want to go as

straight as possible and as square as

possible because if you at an angle

their wall block the bed lock won't lock

properly and you'll have to remove the

neck and try to get a squirt so now he's

backed all the way into it I'm gonna hop

out lock the bed lock and then you can

put the air hoses on are part of do the

air hoses first

so the reason does their hoses first is

because the bed lock is pneumatic and

it's ran by air from the trailer brakes

and if there's no air pressure the the

lock won't work properly

there won't work at all

alright step the air hoses on I was

gonna lock the bed lock and as you see

it went in properly the first time

usually that doesn't happen you'll have

to move the neck up and down so once you

get the air hoses attached in the bed

locked now you can raise the trailer all

the way up and lock it using the the top

lock that prevents it from mooring

sprays in a little bit more say bit to

space and once you get it all the way in

you can lower it down again and all the

weight will rest on there so once you

get that you're good to go