Driving a Locomotive

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I could copy we clear all tracks home

taking her together


how long you been doing this

oh I missed the bling job we'll work at

Amtrak and we're getting track engineer

Amtrak and I come on here well we can do

it then I operate out here and welcome

for a tea and do two weeks or one out

here and the rose up here


/ like you've been run down your way

into their suite

I was going to go on this line is to

Bamber going on we call this our like

tests where I'm like the offering up and

down and go go to summer when let's go

all the way down and just take all

commands on these guys here on the front

day you're all conducting an AC so have

a good it going is this is your person

just to get you going forward that's

neutral and this is reverse this is your

throttle it has not just one through

eight and so I'm gonna do anything

called OCA's Lux here once the same gear

and then you go ahead and throw it's

like one two three and so on

this here was your break go to break

ship independent breed and have your

automatic break that's why this is

implied this is fully apply this is

fully release so we're gonna do is this

starting for is they take its the notch


and then release a break here Embree


only around the border pick you up an

hour and it's all your steak all coming

out some now


now when they talk to you on the radio

no quite cellulite so many cars are

stopped when they say something to you

just people

and the button is right here and push

down boy that's to keep on anyone talk

so the place they like soon applies a

but like six powers to stop or five

cards stuff they say that you say


three cars

put us down to idle like that and just

coast on to useless and a stop