Little Giant Type 1A Classic Multi-Use Ladder

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this particular unit right here is the

original this is the one how invented

almost 40 years ago it's called our type

1a model 17 300-pound rated ladder now

they all work the same way in the sense

that they have hinges at the top that

adjust the shape from storage to

stepladder to straight open as an

extension ladder and they also have lock

tabs on the side to adjust in 1 foot

increments up and down let's show you

how that works real easily put your

palms right on these palm buttons it's

why they're called that wrap your

fingers around and just squeeze those in

you'll notice they stay open they stay

open until I open the ladder until I

guess the stepladder and then they pop

straight in it's fully locked in the

stepladder position now at this point

I'm going to cut this like this I'm

going to pull these lock tabs out on the

side I drop them just below the hole

that way I can pop them right back in

very simply now from this point I'm

going to grab this palm button that's

closest to me with my left hand and I'm

just going to tip it to the side now

notice what happens with the outer it

slowly goes down everywhere there's a

hole I can stop so this happens to be

the last one I'm going to slide it right

over the top and visually make sure

those lock in place now grab that palm

button again pull it straight back

towards you this is the last hole pop it

right in make sure they're locked in and

now I have my full seven foot high

stepladder now here's something that

little giants known for and the claim to

fame and that's its ability to work on

something where the ground is not level

you can pick this side up set it right

on staircases or drop this down lock it

in here for ramps or sloping ground but

the big one and probably the one I use

the most around my house is when I need

to get up really close to a wall or

window a typical ladder the higher you

go this way the further from the job

you're going to get so watch what

happens we drop this down one knotch

it's 90 degrees on this side you walk up

on this side and you're now in those

tight harder reach spots now when you

need to get up a little bit higher just

drop this all the way down release these

hinges at the top grab it about the

middle way through here and just pick it

straight up the same time your left hand

is pulling it straight in and the lock

right in place for you again visually

make sure that those hinges are locked

now when I want to raise this up I'm

going to put my right hand right here

because I am right-handed if your left

you'll be on the other side my left hand

will be holding this I'll pick it up and

that will hold in place until I can get

down here and grip another one and just

continue doing that to the height that I

want it when it gets up to the height

pop those in make sure they're fully

engaged and now I have a 17 foot model

straight up now remember that's 15 feet

tip to tip I can reach 17 foot on this

model but we always make sure the wheels

are at the top also when you're bringing

it back down you want to make sure that

your feet are on the sides and not

underneath the inner so those don't hit

you when they come back down bring it to

this point drop it back down release

these lock tabs and slide it right back

up and I'm right back to where I started

now the last thing I'm going to show you

is the feature that literally cuts your

work time in half the reason why we're

going to split the ladder in half the

inside section we have the lock tabs

released pushing the palm button and

take the inside hand over hand until

it's all the way out it has its own

rubber feet locks in place it's a four

foot high trestle now I'm going to show

you this side you turn this around lock

this into place to the one closest to me

and then what you want to do is grab

this back brace and as you pick this

brace up first it aligns the top so they

match up perfectly and then you adjust

that to your trestles now remember you

can use one of our telescopic planks or

good two by 12 one foot two and three is

the highest you can go on a little

giants the four foot you can put a plank

across as a workbench but we don't

recommend you stand at that height now

here's the challenge this has a hinge at

the top that keeps it from spreading or

closing on you this one doesn't so as

you go to move these from place to place

you have to worry about these legs

coming together so little giant made an

accessory 35 years ago called a work


it has these four gears they go right in

between here fold straight down so now

when I go to move this trestle I don't

have to worry about it coming apart now

when you get ready to put this back

together let me show you two ways one if

you're used to working with little

giants and one if you're not first way

is I take this back together slide it

right down the middle and let that go

all the way down now let me show you the

easiest way to do it when this is set

apart like this I'll take one of these

sections you can lean it against a wall

I'll lean it against myself on this tip

the ladder on its side and then just

slide it right up that way do the exact

same thing on this side slide that right

on up lock these back in place and we're

right back to where we started now I did

show you the work platform and it is

considered the best accessory ever made

for a ladder and I'm going to show you

why sometimes you're having to balance

on rung so what we do is we designed

this to hold 375 pounds now these this

way to remember how to put this on the

ladders consider it like a big mouth and

you're going to bite the rung that you

want to step on so if I want to be on

this run right here I'll set this down

below and I'm right there now push this

forward to get it out of your way and

then climb right on up through it step

right on top of this and go to the rung

above it once you're above that just

push this straight back with your toe

step right on top this is the most

comfortable way you'll ever stand on a

ladder again the reason why is my feet

are on something nice and secure but I

want you to notice where the direction

your body is I'm facing the job now I

have two hands to get it done when

you're done climb back up here push this

back in with your toe and use it as a

step to walk straight down through this

will fit on top remember it's only

designed for paint tools and equipment

up on top the highest you can use this

on any of our ladders is three

runs down so you'd be right here at the

third rung from the top now where do you

put that when you're all finished well

it's been designed to fit right inside

the ladder itself and the way we do that

is we grab it by the handle here in this

tiny little lip will fit on the second

rung on the bottom put it in there like

this close it on up it locks right in

place and that's how you'll store and

transport this is probably the easiest

you'll ever carry a 17 foot ladder

inside of a house now remember we make

this in a type 1a which this model is

it's a 300 pound rated ladder we make it

in a 1 Double A which is 375 pounds and

we also make it in a type-1 250 pounds

we're really proud of our little giants

and we hope you enjoy working with them