Tyler Tool Lever Hoist: Features and Operation

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In today's video we're going to talk about lever hoist and how you can safely

operate and put them to use for your application. Lever voices are simple to

operate and consist of one drop forged swivel hook fitted to the hoists body and

another fitted to the end of the lifting chain. A heavy-duty switch dictates

whether the hoist can raise or lower a load and the switch can also be fixed to

a neutral position which enables the operator to free spool the chain to the

desired link needed for the application. To operate a lever hoist, first, make sure

that the directional switch is in the neutral position and depress the

retaining pole so that the grip ring can be pulled outward. Adjust the chain to

the desired length needed. With the chain at the correct length depress the

retaining paw and push the grip ring inward and then, clockwise so that it will

correctly set itself outside of the retaining plate. To raise a load make sure

the switch is in the neutral position and pull downward on the slack end of

the chain so that any slack will be taken up between the hoist and the

object to be lifted. Turn the switch to the up position and begin working the

lever handle until the object has reached the desired height. To lower a

load turn the switch to the down position and work the lever handle until

the object has reached the desired height.

At E-Rigging, we carry the Tyler Tool brand of lever hoists.

These hoists are made of powder coated, formed steel outer plates,

forged and machined gears,

grade 80 alloy load chain,

and drop forged steel swivel load hooks with latches.

The hoist come with a sturdy handle which is fitted with a comfortable rubber grip.

At E-Rigging, we offer both regular and compact Tyler Tool lever hoists.

Our regular models come in 3/4 ton, ton and a half, and 3 ton capacities with your choice of ten-foot or 20-foot lifts.

Our compact models come in two sizes:

quarter ton with a three foot lift and half ton with a five foot lift.

We hope this video has cleared up any questions or concerns you might have about the use and operation of lever

hoists for your application. If you have any further questions please feel free

to contact us on our website and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for

more information on various rigging topics.

I'm Tyler with E-Rigging.

Thanks for watching