How To Aerate your Lawn EASY - CORE AERATION

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in today's video we're gonna talk about

core aeration for your lawn now like a

lot of things in life if he just knew

those tricks before you started the job

could be a lot easier and in this video

I am gonna talk about how to do it but

more importantly the focus is to make

aerating your lawn easier by sharing

these simple tricks many of which you

need to know before you even start

aerating so watch this video and I'll

show you how to make the job that much

easier now before you even begin you've

got to think about when you're gonna

aerate your lawn and the fall is gonna

be the best time for most people to

aerate their lawns temperatures are

cooler the grass is growing well and if

you're going to add some seed fall is

the right time of year to do it

now that we know when we want to aerate

we've got to think about the equipment

and you might be thinking that it's no

big deal because you just go to the

rental shop and they'll give you a

narrator well that's right but you want

to know something before you even go and

that is to get the right kind of aerator

now what you're looking at here is a

traditional-style aeration and that's

where you rent the aerator like this

you'll make a pass and when you get to

the end you'll notice that I have to

lift the machine up and then I can turn

it now this is why most people hate

aerating because once you've done this a

bunch of times

your body's worn out and you just be but

something changed with aerators over the

past 10 years that is great news for

everybody and that's that there are new

style aerators that allow turning in

place and as you can see here I'm doing

a figure eight I've never lifted the

machine once

now turning this is still a little bit

harder than just say mowing the lawn but

it's so much easier than raising and

lowering the machine so the biggest

thing you need to know is before you

rent your machine is to call the store

and tell them you want to rent an

aerator that allows in place turning and

hopefully they'll have that kind in

stock but if they don't you want to call

around and find one that has this

because the job will be so much easier

now that you've chosen the right machine

that can turn you've got to get at home

now the good news is the store's gonna

put it on the truck of the car for you

so that part's easy but once you get

home you're on your own and you've got

to get it off so this is where my next

tip really comes into play because these

machines were built for this and they

actually have the ability to get a

little bit lighter now doing this can

make these things a lot easier to get on

and off your truck and that's because

these machines have removable weights

it's not obvious at first but when you

look closer you're gonna realize that

you've either got weights on the side or

on the back that can be removed and

doing this makes the machine a lot

lighter so you're always going to want

to do this before you lift the machine

and it'll make the job a little bit

easier with our machine in the ground

we've reinstalled our weights but

there's one more thing that we need to

do and that's actually to add even more

weight and we're gonna do that by

filling our water tank in the front of

the machine now almost all of these

quality machines have some type of a

water tank and again that's so that we

can add weight when we want it but when

we're going to reload this back in our


truck we can take the weight off by

draining this tank out don't forget to

fill this tank because doing this is

gonna make the machine penetrate the

ground so much more now our machines

almost ready to go and some basic tips

about operating it

now this runs just like a lawn mower

it's got a gas valve a choke and an

on/off switch but the differences are

going to be about these extra levers and


now each aerator can vary a little bit

but almost all of them are going to have

the same functional controls and that's

gonna be one lever that's going to

engage those tines and the tines are

what's spinning the ground and poke the

holes to aerate and that bottom lever

there is the one that's gonna allow you

to lower the machine so when this

machine is sitting like this you can

roll it anywhere because those tines are

not in the ground it only penetrates the

ground when you finally lower that lever

you've got an irrigation system you're

gonna want to mock where those sprinkler

heads are you can chance it an air rate

without doing this but there's a good

chance you're gonna hit one of them and

you will destroy the head so I recommend

getting these inexpensive flags getting

a helper if you can and turn your

sprinklers on have the mark where they

are and then you can just avoid these

flags when you're aerating I also highly

recommend that you mow the lawn prior to

air rating this is gonna let it just get

that much closer to the lawn and make

sure those tines penetrate properly

you're going to want to use your mowers

adjustment on the deck to reduce your

height a cut I like to mow anywhere

between about an inch and a half to two

and a half inches when I aerate you

don't have to scalp it but cut it short

enough so that your aerator can get

close to the soil aerating in a way is

easier than mowing

when you mow you've got to follow

straight lines but when you're aerating

it doesn't matter if you go in straight

lines or zigzag around the important

thing is here you want to get as much

coverage as possible but don't stress if

you can't hit a certain area or you go

over an area twice none of that matters

every hole is beneficial and your goal

is to just do as much as you can without

wearing yourself out now even with an

easy stair type machine it is a lot of

work to aerate your lawn and it does

take some time but doing these things

has made this much easier for me and I

don't get nearly as worn out as I used

to and when you're done aerate and

you're going to have thousands a little

all over your lawn and that's a good

thing because those holes are gonna

allow water air fertilizer and nutrients

to get to the root system but those

little cores will actually break down

and decompose and they kind of even top

dress your lawn a bit because they are

comprised of soil so you never would

want to collect them or remove them

because there's no benefit because you

basically be throwing soil away and with

the aeration job complete we've just got

to prep the machine to get it back to

the store so we're gonna remove those

weights again and don't forget to drain

that tank on the front because you want

this machine as light as possible when

you put it back in your truck so getting

the right aerator and knowing a few

tricks can make doing this job so much


I struggle for a lot of years and I

finally got to this point where I could

do it easily without all that stress so

I hope this video was helpful to you as

you learn to aerate your lawn because

it's something you're probably going to

do at least every year so being

efficient at it and having it be easier

it makes all the difference so if you

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