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hello welcome to the short video about

the new Lavazza classy compact in this

tutorial I'm going to take you quickly

through all the features this machine

has and show you how to make fantastic

Italian espresso right here in the

workplace so let's get started


first of all the machines already been

plugged in so to power it on we just

press the power button here and that

will illuminate the three cut buttons on

the top there now if this is being

turned on first thing in the morning the

machine will be cold these buttons will

flash while the boiler is heating up but

it just takes about 10 to 15 seconds or

so so not long to wait at all now we

need to fill the water up at the back

the tank just clips off can be filled up

replaced and clip back on again nice and

simple so we're going to start off on

the far left-hand side this small button

here will pour a traditional Italian

style espresso so around about 25 ml so

let's get some coffee now a nice little

feature this we're going to raise this

cup tray so the coffee doesn't splash

inside the cup so we just slide the

slider along that lit up nice little

feature now the cup can be placed

underneath without getting any coffee

spills over the counter we're gonna take

our single espresso capsule in a lift

and lever at the back insert the capsule

turn to leave it to a starting position

and impress the espresso pod

and so here we have a nice freshly

brewed espresso okay so the next button

along in the center is a slightly taller

shot more of a lungo UK size so around

45 ml so let's make one of those

so is before coffee cup and coffee

capsule cup underneath in the raised

position is always preferable capsule

now you can hear that noise there that's

the previous capture lis ejecting down

inside the machine so we're going to

talk about that a little bit later on so

for now capsule is replaced inserted and

then the longer button is pressed

and there we have one hunger


okay so the final button we're looking

at here is the one on the far right as

you look at the dial now this is a free

dose button basically allowing you the

user to pour as little or as much more

so through your espresso capsule as you

like giving you ultimate control here I

like to use it as a cafe creme button

now this is where you pour about five

ounces of water through a double

espresso capsule give you a slightly

taller cup so let's see how that works

so I'm going to use an Italian style

cappuccino cup this is about five five

and a half ounces big this can sit

underneath I'm going to use the double

capsule because it's got the number two

on it insert the caption or just like

before close and we're going to press

the free dose button

now remember this is a free dose button

so you will need to stop this button

yourself if you allow more than about

five ounces or so of water to run

through you get some quite dark bitter

astringent flavors so this is the reason

why I like to leave it about this size

all the time


okay so just a couple of extra features

to take you through now you've noticed

that when we lift the lever the previous

capsule is ejected inside the machine

and when that container gets full it

will need to be emptied but there is a

light that tells you when that happens

and so this little red warning light

comes on up here like this when you see

that simply slide out a drip tray this

section here just gets removed so you

can be emptied replaced and the whole

thing slides back in and the light will

go out so during the day-to-day

operating of the Machine you will get a

little bit of runoff after each coffee

now that will fill up the drip tray so

after a while when this little red float

pops its head above the level of the

drip tray then it needs to be empty so

just like before slide it out take it to

a sink empty it out maybe give it up

over rinse and replace as before lastly

on the display he got a little warning

light when that comes on it's showing

that the reservoir either isn't

connected properly or it's run out of

water so it just needs to be refilled

and replaced and when it has done the

light goes out and you're ready to go