How to use your Computer without mouse (Use your Keyboard as a Mouse)

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hey guys Shabazz here from Adams tech

guys in today's video I'm gonna show you

guys how to use your keyboard as a mouse

so it's gonna be a very small video

there are a few settings which we have

to do in order to start this function on

our keyboard so that before you move

ahead you guys have to make sure that

the keyboard which you are using has the

number keys on it because we will be

using the number keys to move our cursor

since we are not using Mouse I will be

showing you guys how to get this setting

done on your computer using your

keyboard but there's nothing much to do

there's just a few few settings which

you guys need to do in your computer in

order to you know make your keyboard

work as a mouse so yeah without wasting

any further ado let's get started with

the video


so what you guys can do is you guys you

guys can just click on the windows icon

on the keyboard which is right there at

the extreme left hand bottom corner you

can just click on those windows icon and

you can type in ce o-- and TR that will

bring control panel right there you'll

just have to press Enter

once you are in this you'll just have to

use the arrow key if they works or else

you can just use the tab button - you

know highlight the options I'm using the

tab button multiple times to come to the

ease of access and I'll press ENTER to

come into the menu I'll then again use

the tab button to come to the option

which says change how your mouse works

I'll press ENTER and this is how it

works I'm gonna then have to use the tab

button to come on the option with taste

turn on mouse key and I'll press the

spacebar to uncheck or checkmark the box

as you guys can see my camera is not

able to focus on the option so I'm just

pressing the spacebar right here to

check mark or and to check or uncheck

this box once I check this box I can use

the tab button to come down at the

bottom and come to apply and I'll press

the Enter button to apply and I'll again

press I use the arrow key to navigate

and I'll click on OK so first you have

to come to this windows search and

you'll have to click here you'll have to

type in control once you type in control

you'll see this control panel here right

here press enter once you come to this

page you will be not in this you know

view by option so I am by default in the

option called categories so you will be

in the option which says large icons all

or elles small icons so you'll have to

make sure you come to category and once

you come to this category option or else

view by category

you'll have to come to this ease of


once he click here you will get this

page now you'll have to click on this

settings menu which says change how your

mouse works you have to click on it

and once you are in this page you'll

have to then tick mark this box which

says turn on mouse keys and then you'll

have to click on this hyperlink which

says setup mouse keys now once you click

on this you will get this page you'll

first have to click on this which says

turn on mouse keys this will be check

box just click here and it will be check

marked now you'll have to come down and

click on this button which says turn on

Mouse keys with left Alt + left shift +

num lock this is a little bit confusing

but don't get confused this option this

check box is just to activate the mouse

features on your keyboard when you want

to turn on the mouse feature on your

keyboard you just have to double click

on the num lock button to activate the

Mouse features on your keyboard so this

box you know we will do that setting for

you so you have to make sure you check

mark this box and down here when it

comes to pointer speed you have to make

sure you increase it to high and also

the acceleration should be on fast

because you know you're gonna be using

the keyboard and the cursors speed

actually stays very slow if you you know

don't make it higher and you'll then

have to click on apply and then you'll

have to click on ok that is it guys we

are done with these settings for our

keyboard now we'll have to close this

page I'm gonna switch my camera to my

phone in order to show you guys how

things works real time now this is my

computer this is the monitor and this is

the keyboard as you guys can see I have

placed the mouse right here it is

connected to my computer I can show you

guys by moving the mouse that it works

and I'm leaving the mouse as it is and

I'm using the keyboard so I'm gonna use

the keyboard just to show you guys that

it works fine if I press the 8 button

the cursor will move up if I press the 2

button the cursor will move down

likewise if I press the number 7 button

the cursor will go

in my case the seven button is not

working but I can show you by pressing

the number three button and the cursor

will go cross nice my the seven button

in my keyboard is not working it is

working yes the cursor will move cross

towards the left end top and if I press

the number three button the cursor will

come down cross towards the down and the

right button as well as you know

likewise it will work the other ways if

I click on the number one button and

number nine button

you know the cursor will move

accordingly so the PC icon is not

visible in the camera I want to use the

mouse to move the PC icon right here by

using the number key I'll just have to

bring my cursor on it and I'll have to

just double click on five button to open

it as you guys can see it's opened and

if I want to close this I'll just have

to move my cursor on the you know close

close icon I'll just have to bring my

cursor on close and I'll just have to

double-click on a single click on five

button to close it as I used Mouse for

so this is close again guys thanks a lot

for joining this video I hope you guys

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