Nespresso Pixie made by Krups personal review

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so this is pixie the newest Nespresso

machine it's a real small one as you can

see if you compare to roll of paper

towels it's as long as the roll of paper

towels but not even as high so this is

real small Nespresso machine the machine

itself and here you have the little tray

for the wasted and the water drips and

stuff like that you only got three

buttons to on/off button

the espresso buttons and the lungo

button and of course here the handle to

insert the capsule into the machine and

to close it down so that's basically all

you need to know about the machine when

you switch it on the pixie blinks as you

can see which means it's heating up the

red light signals that it's not enough

water in the tank and if you have a

solid light it means you can start

making brewing your coffee the amount of

water is programmable usually it's set

to 40 milliliters and hanging 10

milliliters but you can extend it up to

80 milliliters what's about four hours

and 230 milliliters which is about 8

ounces actually I wouldn't suggest the

highest amounts in the cafe coffee it's

pretty thin then easier way to get the

right amount of water or liquid in your

cup is if you push the button you start

the drawing function

if you push the button again you

disconnect the grill function so you can

you know if you want to have less water

just push it during the brewing if you

would like to have more water just push

it again after the bridge stuff

and hold it as long push as you'd like

to have more water in your cup so that's

basically it

you can have as much water in the cup or

liquid or coffee as you'd like to just

by using these buttons either the

espresso order them go back fitting a

tall glass under the pixi is no problem

you simply lift up the ribbon wave and

you put the glass amory so you can also

fill real big glasses if you remove the

glass tray will fall down automatically

so if they're drips water it will drip

directly into the tray so this is pretty

good and need function you got here I

personally suggest to pre the cups

because I'm going to show you why now

this cup is not preheated and the coffee

would have a temperature of 70 degrees

now if I do it again with a pre heated

cup you will see how much this increases

the temperature of your espresso now you

have 77 degrees but now of course we're

going to make it real Nespresso not just

hot water so you map the Machine insert

the capsule close it down and simply

push the back


that's a nice cup of coffee and the rich

creamer on it you can see so this little

pixie is an awesome machine it's pretty

small it heats up very fast within 20 to

25 seconds shuts down completely

automatically after 9 minutes you can

extend the time it makes also coffee and

it is extremely easy to use so in my

eyes is the best small Nespresso machine

you can buy in the market right now hope

you like this little review see you next

time bye bye