KODI Guide: How to Use for Beginners

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so I've made a lot of videos on how to

install Kodi but I haven't made a video

about how to actually use Kodi once it's

installed so today I want to make a Kodi

guide for beginners now if you're

already familiar with Kodi then this

video is not gonna be a lot of use for

you but I want to make this video so I

could reference it in the future

now this video we'll start with Kodi

already installed so if you haven't

installed Kodi yet check out my previous

video and I'll put a link down in the

description but this video will cover

how to change a build with Ares wizard

it'll also cover how to actually watch

content like movies TV shows and sports

and I'm gonna go over the pop-up message

that people are getting asking you to

authorize your device so I'm gonna go

over all this in this video hoping that

I can help new users kind of understand

what's going on

alright so this is Cody with the pulse

build and this is the build that I

showed you in the previous video now the

first thing that you want to do whenever

you launch Kodi is just to have some

patience because what you'll notice is

on the bottom right hand corner of your

screen you will see that add-ons are

updating this is going to occur pretty

much every single time that you launch

Kodi so what I'm going to show you today

is how you can actually use Kodi when

using a build now like I mentioned this

is the pulse build that I showed in the

previous video however I'm actually

going to show you how you can change the

build so what this means is that if you

don't like this build or you just want

to try new builds you can easily do that

with Ares wizard so what you want to do

is always go and find the system

settings so as you can see right here I

have highlighted system then you want to

find Ares wizard so as you can see it's

now loading up Ares wizard and here's

the main menu of that wizard so if you

wanted to change your builds if you look

on the top menu you will see browse

bills so just click on that and like I

mentioned this right now the current

build that I'm using is called pulse

it's actually not my favorite build my

favorite build is actually directs and

that's the build that I'm going to show

you how you can change to so once you

select which build you want in my case

it's directs go ahead and select that

then you can just come down

here and select which version of Kodi

you have now on my previous video I

showed you how to install Kodi 17.4 but

in reality right now what I am running

is Kodi 17.5 so they're all pretty much

the same right now all the seventeen

Krypton bills are pretty much the same

as you can see right here in this menu

they only have the option for 17.3 which

is perfectly fine and once you have

decided on which build you would like to

install just come over here to the right

and I always recommend just do a fresh

stars basically what this is going to do

it's gonna wipe Kodi clean it is gonna

leave Aries wizard installed on that

Kodi build but everything else will be

moved back to a default so I like to do

a fresh start and that's what I

recommend so I'm gonna click on fresh

start and it's gonna ask me do I want to

remove all add-ons from Cody and I'm

gonna select yes then it's gonna give

you a few options you can choose from

but I just keep everything on default

and I click proceed so now what it's

doing is it's deleting basically all the

plugins all the add-ons and once it's

complete it's going to inform you that

you need to close down Cody so I could

go ahead and click OK

and it's gonna shut down Cody alright so

I've read launched Cody this is the

default look of Cody but if you use your

remote or your mouse you could go down

to add-ons so just go ahead and select

Ares wizard alright so we are back on

the menu of the wizard just go down to

browse builds select that then select

the build that you do want to actually

install so again I'm going back down to

Durex and this should all look pretty

familiar and then I'm going to select my

Kodi build and select install again it's

gonna give you a few options I keep

everything default so I'm gonna select

proceed and as you can see it's now

downloading that new Durex build so just

gonna give this a few minutes it's going

to download everything and install it it

will have you restart Kodi again so

we'll just go ahead and wait for that ok

so that took a couple minutes and you'll

end up with this message asking if you

want to backup your skin and profile so

just go ahead and select yes it's going

to backup that information and then you

this message in this one is just asking

about a free competition that Ares

wizard is offering so I'm just gonna

select no and now it's gonna tell you

that Cody needs to shut down so just

click OK and that will shut off Cody and

I have relaunched Cody and now as you

can see we have the new directs build

and on the first run of a bill it's

gonna ask you if you want to enable any

of these settings I always just choose

continue just leave a default like I

mentioned before on the bottom right

hand corner everything right now is

updating so all the add-ons that this

build has is updating right now so just

give that like 5-10 minutes make sure

everything is fully updated before you

move forward and if you ever see any

popup message just like this in the

middle just go ahead and ignore it and

just let it continue downloading all the

updates okay perfect so all the updates

have been updated it's only been a few

minutes and every single menu item is

working there's no lag everything is

working great so what I want to first

show you is how you can actually start

watching movie and TV shows now there's

a lot of options when it comes to

finding sources for movies and TV shows

but the one that I recommend and I've

never had any issues with is down here

where it says covenant that is the main

add-on that I use for movies and TV

shows now every single build is

different but if you look on this top

menu right here where it's in red right

now it's highlighting movies and I'm

moving it over to TV shows in this bill

specifically if you click on movies it's

gonna actually directly take you to

covenant but some builds are not set up

that way some builds if you click movies

it's going to bring you more options and

allow you to choose which add-on this so

whatever a build that you decide to use

I always just recommend using covenant

so I'm going to go ahead and click into

it and as you can see you have options

for movies and TV shows so I'm just

gonna go ahead and select a movie and

once you select movies or TV shows

you'll be presented with some more

options and these are basically

categories if you want to choose a

certain genre or even if you want to

pick a movie from a certain year or even

people actors and actresses now for

what I'm gonna show you in this is how

to search for a movie so you go all the

way down and where it says search you

can search by people or you can just

search by a title so that's what I'm

gonna choose and select new search and

it's gonna bring up this text box and

this is where you could type in a movie

and let's say I want to watch Deadpool

so all you have to do is just type in

Deadpool and then select done and as you

can see it brings up all the titles with

the name Deadpool so if I go ahead and

select the movie Deadpool and what it's

doing now is it's searching the web for

providers of this movie so you can

imagine it as links right so they're

looking on the web for different links

that have this movie alright and here

are the list of providers so normally

what I would do is just start from the

top now this is actually a very good

example because if you look right here

this says open load now with open load

and this is a question that I'm getting

asked all the time is authorizing IPs so

some stream providers are now requiring

you to pair with their system so that

they can whitelist your IP address

allowing you to watch the movies now I'm

going to give you an example of that by

clicking on this first providers link

now what you should expect to see is a

box that pops up asking you to authorize

your device so as you can see right here

open load a stream authorization so what

they want you to do is to go to that

website right over here this is oh L

pair comm and what you need to do is

basically authorize your device so that

the stream can come through so I'm not

going to advise you whether or not you

should be pairing your device with this

website that's something that you should

do some research on and see if you feel

comfortable in doing but I'm going to

show you what that website looks like

all right so this is what the website

looks like once you go to oh L pair com

now you can go to this website on your

phone and pair your device just make

sure that your phone is connected to

your home's Wi-Fi

it is based off of IP address so once

you go to that site you just want to

click this box right over here

confirming that you are not a robot

and once you see that green checkmark

you want to come down here and select

pair and once you do pair your device

you should now see that the movie or TV

show starts to stream

and as you can see the movie is now

playing now you don't have to pair with

those certain providers however I have

noticed that with some movies and TV

shows you do get better quality by

pairing your device so again I'm not

gonna advise you whether you should do

it or not

that's something that you should look

into but if you did not want to do that

all you would have to do is basically

click a different provider so again I'm

going back into Deadpool and it's

pulling up the list of providers again

the first one the open load that one

does require you to pair your device but

if you didn't want to do that

just go ahead and select a different

provider and as you can see it's

starting to play that movie again but I

could tell you right off the bat the

quality is definitely not as good so

that's basically how Kody and its

add-ons work this is going to be very

similar it doesn't matter if you're

watching movies TV shows or sports now

the reason why I show movies and TV

shows is because that's typically what

most people are going to use now there

are a lot of people that want to watch

sports so if you move over to the right

you'll see we have sports now I know a

lot of people ask about different type

of sports me personally I like to watch

basically MMA that's the only sport that

I really watch but here is Planet MMA

that is the add-on that I suggest you

using to watch say UFC events or

Bellator anything like that but there

are other options so you can always just

look around at the different options and

see exactly what do you want to watch so

for example here is let's go to pro

sports this is an add-on that's built in

to door X already so if I select on that

and it's gonna give me a few categories

of what I want to watch but I want to

watch NBA games hockey football baseball

there's a lot of options so I'm gonna go

ahead and select NVA games and it's

gonna give me an option for different

basketball games that are on today now

these are live streams so as you can see

no games are available right now

nobody's playing at this time but if you

want to see past games you can just go

up here to the two dots that's gonna

take you back to the previous menu and

what you can do is come down here to

archive if you click on that and you can

choose which sport do you want to watch

I'm going to select MBA and this is

gonna give me options for a past game so

we have Miami Heat versus Suns pasters

versus Pistons Lakers versus Celtics

let's go ahead and click on that so I

could show you how that works so once

you find the game that you want to watch

select it and as you can see this is

open load so if you remember from the

previous examples I showed you before

open load does require you to pair your

device so since I already paired it it's

probably not gonna bring up the

authorization menu but let's find out so

I'm gonna go ahead and select that and

this something they just want to play

around with guys there's a lot of

different add-ons that you can choose

from there's a lot of different options

you have and they all work pretty much

the same so the more that you start

using Kodi you're gonna you're gonna get

used to this process it's really not

that difficult but I do understand that

it can be confusing at times especially

if you're a brand new to this alright so

there you go so that's the basics of how

to use Kodi once its installed so

hopefully this video has helped a lot of

the new users who are having similar

questions and I'm confident that the

more you use Kodi the easier this

process is going to get but that's all I

got for you today thanks for watching

and I will see you on the next one