KitchenAid Dishwasher Model KDTE334GPS

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all right YouTube so I wanted to do a

review on this KitchenAid dishwasher it

is model number KD te3 3 for GPS the

button that loaves last month it was on

sale I believe for $8.99 and we bought

it with the extended warranty because it

was a hundred and thirty nine dollars

for five years and what that warranty

includes is if at any point in that five

years anything goes wrong there is zero

deductible to get it fixed so they just

send someone out here and fix your

dishwasher for free and the reason I did

that was because the only complaints

that I had seen in their views were that

the motherboard had gone bad and I

wanted to have some added protection a

little further out than what KitchenAid

offered on their manufacturers warranty

just in case that the motherboard did go

out the other upside of the warranty is

that if you don't make a claim during

that five year period they actually mail

you a check for 33% of what you paid for

the warranty so you're gonna get about a

forty five dollar check in five years if

you never make a claim so if you don't

make a claim you know the warranty

really only cost you ninety five bucks

so I thought that was a pretty decent

deal as you can see there's a couple

notches in the countertop there that is

not the dishwashers fault that is the

fault of the fact that the previous

owners installed tile in the kitchen and

they installed it underneath the old

dishwasher they uninstalled the old

dishwasher laid tile back in there but

obviously they didn't remove the

cabinet's so because of the height

difference that the tile made

we were a little short on Headroom so if

your cabinets and dishwasher are sitting

on the same floor surface you should be

fine there should be problem at all

so I want to go ahead and open this

thing up and show you just how much it

holds and it's incredible how much it

holds but first before I open it the

only thing I'm not crazy about is the

handle it's it's not unsturdy but it

just it doesn't it's not as sturdy as I

would like it to be the only thing

that's holding it on is a little allen

bolt and they're just they're tapping

not even into just onto a pin that comes

out and just sort of clamps it on and

you can see it's got a little bit of

play in it so I think we're gonna end up

doing is taking these out putting some

Loctite on them and then putting them

back in to make sure they don't loosen

up and that way if there is any play

it's only gonna be play in that little

knob that sticks out and I don't have to

worry about anything loosening up here

so open it up take the controls on top I

usually go with probe wash

extended Pro dry so it uses a fan and as

long as you are using a like some kind

of finishing solution you know whether

it's like cascade or jet dry or

something like that

as long as you're using that using the

pro dry makes such a difference

everything comes out really nice and dry

there's no spots or anything it's really

nice we've had this in for I guess about

two or three weeks now and it it works

great I've been really pleased with it

you can also do a cycle delay

I don't know why you would want to do

that to be honest unless you needed the

hot water right now I didn't have a very

large amount water heater because it's

so quiet that you really you're not

going to need to delay it I think you're

going to bed or something so the bottom

hole stuff see ya

it's got just like tons of silverware

and you can remove these little things

if you don't like having individual

slots for your silverware but lots of

plates got a pan splatter screen bowls

saucers everything on the inside is

steel it's really really nice the screen

in the bottom is plastic but pretty much

you know stainless steel tub the spray

arms are stainless steel it's really

nice six-four little drawer back here

you need to put some kind of utensil or

something I don't really sound much

menus for that but it's there I've also

got these water jets you can see here

and there's interspersed throughout that

science hood if you've got something

that wants to get on the top but it's

really soiled you can set it over those

and it'll get a lot of extra spray seen

this top rack holds quite a bit and then

what I have found to be just

indispensable after having it is this

third rack where you can put even more

stuff the in fit stuff that takes up a

lot of room you know but is flat like

Tupperware lids or another big splatter

screen your sippy cup lids or bottle

tops or

or knives it's been really good this

addition even though it takes away a

little bit of the height from this top

rack has really been excellent in

allowing us to maximize what we can get

in it and everything up here you know is

always clean and dry this thing is tough

track works really well and once you get

in there you've got to push it just a

little bit further to get it to seat on

to where the water actually comes in

close it up and start it


and now we wait just how quietly

stenography it's incredible how quiet it

is can you hear it it's on you can

probably hear the sink more than you can

hear the dishwasher alright so we've

skipped ahead about a minute

so that you guys don't have to just sit

and watch my dishwasher ah so it's in

the cycle now and that's how quiet it is

it's unbelievably quiet so it's just

washing away in there

I think it's listed at 39 decibels and

it is just insanely quiet you can have a

conversation you can watch TV you can go

to bed it doesn't matter it's super

super quiet I really like it it does a

great job cleaning and it's just

incredibly quiet so if you can catch one

of these on sale I would highly

recommend it I'd also recommend the

warranty just on the off chance that the

motherboard does go out but so far so

good on ours so hope you like this hope

it helps aid in your appliance shopping

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