Keurig Single cup Coffee maker demo video

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hi guys which from RJ PCL calm

coming to you today to do a demo video

on this I might have it is bag over here

no wait my webcam down here and show

what I got here I like the case you guys

don't know who I am my name is fish

Missy I do sneak peek videos demo videos

and intro videos and I like to do two

videos start to finish and I want to

show you what I have in here and yes

it's cured what we caught it's the model

B 31 I haven't missed it right now on

eBay those who are interested and I just

wanted to talk a little about it and

just give you a little sight about it

this coffee pot here is a pretty good

pretty clean condition I already had

tested it it works pretty good I have no

complaints with it the tray this does

come out here just he's pretty clean in

here okay so you are getting this with

it of course I guess that's a drip tray

right the overall condition on it it's

pretty clean it does have some - scuff

marks like very light where you know

like scuff scuff marks but you know it's

got like white where from you know

handling and stuff and um over here does

that has like little marks over here I

guess when you when people put in a

coffee pot you know the cops on here all

time it but this I think is play stick

it feels like places so that that would

make sense you know we get scuffed up

what you're seeing is what you get just

the unit itself there's no original

packaging or boxes that come with it no

user manuals it's pretty cut and dry

it's a single cup of Keurig it's call of

course is black and I'm going to do a

live demo from the beginning right to

the end to show you that it does work

and that's why I do these demos I have

an extension cord right over here plug

it in i also have here to show you

there's no smoke and mirrors there's a

cup of water I'm going to pour it in

here I'm not gonna put anything in here

of course and I'm gonna plug it in plug

three tracks in the back here you can

see it pops out like that

all right I'm hopeful I think that's as

far as it goes folks now what else spill

in the water

let me put the water in first and then

I'm gonna plug it in all right we'll

take it from there and I'm gonna show

you that it works I'm not gonna make

this demo long this is just to show you

that it does work and that you're not

getting on a movie as you can see the

lights over here when they come on this

is no smoke and mirrors like I said this

way you know exactly what you're getting

from me you know I

that's why do these demo videos I you

know I know as a consumer myself I would

like to see a demo of something getting

especially if it's pre-owned

you know you don't know it's like a hit

or miss you want to make sure that

you're actually getting something that's

actually going to work and that's why do

these demo videos and you know people

might say you go to the extreme doing a

sneak peak intros and demo of it but you

know what it gives you the potential

buyer a little peace of mind knowing

that you're getting something that's

going to work and that's why I do them

and I don't mind doing these videos

believe me and I'm gonna keep on doing

them and you know I hope I don't drive

my sip my tea on the small amount of

subscribers I have I don't I hope I

don't draw them away I hope I think

they'll gain more by it you know I'm

hoping the word I'll spread that hey

this guy or you know you shop at r.j.

Pausini he does the demo videos on the

IMC cells and certain things you know

and you know it's it's to help you guys


but anyway without further ado let me

plug in the pokey and when you plug in

to the pot okay you're gonna sit away

let me first put the water in first okay

over here let me move the cup I'll be

here you can see you got this I don't

know what it is but you got like these

three settings here it looks like I

don't know I guess that's little water

fills up I don't that's I really know

you know something

I don't own a Keurig this is not mine so

I don't know what these little things

are over here I really couldn't tell you

III don't know I don't know what they

mean 6 8 and 10 I don't know this is

this I believe this is a single cup unit

I don't know if you fill it up and then

you hit it again it goes maybe that's

what it is I don't know I'm just putting

one company at the time being ok Oh as

you can see there's no filter and put

your coil for your neighbors on it I'm

not ready for a cup of coffee and I

don't want to use something that's gonna

be sold to you guys right nothing

it's already pre-owned but anyway let me

pull the water in here as you can see

it's water in there right there okay

Gordon here

see the water is in now okay pour the

cup in it'll nectar just the case of the

water trips here and actually I'm gonna

put it off here so this doesn't get

scratched anymore

I'm gonna put this over here like this

like that now I don't know I'm gonna put

I'm gonna do this I think I'm not sure

but when I turn it up like this I don't

know if the water supposed to go in

there you know supposed to go and fill

up the reservoir let's see what happens

to you folks I know I tried a couple

times it definitely works I know that so

let me turn it this way so you could see

the button going on here again I don't

really work these things on that Saints

rocket scientist but you know I don't I

just don't

I'm not accurate person but I picked it

up as nice okay as you can see the

lights on here hear it okay the water

just drained in there now okay oh let me

just go in here okay let's close this

here yeah the water just drained out in

here folks just let you know so when I

open this up the water drained out okay

so I don't know what those three

settings are like you know those three

things in there 6 8 and 10 people on

Keurigs you probably know all right I

don't know

okay this demo is for this this unit

here and as you can see the lights

blinking blue I'm gonna push it on it

turns red as you could see

and it has an auto shutoff to folks I

understand so this show this should shut

off right after it's finished

it's a nice pot really is it's pretty

nice considering you know it's pre-owned

I'm gonna keep quiet so you could you

actually hear it going here I'll keep



sorry for the delay folks

but to me it's important that you get to

see to see it I'll use its get it's

important for me to show you that it

does work you know that's why I do these

videos so I hope you don't mind

you can see folks it shut off I don't

think I see the steam coming from here

here's the water you see the steam I

could see from here

I don't you could see it in the video

it's hot oh it's hot just to prove it to

you guys it's nice and hot I know I

shouldn't have done that but I just

wanted to just assure you that it is hot

so this is what we got going on guys

this Keurig pot is nice condition I

don't know if I could tell you about it

I guess it stays on I don't know why

it's back on again I guess because I

took it all I don't know why that came

on again I don't know maybe it's asking

for another refill that's not bad to

think of I don't know I don't want to

play around that I'm gonna shut it off

but as you see it did shut off I don't

have the instructions on this unit how

it actually works but I know it's

functional it definitely works you can

see you got the cup of water there I

might have to be cleaned out a couple

times looks like there's a little grains

and make coffee grains I guess one of

people put it in here that it you know

maybe think it cleaned out and yeah I

don't know I could try cleaning out a

little more I ran it through a couple

times just to give you guys a heads up I

did run this Cup the same sized mug a

couple times in here to clean out to

make sure but I could still see there's

some coffee grounds in there I don't

know maybe a probably a person who had

it the previous owner maybe didn't use

the proper filters in there I don't know

but it does have the coffee grains in

there so it's probably most likely

coming from here but as you can see the

unit does work this cup is scorching hot

very hot I know you don't see the steam

coming out but it believe me trust me

it's hot and that's basically I could

tell you about it and again this model

is the b31

as you know it's right now it's listed

on eBay and again let me pull the plug

off here you've seen it live you've seen

this is a live video so you know what

can't get over here oh you know this is

like I said again it's no small

primaries if you have any questions

about this unit please don't hesitate

contact me

that's a message me on the eBay system

and I'll be more than happy to answer

any questions you have that's basically

it guys that's what I want to do this

video for and if you're new to my videos

you know I would love to have you

subscribe to me if you'd love to you

know if you like the stuff I put out

again my name is rich Percy from RJ PCI

calm I do to sneak peek videos intro

videos and demo videos this happens to

be a demo video on disc Urich again it's

a nice condition I've sought a little

water that's dripping from here oh it

does sound like I said little light

marks on the top here I'm not into bed

you know like that the reservoir the

last time I saw one like this box one

before once before a white one and the

somebody had messaged me they said how

does the reservoir is it clean um this

one here is pretty clean I mean I

cleaned it you know best I could

I don't want to put chemicals in there I

did it with a damp towel and stuff like

that with a clean mail clean rag so I'm

not gonna clean it with this wouldn't

drip in there I'm not gonna clean it

with chemicals because you know what

water is going in there so the only

thing I heard though if you do want to

clean out these units or like even with

the coop pots sorry folks the waters

dripping there um if you what you do is

normally it look you put vinegar in it

they say to clean it out but along here

I mean you could well you can see it

it's pretty the reservoir is pretty

clean all the way around it's clear like

here this widow this would have water

fills up so it is pretty clean again you

know but my suggestion is if you get

this unit you know running water in it a

couple times maybe and you know just to

play it safe I didn't do with the

vinegar okay I didn't do the vinegar I

didn't have the I don't have it but I

didn't want to put too much in it but

because I don't know if this kind of

inner vinegary taste in air you know you

might have the waters like yeah this

clip is disgusting you know but that's

what I heard that say if you're gonna

clean them out you could do you could

use the white vinegar and let the red

wine of course that's like a natural

cleanser yeah I mean me personally I'm

not gonna clean this out with like this

washing liquid because you're not he

might get bubbles in your coffee um but

that's basically it everything is intact

there's nothing broken hand I can see

everything works fine everything's

working properly you know

and that's basically it guys I hope you

like a video if it helped out please

subscribe if you think it was in if you

think you've got anything out of it give

it a thumbs up and I will talk to you

guys in the next video thanks again for

stopping by and checking it out have a

great day night guys bye