Keurig K-Mini Review and Demo

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hi guys today I'm reviewing this Keurig

K mini this is the smallest and least

expensive Keurig you can buy I believe

this model is a target exclusive but I

have seen it for sale on Amazon this

mini comes in black and OS I do love

this blue color it reminds me of the

beach when I'm sitting in cold gray New

Jersey in winter I will review the mini

plus model which is available in most

stores and online to subscribe to stay

tuned for that

it's 12 inches tall just four and a half

inches wide and 11 inches deep it weighs

four point six pounds the cord length is

about 24 inches you can fit a six inch

tall mug with the drip tray removed you

can fit a 7 inch mug there is cord

storage in the back it's convenient if

you're taking this along somewhere the

water reservoir holds 12 ounces there's

a minimum and maximum line the minimum

is 6 ounces and the maximum is 12 ounces

it's not removable the amount of water

you put in the reservoir is the amount

of water that is going to be brewed by

the unit so you're brewing one cup at a

time using all of the water in the

reservoir it's the simplest hearing to

use there are no selections you have to

make there's just a power button and the

big K brew button this is the indicator

light there's a needle up here and a

needle on the bottom to pierce the K


unlike most hearings the pod holder is

flat it's not an angle and doesn't face

you you can use coffee pods t pods hot

cocoa or the reusable filter to use the

reusable filter put your finger

underneath the pot holder push up and it

comes out put your own coffee in the

reusable filter if you have a filter

with an adapter make sure to remove it

from the bottom before using otherwise

it may not fit drop it in and brew

before using a k-cup put the pot holder

back in the drip tray is removable and

holds eight ounces of overflow there is

an auto shutoff feature the unit shuts

off 90 seconds after you brew a cup when

you first get the unit run water through

a wick to clean

plug the unit in for eight ounces of

water in the reservoir put a mug on the

drip tray press the power button lift

and lower the handle the light will

flash press brew

the light will be solid the light pulses

when is heating after about two minutes

the light will be solid and dispensed

water I'll discard this water and brew a

cup of coffee

I'll pour eight ounces into the

reservoir for my coffee press the power

button put my coffee put in and press

the brew button



so from start to finish it'll take two

minutes to rule your coffee

it's about 165 degrees same as other

curates that I've reviewed coffee tastes

the same as if it were brewed in another

Keurig good coffee it's definitely

easier to take the pods out of the other


this is flat and the others are angles

so you it just comes out like this

instead of going up and out it's a small

thing but for Keurig users that might

matter the pot holder pops off for

cleaning since the water reservoir is

not removable you can just wipe it with

a damp lint-free cloth the outside can

also be wiped with a damp cloth

to light out the drip tray and wash it

if you need to so the most appealing

thing about this hearing is the size you

can see how slim it is you can fit into

any tiny kitchen you don't want to share

the Keurig with other people you can

take this to work and leave it on your

desk it's compact enough to take

anywhere I think it's also a nice little

unit to leave in a guest room if you

want to try this curio out I'll put a

link in the description below as always

I hope you found this review helpful if

you did give it a thumbs up and don't

forget to subscribe I figured I would do

this review before I have my cup of

coffee I'm gonna go drink this and I

will see you next time thanks for