How To use a Keurig Coffee Maker

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hi this video is to show you how to use

a Keurig first you need a Keurig second

you need a cup thirdly you need a little

cake up that's short for cake up so

right now I have a Green Mountain Coffee

good coffee

Columbian Fairtrade select medium roast

coffee now you know you can get these in

a variety of flavors delicious even

Dunkin Donuts has amount Starbucks has

them out there amazing ok so first what

you do you have to cure it you're going

to put the power button on ok now you're

going to wait until it starts blinking I

think no I guess it's ready you have to

make sure that there's water so you have

water basically up to here right now and

that's enough that's enough so okay I

guess you don't have to wait until X

pointing so what you do is you lift up

say I don't know if you seen that ok see

it's blinking that means it's right so

you're going to lift it up you're going

to take your cake cup throw it in there

you're going to press down now if you

look at these three buttons it shows if

you have like a really really small cup

if you have a regular-sized cup and a

huge mug now I usually if you like your

coffee to be dark and rich you would

press that it would come out much

stronger this is very very light coffee

I like the metal so now you're going to

take your cup put it under your Keurig

and you're going to press the button

that you select I'm pressing this one

and now

so this just goodness comes out Oh YUM

it's gone we go

okay here we go

last siliceous see it's nice and dark

it's not too late and it doesn't fill up

all the way where if you were to press

the light the light button it would fill

up really really all the way it would be

much weaker I don't like my coffee I'm

really a café Bustelo gone

I like Moto Rican coffee so they're

going to here at the ends marshal sing

oh oh that's when you know your coffee

is done baby and that is how you use a

Keurig and it gives you that at the ends

that means it's over baby now you can

drink your coffee alright guys hope you

enjoyed my video on how to make coffee

for McCarrick bye