Kenwood KDC-122U - Out Of The Box

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everybody's Paul here it's been long

since I made a video I've been working

on a new new room for me to work in and

also got me a new much bigger table to

spread my stuff out on anyway I've got

new video for this year 2015 I guess

we'll start it off with the with the

radio and we got a Kim would reduce the

KDC - 1:22 you this radio average

between seventy eighty dollars ninety

thousand like that there's a one-year


you know USB the occiput the front CD

player and I guess without further ado

but open up the box we'll see what's on

the on the inside alright get the Box

open we got a got the real control the

little kind of we can you control it

wirelessly without having to touch

anything set the remote wiring harness

and on the lid on if you can see it but

on the lid there's the two CD keys I'll

just leave those in there that way you

can use the cage to uh install the radio

use use the keys inside rattle out but

some some new kids nowadays you have to

screw the radio to the kids that's where

the keys are you pretty much useless

here's a warranty card when I call the

cars like a piece of paper let's see we

got the manual I tell you a lot about

you know where things are a lot of times

it's kind of hard to find features that

you're looking forward to you know about

the manual so you can actually go to the

kenwood website and download the manual

in PDF form and actually search for

stuff a lot easier faster quick wrist

alright pull this out there's nothing

else in the box so I'm gonna set this on

the side

got styrofoam a little bag it comes in

and if you notice on the tape to the bag

I don't think you can see it but right

here is a tiny tiny screw and it's

really little fact I like that right now

can you see it little tiny screw right

right there if you want that screws for

well what you can do is we'll see cover

for the face you take pup just trimming

off and there's a screw hole I think

right here right here and on the cage

right you don't think the term ring off

and when you take the screw and screw it

in and keep the face from popping off so

if you have a problem with the face

getting loose and stuff you screw it in

and the screws to the cage in the end of

the back of the face ooh keeps it nice

and sturdy all right we got the cage

this one holds ready lens and some kids

don't like our cages it just depends on

your on your vehicle that was well

alright here's the radio and let's heat

it mail it up and I'll see what the what

the backside looks like alright we got

turned around and on the backside here

listen since being introduced got all

the basic features whatsoever the left

hand side or bugger it to the right we

got a antenna input someone something

actually most newer never Eagles require

antenna adapters to plug in your new

radios this is your rear slash

switchable subwoofer output that we can

either have a like a 2-channel amp or

you can switch over to somewhere to the

menus and have subwoofer controls from

here over here is the power plug plug in

little fuse and after everything's wired

up you plug it in this ready to go

alright and of course my table pretty


all right to fix that anyway let's get

the power it up and turn around and then

it will see what the front one side

looks like all right first thing it says

is that get rid of the cancel demo I hit

yes and yes there we go demo off because

if you don't do demo off I'm going to

adjust the cameras me one second here

alright now we got the demo mode off we

are in standby mode they just you know

does not do anything standing by waiting

for your commands uh I don't start on

the outside of the face over here we got

the source button and press it it'll

cycle through you know different sources

that you may have like you know CD or

USB aux input whatever I'll just leave

it on known tuner for now here's your

eject button for the CD player and eject

it put up a CD right now but it'll spit

the CD out and get it and change it out

whatever little dust on there and of

course the CD and over here on this side

get a door as you go open up and you get

your USB and aux input these are in the

front that way you can plug in pretty

much anything in the occiput Androids

iPods laptops oh cassette players

anything with a 3.5 millimeter output

that you can plug in the USB you can

plug in thumb drives full of music mp3

WMA format and also WAV files also the

USB not only will charge your Android

it's not compatible to iPhone but it's

compatible with Android and if you

download the Kenwood music control out

this radio has what's called a Oh a what

that means is it's a gives you direct

control over your over your Android so

you can just buy the information like

titles and artists and albums all that

on their own the radio for Androids now

if you have an iPhone or iPod or any

sort of other up up um phones and

blackberries pretty much all you to use

is just aux input let's see it right

here we have

Presets one through six of course if you

change your bands you have up to four

arrow cameras going over place you can

have up to 18 stations preset for FM + 6

4 a.m. over here is your disc playing

with those you can change the clock or

frequency or them on tuners as what's

going to show us clock or frequency and

frequency is the station this is your

channel changings let's say you're on

this station that's your favorite

station if you want a program you just

press and hold your button and now start

on preset number one or whatever but you

just presetting on over here we got your

band button you press it and will cycle

through FM 1 if M 2 M 3 a.m. and back to

FM 1 again this button underneath it is

called seek and what dota does it cycles

through seek 1 C 2 and then manual seek

1 it finds the next strongest station of

course I don't have any antenna plugged

answer just gonna you know ruin all the

whole time if we go to auto - and you go

through your presets you know you go to

FM - goes through your presets oh worked

it from one you just just for fun manual

what that does it goes to each station

one at a time ting ting ting ting ting

ting over here got a button has a

magnifying glass a slash and a bent

arrow the added event area acts like an

escape key so if you're a minion you

just press this button here it'll back

you out of all the meeting use one menu

at a time the magnifying glass course

you don't do anything in tuner but if

you're like an USB stuff you can use it

to search it and everything this button

right here I don't think it does

anything in tin everybody looks like a

uh alright I'm back

this one right here according to the

manual is that the

and them button if you like a CD here

some in there you can press it there and

if you press it it will hold it to do

all random everywhere so that's just

what that what that is

anyway let's go into the menus that's

all the buttons on the front the radio I

mean you have function audio control

display tuner setting clock demo mode

audio control all right so we're going

to already control so that's the first

function down here you have bass level

that you go you can change the base to

negative 8 plus 8 mids you got negative

8 plus 8 on mids bring your 3 band EQ in

trouble plus 8 negative 8

well EQ Pro if you want to go in here

and change the like the frequencies of

each one you can do that and kind of get

them really adjust the way it sounds

when I press the escape button here

they started appreciating EQ that's like

you know top 40 powerful pops all the

preset EQ settings base base level wall

for a live one level 2 and 3 it's kind

of use a little more infant to bass we

allowed this it makes it louder by level

1 & 2 other there we go I think I'm just

on slight pause if you sick it maybe

second it'll be a little louder and next

one fader fader announcement we know

those are volume offset it's autumn icon

zero which we just wide open we start

turning in it goes backwards it's

trendabl China makes a quieter sound

reconstruction that just makes it it

tries to make the sound better you know

you have any problems and stuff kind of

helps help back to base ok that's all

I'll do control next is display we got

dimmer brightness take scroll back to

Denver so Denver it just no dims the

face off and on if it's too bright and

brightness pretty much the same things

which gives you a much better control at

it so it's the same thing as dimmer but

just much finer control take scroll or

does it was

once and just scroll once and stop and

see it or just turn off or auto you just

keep keep scrolling and back to Denver

and so that's all for display tender

setting of course I'm in tennard Auto

memory what it does is automatically go

and preset all all your stations for you

automatically even though you may not

like them or not it'll preset stations

on you know one through six bono said

its privileges leaving alone unless you

just really having troubles with your

sound coming from the radio stations and

really had to miss a dent in years so

but they put it into just case and clock

you going to hear clock adjust format

you know display clock it just you know

give pretty self-explanatory date/time

all right a clock format 1224 twelve

hours and clock display display off on

pretty much always on anyway and demo

mode we was that's the first thing we

did was you know going here off on and

audio control since that's everything

and the menu that likes it is internal

radio so it only has the basic functions

of stuff but right now then show you

your time i should switch over let's see

we'll make sure it's some goods if you

said that's a clock and you like change

your station or something or volume and

show your frequency then it should

switch back to time there we go alright

that's pretty much it there's no other

feature so get her back in the box

anyway this is paul i appreciate ya'll


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