How To Use A Juicer (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

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hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to use a juicer it's a very simple

process and I will be outlining the set

by step instructions for using a juicer

so let's get right to it if you take a

look right here this is the actual

juicer now there are a few things that

I'm going to outline before I actually

demonstrate the process of using it

right over here is this is the spout and

this is where the juice will come out of

so just make sure that you have a cup

you know below the spout just so the the

cup can catch the juice right over here

is is the waste container this is where

the excess waste will be stored when the

fruits and vegetables have been juiced

and then right up here is the spot that

you put the fruits and vegetables into

and then this is just the piece that you

use to push them down if you need to

really squish them down into the juicer

so let's get right to it basically

you're going to remove this piece right

here keep it handy somewhere close to

the juicer and then you're going to turn

the juicer on now there might be a

different on switch for different

juicers this one has a low and a high

speed but most you know some juicers

just have one speed you basically have

to figure out how to turn the juicer on

take a look around the juicer for a

switch or a knob and turn it on and then

when you turn it on I'm just going to

explain this now before I actually do it

because it does get quite loud when you

turn it on you're going to take your

fruits and vegetables are going to put

them into this area right here be very

very careful do not put your hand in

that tube at all okay and use this piece

right here to push the fruits and

vegetables down make sure that the cup

is nice and close to the spout to catch

all of the juice all right so I'm going

to go ahead and turn it on and let's

juice some fruits and vegetables let's

get right to it I'm going to turn it on

I'm going to turn it on to the high

speed just like that

Wow I'm just gonna put me out

it is actually keeping

all right

so I push it down just like that look at

all that juice coming out all right I'm

going to put the other

and juice it down judge like that look

at that delicious juice

all right now I'm gonna throw in a small

piece of ginger

just like that all right and the last

thing under for you

go ahead I'm going to swish this in here

just like that and you get some more in

there as well just like that

you shut everything down

all right

I'm just gonna shy just shut the juicer

off just like that and I'm giving the

juice a few seconds to just to just fall

out of the spout and that's basically it

in this video I have shown you how to

use a juicer I have outlined the

step-by-step instructions and I've also

demonstrated myself using it for you I

apologize about the loud noise but I did

my best to explain the instructions

beforehand and then also outline them as

I was juicing the fruits and vegetables

and that's all I have for you today

thanks for watching