How To Operate A Round Baler

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alright guys Travis here

Ryan was asking me to describe in detail

the monitor and the operation of our

round baler it's a 566 this is the

maunder for which I have mounted next to

the seat instead of up there which

normally you see a lot of guys do before

you ask that's I mount it right here

because normally I'm sitting sideways in

the seat watching the baler behind me

and pay no attention to the dirty window

so it's a little bit more convenient for

me I like having it right here plus the

all the buttons are easy to get wrapped

they're close but um quick overview of

the buttons that I really use even

though they're kind of worn out but over

here you got plus - you know increased

decrease you got your net wrap right

maja many times you wrap have your net

wrap wrap my average about two and a

half your bale counter and these four

buttons through here I do not use

because it's for baler twine

so I don't use these and I don't use the

automatic extend and extract retract for

that's what for twine this is if I want

to wrap the net wrap which at the end of

the day you have an odd bail if you can

justify wrapping it will automatically

wrap it and plus you have times where it

doesn't wrap now

two turned on tricky switch on

hit the switch over to net wrap

chi-lites right up now up on top here

the gate is closed and it will tell you

near full when it starts wrapping and

when you can throw the bail out now the

alarms basically if you're lucky nothing

will ever come up over here because we

had a bunch of trouble this spring with

the voltage the net rap one shut off but

round balers John Deere round balers a

particular are really picky as far as

their voltage they require I believe at

least twelve point nine volts and we got

I believe 14 volts running through this

to make sure everything runs properly

and down here is your bail size counter

here's my first bail that I made today

say it's usually kind of tedious when

you're making the first couple bails to

make sure everything is going to run

right because I don't know what it is if

the rolls get damp from sitting in the

shed you commit it or what that's why I

always put talcum powder on the rolls

but sometimes if you're not keeping an

eye on everything the net wrap doesn't

necessarily stick to the bail and you


kind of cut out sections out of the role

the rap and well you always want your

bales to look nice

I just look better over the winter they

protect from the snow if you're storing

them outside if you're keeping them

inside stored in you don't have to wrap

so many wraps around it all right guys

try to give you a little play-by-play of

how I how I make a round bale the PTO is

on I'm going to crank it up to about

2,000 rpm

got to be later behind me crank it away

already drop the gate now put running

about b1 or a little slower if I have to

sir I'm doing this in the camera over

here in the maunder it's got your

pressure levels on your tensioner for

your belt

best try to keep those as low as you can

on the right you got

right here there's less hay less tension

on the belt tries to help you make it

even bail right there is what you would

like to have in extreme cases where you

got one real high as for extension you

know I have heard the anything on the

right hand or the left hand side

throw the bail out that might look okay

for a little while but if it sits

overnight and it settles you'll come

back the next morning the feel will be

laying on the ground on its side

you say Oh Hawaii you see the wind roll

but to adjust that

your attention here

you pay attention to where the hay is

yes we back and forth on the winter home

to try to keep the sensors level

another way to work around that is to

make when rolls that are big enough that

it takes up the whole wood

of the Baylor pickup and like I said

don't mind the dirty window see down

here I got the bail set for

63 inches

see how fast that box is back

when that gets to 63 inches alarm will

go off it will start rapping and tell me

to back up and get rid jump drop the

veil off

you see out the front window here is

good and dusty

and we got a little bit of straight

stretch and

a heck with it

lift up up here start grabbing gears

when you can I guess

see all that steadily this

climbs up

see there's the careful alarm

oh and there goes

that indicator right there says the

ramping is started you guys can't quite

see that and boom just like that it's

telling me to drop the bail out the back

what I do is after I know what's right

it's completely wrapped I back up

usually about the width the length of

the tractor to the wind rows just off my

hood there put her in neutral drop the

throttle back and hit my FC V and there

goes young gate boom what a head nice

and easy

while I'm pulling ahead start up pick up

and once I'm fairly confident my

abilities I dropped then gate down and

it says gate closed you're a to rock and

roll I'm going to do just that throttle

up and start grabbing gears


that's how it's done