How to operate a John Deere L110 Tractor

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so everybody this is Brad from Johnson

small engines we're looking at a John

Deere l110 I'm actually me loaning it

out so I need to give instructions on

how to operate it okay couple scenarios

here we have your emergency brake here

or brake it's both of them

parking brake here you want to have the

parking brake on you have to pull this

orange lever up when it's when you push

the pedal all the way down push this

lever up let go to pedal I should lock

it when you want to disengage that

you're gonna push the pedal down just

engage the orange knob here and it

should come back that's how you

disengage the parking brake I recommend

definitely putting the parking brake on

lock it in when you start the machine up

when you come around to the other side

and show you a couple pedals this is

what they call hydrostatically driven

tractor you actually have two pedals

ones forward and one is reverse and it's

pretty much heel-toe

when we go on tractor okay so then we're

gonna be going forward you're gonna just

push it with your toe forward when you

wanna go reverse you can hear tell it or

some people heal it but it doesn't

matter however you go and reverse and

you can only move when you emergency

brake is off but the emergency brake is

on right now for starting purposes this

yellow handle here is your PTO power

take-off this is what engages your mower

deck so when you're ready just to run

the mower deck you're gonna engage this

forward and that just that's engaged

right now the disengage it pull back to

start the tractor you have a throttle

which is all the way up is choke okay

throttle you have choke which is that

little bar right there fast as a rabbit

and slow is turtle so you want to have

it up on choke which is all way up and

as soon as the tractor starts you want

to bring it down I usually bring down to

about half speed maybe a little bit

lower than that there's no reason to run

them at full speed right off the bat

it's almost like starting your car with

the pedal you know smash to the floor

it's not really the greatest thing in

the world so all the way up on choking

so it starts and as soon as it starts

bring it down about half throttle maybe

a little bit less and then you have your

as far as once you get it started and

you're ready to mow you want to know how

high you want to cut the cut the grass

you have your height adjustment over

here you know I don't go by the numbers

because a lot of times through the

years these decks tend to go up and down

and sag a little bit here and there and

they don't actually have the the numbers

don't coincide with how the grass is cut

so I recommend starting it before

getting into your grass lowering it to

two or three or whatever you want

there's height and then try cutting a

little patch of it first and then see

where it's at and then you just

basically regulate your mower deck

height by this lever here okay far start

and it goes we have the brake is on now

I'm gonna all.we up the choke your

ignition switches on the other opposite

side you have stop your headlights and

crank position and on position so we're

gonna gonna crank it now okay so you

have stop headlights this is the on

position this is the crank position here

rope on choke we're gonna crank it now

I'm gonna crank it you're gonna not be

able to hear me so I'm going to start it

up and then bring down alpha to


take off

Seifer work


going down the hill and you get scared

you always have the emergency brake

which is on the left side that we put on

when we started tractor up and that's

pretty much how you run the tractor as

far as the gas every gas cap underneath

the seat okay and when you check to see

how much you have in it there's a little

site plastic tank right here alright now

this is very low right here it's only

about an inch off and you can just tell

how much cash you have in there that's

pretty much how you run a John Deere

l110 thanks for watching