How To Drive A Sea Doo Jet Ski

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hey guys it's Stephen will played on car

sports and today I wanted to show you

guys how you start and work AC


today I'm on gtx 155 pretty much every

CD every - ii do now has promised the

same function same IBR system every time

showing it will be only for the IDR

system which happy brake and reverse

right there so the very first thing you

want to do is press the start button

what that does is it activates the gauge

and then you want to take your key which

is of course the other ends clipped onto

your lifejacket it's very important that

you wear a life jacket when you put the

key on or anything - beeps means i'm

ready to go and it says welcome aboard

see you that's with every CD tell you

what key you have alright now let's see

that little squiggly line right there as

soon as I fire it up they'll sit there

in neutral every sea-doo watercraft will

start up in neutral so I'll what I'm

going to do is I'll go ahead far up the

engine hold on the start button which is

located right there and I'm gonna go

ahead fire up the engine as you can see

is started in neutral

of course your gas gauge there our here

they're variable trim system over there

so you can see I'm in neutral just

sitting here waiting skis wait for my

next command your left hand over here

there's a trigger right here and on your

right hand or the trigger right here so

what you want to do to go in reverse

take your left trigger over here you

hold it in as soon as you hold it it

goes into reverse you can see our for

reverse but as soon as I let go of it it

goes back in neutral

you see em Island about 1700 1800 rpm

that's doable for us you want that and

you take your right hand over here you

just tap it once that goes afford you

see we move forward

and to go back in neutral just take a

left hand and tap it once as you can see

what we're back in neutral nice to tell

my customers once you get out there just

go back and forth with the left trigger

and back and forth with the right

trigger both going back and forth you'll

get the hang of it it's pretty simple he

also knows I'm in neutral I should still

rotate so I could turn right I turn

right our turn left I go left they keep

in mind I'm actually still in neutral

but neutral means on the CV watercraft

and everyone a craft is that deep the

engines still on but the impeller still

the hell are still going so it's

actually a bucket in the center position

between forward and reverse that's your

uh neutral you can actually with a

seated watercraft you actually fine-tune

your neutral because you have these up

and down buttons here so when you're in

neutral just tap up if you like the

Wirecast won't back or just tap up and

it says neutral adjustment you can

fine-tune it with this back and forth

let's do you find that sweet spot


of course CD Warcraft also have

different modes you can see

a default to touring mode which is

located right there basically what that

means if I were to gun it and put me a

slow and easy takeoff to get in sport

mode just hold down the sport button

until it beeps press again to confirm it

and it goes to sport mode get out of it

just hold it down pull down sport mode

button an eco mode is for best gas

mileage hold it down you're good you're

eco mode you even get a happy face on

the gates telling you're an eco pressed

again to get out if you fall back to


sorry back to claw Tori somewhat at this

right hand floor they can see I moved


and take my left hand I'll use that as a

break and stop and it seems I'll let go

of it I'm back in neutral since this

Warcraft in particular has cruise

control right here and since I'm in

neutral I can just hold down the neutral

button and it puts me in slow speaking

the one basically that means I'm

cruising at 1 mile an hour so especially

in the channel arm area like this it's a

big place it has a really long Novik

area so I can cruise at 1 mile an hour

or 2 mile an hour 3 mile an hour

I'll go back down to one mile an hour

because it is a no-wake area and of

course I'll take my left hand I squeeze

it it canceled the cruise mode actually

that's called tightly slow speed mode

cruise mode is when you're in forward

then you activate the cruise button by

pulling it down which allows you select

a speed you want cruise at

so we'll go ahead do that put it forward

I'll down Cruz and you can select his

beachball just say 18 you press set to

confirm it all you guys do is hold down

the right trigger and you'll take off

you have to completely hold it down for

it to go that's a feature wall they

won't go past the speech like

all right that's how you guys operate

see you watercraft thank you very much