How To Drive A JCB Telehandler

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follow now recently a lot of you guys to

be messaging me about how to drive this

JCB right here which is the JCB 5656 on

the farm and for some of you guys out

there who don't know too much about

telehandlers i'll just show you a little

bit about it today and also I will show

you how to drive it as well that is

something which I seem to be having a

lot of requests from recently as to how

to actually drive this machine so just

on the front here this JCB he's got 4 60

70 hour 24 michelin multi-bit tires and

they're a nice sized tire for this

telehandler and they've been very good

since we've had it and just moving

around the machine as well this is the

front of the machine which is called the

headstock on a teleporter and this is

actually a cuvette headstock which is

patented to JCB's this is JCB's way of

attaching to implements now you have

lots of different head stocks on lots of

different machines on a Manitou for

example it's more like a little hook

which hook headstock style which you

have on each side on a merlot you've got

more of it just a straight bar going the

whole way across there's lots of

different variations and on the JCB with

the quick fit you've just got a chip of

metal this side a tube of metal this

side and then at the bottom you've just

got the hydraulic looking pins at the

bottom there sometimes you can have a

manual locking pin believe it or not

sometimes you can have a manual locking

pin but I'll show you how to use the

hydraulic locking one today at the top

here I've actually fitted like a smaller

spacer on here and the reason I put that

on is because it actually stops the

implements or the attachments on the

front from juddering about now with a

teleporter down the middle of the

machine is you're lifting boom so this

is the boom of a teleporter and it can

also as well extend out as you can see

we've got the boom insert here which is

actually the inside of the boom and that

actually gets pushed out from the inside

so that you can extend the boom out

should you need to reach higher places

such as a lorry or if you're stacking

bales for example so just moving along

then and as you can see

we've got the cab but tried to show you

in a minute so this is the five to six

56 model and it's the Agra Plus which

means it's a the more premium model over

this standard five to six just on the

side here is the engine bay and it's

actually got 101 hundred and fifteen

horsepower at JCB engine which is full

cylinders and is actually plenty of

power to be fair for this teleporter

here's where you check the oil on this

loader and then you've also got the

transmission oil just there as well and

then you can just top up the engine oil

should it need to be topped up and then

your filters are just nicely positioned

down there and our field filter is nice

and clean in the water sediment Bowl

that's something I try and keep quite

clean on this loader and just moving

around again we've got our mirrors which

are actually nice and tight at the

moment and that's something which is

quite important with the teleport is is

that you need good visibility to the to

the rear and to the side as well so

moving on now to the cab and I'll just

show you inside this cab and also I'll

show you how to operate the loader ok so

I'm now just getting into the cab it's

quite a hot day today as I said earlier

so I'm actually just going to open the

side door there and it just locks

against the side of the cab so once

we're in the machine we can then turn

the ignition on just start it up and

before we do actually started up we just

let it run its run its course on the

screen here and we're just starting out


we're now started up and the handbrake

is down here on this machine on

different tele Enders you've got

different types of hand brakes you can

have electric hand brakes manual hand

brakes this is actually a manual one on

this loader so before actually release

the handbrake we'll just talk about the

boom quickly so to operate the steering

of the machine obviously you've got the

steering wheel here and you've also as

well got the different steering modes

down here so we're currently in

all-wheel steer mode and if I just turn

the steering wheel you'll see that the

wheels all turn at the same time and the

reason for that is to improve the

maneuverability of the tele hander so if

we just move it back to here we can then

change the mode of the steering and we

can now lock the back wheel and if you

notice now only the front wheel is

turning and the reason for that is if

you're going down the road sometimes you

only just want the front wheel turning

to make the machine more stable when

you're going down the road and then on

the third option we've got crabs fear if

you actually want to move it in a

diagonal position so we just literally

just go like that so we're actually now


diagonally we're now moving diagonally

there just thought I'd show you show

that to you guys

and that is really really handy the

diagonal option there crabs there and

it's really handy for when you're in a

tight situation perhaps against the wall

you can just go into Crouch there and

you can literally move yourself away

from the wall so that's something I

actually use on the farm when I'm in

tight sheds so back to all-wheel steer

I'll leave it there put the handbrake

back on there so here's that instrument

cuts there it's pretty straightforward

it's pretty basic in this loader because

we are mainly a livestock farm and

that's why we have the five to six so

we've just got the lights down here for

operating our side lights our boom

lights and the beacon on the roof and

then we've just got the hazard lights

this is your shuttle which you can use

forwards and backwards and then we've

got our transmission disengagement the

boom suspension the fan for the air

conditioning the air conditioning on and

off this button doesn't actually do

anything then we've got the windscreen

wipers the four-wheel drive on and off

the bucket shake function the

auxiliaries joystick disengagement the

hydraulic moving so you can change the

hydraulics from the front to the rear on

this switch and then here is our

reversing fan which is what you need for

just cleaning out the radiator I'll just

do that now

on the radiator so moving along we've

just got a 12 volt socket and a

emergency stop here and we've got it's

got our temperature gauge the aircon so

to go forward to backwards you can

either use the side shuttle on the

left-hand side here or you can use the

shuttle underneath the joystick I myself

quite like the shuttle on the joystick

but perhaps your new puck might prefer

just using the shuttle on the side but

for today I'll just use the shuttle on

the side and if we just put our foot on

the brake take off a handbrake put the

shuttle in reverse we can then go into

reverse like so and checking our

surroundings around us we're in Reverse

if you just want to go forwards we can

just push the shuttle forwards and we're

going forwards it's actually got three

gears on this machine as well and if I

just move it back to neutral foot on the

brakes and brake back on and then this

here is our joystick which is the main

control of the boom so this is what we

need to use to operate the boom and

we've got our gear selectors on the top

here and then this is our boom extension

out if I just push it you'll see the

boom just going out there and we can go

to a full five point six meter reach

and then if I just pull the joystick

back you'll see the boom is going up in

the air

the hydraulic ram just working there and

if I just slow up there we go we're now

at the maximum reaching height so if I

just put it back down


and there we go I'll just show you guys

now I'm just using the shuttle on the

joystick how to just quickly honor to

help on an attachment with this loader

so I'll just put the math crab on

because I'm going to do a bit of mucking

out so what you need to do is you need

to just make sure that the headstock is

lined up with the attachment and the way

you can do that like I said having the

spacer on the front of the Kwik Fit

headstock really does help and it stops

it shaking around as well so you can

just see we're driving into the

attachment now and if I just put the

joystick to the left it will just curl

the headstock like so

and then you can just gradually pick the

attachment up and if I just pick it up a

little bit like so just to show you guys

the hydraulic quit hit quick hitch

system so find out just operate the

joystick there you go we're now locked

in and if I flip this back to the other

way the front quick hitch is now

disengaged and that means if I operate

this it will only operate the back toe

hitch but that's actually locked in as

well so it's actually relatively safe

now there's actually a little pressure

release down there for releasing the

pressure so we've got on this attachment

hydraulic couplings and that's because

this attachment here the muck grab has

got some hydraulic rams so the way that

we put them on is quite simple

I've released the pressure from the cab

there and what I'm now going to do is

just put the hydraulic couplings on and

the way you do that is literally just

join them up push them on in this model

and then twist the little cup link like

so just to lock them in and then it's

the same again

on the left-hand side one and then what

we've also got to do is we've got to

isolate the hydraulic quick hitch and we

do that just by turning the little

handle here to the right now if I get

back in the loader you can see that

we've got the implement arm and also as

well I've got the hydraulic quick hitch

engaged but it's not actually going to

work with the quick hitch at the moment

because we've isolated it with that

small lever so what it will instead do

now is it will actually operate the

implement so the way we can do that is

if we just push our right hand roller

switch here it will actually operate the

muck grab to be fully opened and then we

can just put it in the opposite way like

so to close them up grab and that there

is how to put on an implement with the

teleporter and also another thing with

like I said which is really good with

loaders is that you have got amazing

maneuverability you can more or less

spin on the spot and that's why they're

used in farming so much these days

especially here in the UK but with

smaller tighter sheds on the farm so

that is a reason as to why they are

really popular here in the UK and also

as well like I said about the lifting

height as well and that is another key

feature of the teleporter so for my

American viewers for my overseas viewers

that's the teleporter that's the JCB

that's roughly how to operate it there

are some other little features of it

which are perhaps show you in future

videos but but on the whole this is the

loader and this is like I say this is

just how we operate it and what it is

I'm now going to go and muck out some

sheds on this lovely boiling day here on

the farm thank you very much for

watching and as always guys do comment

rate and subscribe

for plenty more videos to come