Jazzy Select Power Chair, Pride Mobility

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all right this is Roger McCarthy of

protech medical and we're showing you

right now the jazzy select made by

private mobility this is Bobbie one of

our technicians the jazzy select is

probably one of the most popular lines

of chairs you have the jazzy select and

the jazzy select GT which is sold by

some companies but the jazzy select to

me is probably the one that you want to

go with it's got a few more options than

the GT it has better armrests on it the

GT has more of a tubular armrest also if

you go with the jazzy select you're

going to get the pocket on the back

where that's not going to come on the

Select GT now the jazzy select comes in

two options of colors red and blue and

Bobbie once you show them the turning

radius on the the chair as you can see

it's got a tight turning radius about 20

inches for convenient access in your

home and some other features of the

chair include the armrest will come up

and down for transfers it does have the

semi-reclined option it also has on this

one it has the option for swivel for

your seat which you can use once again

to transfer and to get in and out of the

chair it does have an adjustable foot

plate that we can adjust according to

your height and seat angle and the jazzy

select comes with a five year limited

warranty on the frame a one-year limited

warranty on the electronics and a

one-year warranty on the drive motors

and yes your insurance does cover for

repairs after that and protect medical

will be the company you'll call we

service all the chairs that we sell some

other features of the jazzy select it

has a weight capacity of 300 pounds the

maximum speed on these is four miles an

hour that wants

like a lot but at maximum speed it will

get down the road pretty good also

another question that we get a lot with

these chairs is how far can I go on a

charge when it's fully charged you could

go up to 15 miles

so 15 miles if you're only using it in

the home that could be an entire week

it's not something you're going to have

to charge every night more than likely

but it does come with a charger that you

just plug into the wall plug into the

chair and it will charge it overnight

for you kind of similar to a cell phone

battery this is a controller on it so

you can see it has a light there that

shows you how how much it's been charged

and gives you an indicator to let you

know when you need to charge it so once

again this is a jazzy select it is

covered by insurance it's something that

we can help you out with if you feel

like it's something you need at this

time if you're no longer able to use a

wheelchair you need it for access in

your home let us know protect medical WW

protect deliveries calm for any

questions my name is Rodney McCarthy ATP

and thanks for watching