How to operate a Jacuzzi

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hello everyone now we are going to see

how to operate a jacuzzi bath top here

is the jacuzzi bath tub and let me

introduce you with few basic things here

is the normal water tab here is the

shower and here is the tab for

temperature adjustment hot and cold and

here is like let's see here is the water


now I come in here bring it here so I go

to the first one you see the click sound

here so until here and the thick so it

comes faster now the first step in this

setup is that you see these water jets

these are called as water jets these are

not going to be active unless until you

feel the water level a little bit above

them now almost half an hour have been

filling this bathtub now let me stop

this the normal filling with water and

here is something the light which you

see and here is a bottle for the light

so for example I'm pressing this so just

to get a good feel now the light turns

now it's green let's see it's orange

light and then green light and then

purple light different arrangement so I

would keep it to let's say for example


purple one because I like this color no

no this button here is the main

operating button for the jacuzzi

and you're going to hear a huge sound

now because the water level has come up

until here and I try to do this before

the water level was little down and then

it didn't work so now it should work let

me show you now here we go then the

water waves are coming I stopped it for

a while so that I can talk so you can

switch it on and the water waves will

come and some bubbles will come from

those Jets and one thing I forgot to

mention was this button so let's do this

this now the water can go from that side

from here the water is going down

it's a drainage here it the valve opens

here and then the water level is going

down I'm going to show you something now

now I need this water water level so I

will not allow this to go too much down

now just I will stop this now if you see

this the water level has come a little

bit down and now let's see what happens

if i press this button again

let me take this they are still

operating because it's still under a

little bit so if I take it a little bit

further down

we let this water go away from here