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hi I'm NAT with Howcast and I'm going to

show you how to use your new iPhone 6s

the iPhone 6s introduces some new

features such as 3d touch and live

photos in this video we will be going

over the basics of your iPhone just

think of me as your personal tech

support or as a friend who got the phone

a week earlier than you in this video

I'll show you how to do things like save

your battery life download and organize

apps make calls check voicemails use the

camera browse the web navigate with maps

and have Siri search and complete tasks

for you sure that may sound like a lot

but in no time

you'll be saying hey Siri text NAT thank

you the iPhone 6s has four buttons five

if you count this little switch is a

switch a button first of the buttons is

the screens on/off button located on the

right side of the phone near the top it

quite simply turns your phone screen on

and off on the left are the volume

buttons which can be used to change the

volume of all your sounds the earbuds

that come with your iPhone also have

volume control buttons on them just

press the plus sign to make it louder

and the minus sign to make it quieter

the most important button is the home

button it will turn your screen on if

it's off if you're in an app press the

home button to return to your home

screen and press it twice rapidly to see

all the apps that are currently running

press and hold the home button to open

Siri but we'll talk about that later too

last is this switch which turns your

ringer on or off simple enough right you

would use this an important meeting or

hopefully in a movie theater the phone

has four microphones one here for

talking on the phone two on top next to

the speaker and one on the back next to

the camera's lens the iPhone 6s is

screen is made from ion X glass and it

has a 3d touch sensor beneath it on the

back of the iPhone you'll see the camera

which is protected by a small piece of

scratch resistant sapphire glass now

let's start using the iPhone most

actions on the iPhone are performed not

with buttons but by tapping swiping or

otherwise poking the screen itself on

your home screens you can see all of the

apps that you have on your iPhone the

iPhone comes with a number of apps

already installed

thousands more can be purchased or

downloaded for free from the app store

an app is a program on your phone

designed to perform a specific task or

function for example the weather app

shows you the weather forecast in your

area and this Howcast fitness app that

I've added to my phone gives me workout

videos each app is represented by its

own little square button on your home

screen swipe to the left to see more

apps to open an app simply tap the icon

once and tap the home button to return

to your home screen now maybe you don't

like how your apps are organized on your

screen to move your apps around tap one

of them and hold your finger down for a

second the icons will all start wiggling

like they're nervous about being moved

simply drag the icon to its new position

or drag it on top of another icon to

create a folder quick actions is a cool

new feature that's only available on the

iPhone 6s it's a simple drop down menu

of shortcuts to useful functions within

an app to activate your quick actions

just press a little bit harder on the

app icon and your quick actions menu

will appear to instantly get directions

to your home from your current location

press hard on the Maps app and select

directions home the phone will map out

driving walking and public

transportation options for you in order

for your phone to know where you live

make sure your home address and other

information is in your phone's contacts

now that you know your way around your

new iPhone 6's let's customize things a

bit in this section I'll show you how to

set up your email and connect to a Wi-Fi

network you should have already setup a

passcode when you turn on your iPhone 6s

if you haven't done this just follow the

on-screen prompts to set yours up you'll

also set up a touch ID this will allow

you to use the home button as a

fingerprint scanner because you live in

the future

to set up your email go to settings once

again and tap mail tap Add Account

choose the email service that you use

and enter your email address and

password to read your email simply tap

the mail app and scroll through some

email services like Gmail and Yahoo have

their own apps which are also available

in the app store when you sign up for a

plan with your phone carrier you chose a

data plan which allows you to connect to

the internet via 4G you can avoid

running out of your allotted data by

connecting to a Wi-Fi network

at home at work or any place with a

public Wi-Fi network internet use while

connected to Wi-Fi does not count

against your data limit to set up a

Wi-Fi connection open your settings once

again tap the Wi-Fi menu find your

network from the choose a network list

and then just enter your Wi-Fi password

once you have entered the password your

iPhone will remember it and

automatically connect to that Network

anytime you're in range the iPhone 6's

boasts an improved battery life but it

can still run low after a long day of

rigorously scrolling your Facebook feed

with a few tweaks and good habits you

can make sure your battery doesn't run

out before the end of the day you can

turn your Wi-Fi off when not in use

lower your screen brightness close

unnecessary apps or even go into

airplane mode which will keep your phone


but disconnect it from all networks to

turn Wi-Fi off swipe up from the bottom

of the screen to pull up a quick menu

then tap the Wi-Fi icon this will stop

your phone from wasting energy trying to

connect to Wi-Fi networks while you're

on the move or in an area with no

networks you can adjust your screens

brightness in the same Quick Menu drag

the brightness slider left or right to

decrease or increase brightness the

brighter your screen the more battery

life it eats up try turning down your

screen brightness when you're indoors or

secretly texting during a movie when you

leave an app and go back to your home

screen that app keeps running in the

background even if you can't see it and

that takes up battery 2 to see all your

apps that are currently running tap the

home button twice you can swipe left and

right to look through all the apps and

to close an app swipe it up then there's

airplane mode to turn this on just swipe

up from the bottom of the screen and tap

the plane icon this will turn off your

phone's cell service data and Wi-Fi

extending your battery life without

turning off your phone plus you can keep

playing candy crush without being

interrupted by a fundraising call from

your Alumni Association if your iPhone

gets down to 20% battery it will prompt

you to turn on low power mode this is a

special setting that turns off certain

features of the iPhone such as

unnecessary animations and automatic

email fetching to make a phone call tap

the phone icon dial the number

or search for it within your contacts

and then tap this phone icon you can use

other apps while on a call while you're

talking on the phone press the home

button to return to your home screen and

navigate from there

you can check your email play a game

maybe find the love of your life on

tinder just be careful not to hang up on

anyone you may not have every phone

number memorized so tap contacts to see

a list of numbers stored in your phone

to add a contact tap the plus symbol you

can of course enter their phone number

here but you can also add a photo their

email address birthday and home address

you can even set a unique ringtone that

will play when they call you also if you

never want to hear from someone again

this is where you can block them from

your life forever for quick access add

contacts to your favorites tap the star

then the plus sign and then select from

your contacts to listen to your

voicemail simply tap the voicemail icon

gone are the days when you had to listen

to every voicemail in a row the iPhone

has visual voicemail which allows you to

see who called and allows you to listen

to each message in any order you like or

maybe decide just not to listen at all

for better sound plug-in the earbuds

that come with your iPhone 6s these

include a microphone that hangs right by

your mouth on the volume controls so you

don't have to shout into your phone the

iPhone automatically adjusts to your

speaking volume so if you're a quiet

talker or a loud talker it should all

sound the same to the person on the

other end to video chat you can either

open the FaceTime app or go into your

contacts if your contact has the

FaceTime app on their phone the FaceTime

camera icon will be visible your iPhone

will use the front facing camera and

microphones so just hold it a foot or

two from your face and talk once again

ear buds will help with the sound

quality especially if you're outdoors

you've seen the billboards the iPhone 6s

boasts a 12 megapixel camera I'm going

to teach you how to take photos take

selfies shoot video and even create what

Apple calls live photos there are a ton

of different shooting modes on the

iPhone but today since this is a

beginners course we're only going to

talk about the basics let's open up the

camera app to take a photo point the

camera at your subject then tap your

subject on the screen to focus on them

and adjust lighting then just press the

big white button to take the

photo the flash will turn on

automatically if needed to turn it on or

off manually tap the lightning bolt icon

in the top left corner of the screen you

can also add a filter by tapping this

icon in the bottom right filters allow

you to add a bit of control to your

photos colors you can add a filter

before or after you've taken a picture

some filters make colors brighter others

make the photos grayscale or sepia toned

to switch to the front-facing camera and

take a selfie tap this icon in the top

right of the screen a little tip the

volume button icons can also be used to

take a photo which is a lot easier when

you're holding your phone with one hand

also when taking your selfie keep the

camera straight in front of you or a bit

above your face to avoid taking a photo

of the inside of your nose to record a

video drag over to video mode and then

tap that same button which will now

appear red remember when taking a photo

or video hold your camera steady the

iPhone 6's also has the option to record

video in 4k which is twice the quality

of HD video you might not notice the

difference on your phone screen but

it'll make a big difference if you view

it on your computer of course 4k videos

take up much more space on your phone so

if you don't have that much space free

on your phone you might want to stick to

the HD format the iPhone 6s has a new

feature called live photos a live photo

is basically a short three to four

second video that captures when you

shoot a photo your iPhone records about

two seconds before and two seconds after

the photo if you hard press a live photo

you'll see the full motion come to life

it's a lot like a portrait of a wizard

in Harry Potter but real live photos are

a fun feature but they take up about

twice as much space as a normal picture

they'll be automatically turned on by

default to disable them you can tap this

button we're going to take a look at the

iPhones built-in web browser Safari you

can do anything here that you would on

your desktop browser search the web do

some shopping see what your ex is up to

tap the Safari icon to open the web

browser in the navigation bar type

whatever you're looking for hit go and

Safari will perform a google search for

you if you find a website that you want

to remember forever tap here to bookmark

it for quick

access in the future tap here to email

the web address to someone else who

might enjoy it you can have more than

one webpage open at a time on your phone

using tabs each tab contains a separate

website layered on top of each other

like sheets of paper tap here to see

your open tabs and tap the + to open a

new one you can use the maps app to look

up specific addresses get directions or

search for places nearby to view traffic

on the map

tap the circled I info button and then

tap show traffic to view public

transportation tap the info button then

tap transit to find a location just type

in the address and hit search for

step-by-step directions tap the icon of

a mode of transportation then hit start

hit end at any time to stop the

directions to find directions to a

specific location on the map without

knowing the exact address

tap the location with your finger and

hold it there to drop a pin tap the pin

then tap directions you can also search

by category for example type gas station

or Chinese food to find a gas station or

even better Chinese food in your area or

tap the search bar to choose from one of

the iPhones pre-loaded categories tap a

pin to see the name of the business tap

the name for more information or just

tap hard on the pin to bring up quick

actions like directions or call if you

choose directions hit start and your

iPhone will read you the directions out

loud as you drive or walk in some cases

you'll want to look up directions to

your home especially if you're using the

directions home quick action remember to

make this automatic make sure you have

your home address set in your contacts

to send a map to a friend or brag about

it on social media tap the share button

in the upper right corner and then

choose message mail or whichever method

you want to use to share it a little tip

here to save a map for quick reference

to view offline take a screenshot to

take a screenshot press the on/off

button and the home button at the same

time the iPhone will save an image of

exactly what's on screen it's also great

for taking images of webpages or text

conversations anything you might want to

save for later have you lost something

in your phone maybe someone sent you a


but you can't remember was it in your

email or your eye messages you can use

the iPhones main search function to

search for anything within your phone or

also on the web to activate the iPhones

main search bar go to your home screen

place your finger in the middle and

swipe down in this search bar you can

find practically anything on your phone

the search function looks through all of

your apps your texts your contacts your

email and your web history you can also

search the web Maps and the App Store

and of course there's Siri think of Siri

as a tiny personal assistant trapped in

your phone who is eager to help you you

can ask Siri to perform all sorts of

tasks like giving you directions setting

an alarm making a call or playing your

music to turn Siri on go into settings

tap Siri then tap this switch now just

hold down the home button and start

talking video of baby goat jumping Thank

You Siri for added convenience turn on

and configure hey Siri this is a feature

that allows you to talk to Siri without

even touching your phone it's

particularly convenient if you're

driving hey Siri give me directions to

30 Rockefeller Plaza

time for my unannounced Saturday Night

Live audition I've shown you how to

navigate your iPhone 6's and set up your

apps use email and Wi-Fi save battery

life make calls and store contacts shoot

photos and video browse the web use maps

and get directions and use iphones

search function and it's personal

assistant Siri for now you're ready to

go out into the world with your iPhone

6s at your side thanks for watching this

video I'm NAT Towson with Howcast click

below to subscribe and make sure to

check back every week for a new tech