Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Unboxing & Review

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hi everybody thanks for watching today

we're going to do an unboxing for this

crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

this some of the interesting things

about this it's got a 1 gallon capacity

can run up to 24 hours on a tank there's

no filter required which I really like

that's actually kind of common with the

ultrasonics you don't worry about buying

new filters or cleaning them out that's

for a medium-sized room

some of the things they talk about it's

a whisper quiet operation which is

important I do like a little white noise

but I don't want to hear something

rattling all night and why we're getting

it you know dry air it helps support

easy breathing and congestion relief for

day and night this is mostly for my wife

but this should provide relief for all

with just with the dry skin from deep

winter in northern Wisconsin so let's

open this thing up and take a look at it

ok I got pulled away from the unboxing

and due to a phone call but we're back

only thing you missed was me opening the

slide in this out of the box a little

clamshell styrofoam so it's in good

shape your standard plastic bag or

toddler toy nah that's a joke

here is your basic unit one of the

things you can do is vector the

ultrasonic air somewhere it's got this

rotating nozzle 360 degree of rotating

it's got a variable speed control here

that's kind of nice kind of a infinite

rheostat pull this off has a little

handle right on top that's very


flip it over fulfilling and it's a

one-gallon thing but it's small enough

or should fit in any bathroom sink some

of these things you know you have to

take down to the kitchen sink but this

will feel quickly there states right at

the bottom of it empty basin daily this

way so you dump it out like that and

disinfect weekly and I'm sure there's

directions on what you do to disinfect

it but I'm going to go fill this up plug

it in and give it a try right away see

how it works fancy here lid comes off

it's ready to sink no problem

it's a little wobbly plug-in right here

try it little green light comes on

that's kind of neat and then it's full

speed you can look almost immediately

that is quite nice

okay well instant visible moisture

coming out and it's ultrasonic and it

feels cool to the touch and it feels

very slightly silky soft so tiny bit of

moisture let's make a little bit of

noise dripping inside if you can see

that water coming down I don't know if

that standard or what but we'll find out

so that's your quick trial review of the

crane ultrasonic 360-degrees room

humidifier one gallon should last 24


and hopefully it will provide some

relief to this cold and dry winter air

as always thanks for watching