How to Operate Your Drive Hospital Bed

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This video is brought to you by Binson's Medical Equipment and supplies your

one-stop solution for all your home medical needs. In this video we will be

going over the basic usage for your Drive semi electric hospital bed. Your

bed has a few easy-to-use features. The head and knee of the bed can be raised

and lowered with the hand control. The hand crank can raise and lower the

height of the entire bed. This is what your bed should look like after it has

been set up. Once you have the bed place where you want it in your home be sure

to push down and lock the casters to ensure the bed will not slide. One thing

to point out here at the top and bottom of the bed the mattress is between the

mattress retainer this will ensure when using the bed the mattress will not

slide. The bed comes with a hand control that will illuminate when the bed is

plugged into a grounded or polarized wall outlet or with a nine volt battery

installed in the hand control. The hand control will illuminate as long as the

wall or battery has power. With this battery installed the motor can be

operated to return the sleep surface to the horizontal position in the event of

a power failure. The hand pendant has a series of buttons the top two buttons

move the head up or down.

The middle two buttons move the knee of the bed up or down.

Finally, the bottom two buttons will move to head and knee of the bed upward

simultaneously or lower them simultaneously.

Next at the foot of the bed you will see the crank housing here you can insert

the crank into the receptacle to raise and lower the entire bed. Turn clockwise

to raise the height of the bed counterclockwise to lower the height of

the bed. Reattach the crank to the bracket on the bottom of the foot-board

when not in use. Thank you for joining us today we hope you found the information

useful. For more information check us out online at www.binsons.com