Hopper Basics

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name's Kenny Powers and I Drive for

Dodge City Express thank you for

watching this video I'm going to attempt

to show you how to take care and load

and unload a hopper and everything that

goes with it so I'll just take you

through a little bit of a tour here so

this is a hopper and this your ladder

and over here is where your catwalk is

where you can stand and up there's your

handrails to get up in the trailer to

stand up and look sometimes you end up

having to go into hopper like hauling

big rocks sometimes they dump them on

the edges and what you do there to rake

them off you get in the hopper with on

top of the rocks you break them off or

you can do it with a broom you don't

want to cut the tarp and it might cut

the tarp those rocks if you tarp it shut

if it gets caught under there alright

now under here you can see we got the

fifth wheel set to the front it's set

all the way to the front and we're about

13,000 on the steers and about 12,000 or

out 33,000 on the drives so what what

rides pretty good and what the boss



on the hover rails right here and here

they're on all four sides if when you

crank it here you've got your your high

speed let's see which one is it

yeah that's the high speed I think

that's your look

that's your low speed right there this

is the high speed this one will crank

hard so just switch to the other one and

it'll crank easy if it depending on

what's in there now when you hit on

these rails

don't hit the hopper itself yet right in

along here with with the hammer and you

use a dead blow hammer don't use steel

on a woman that will obviously tear up

the aluminum and I'll get the hand crank

out here my crank in the side box

okay these are not cheap so we don't

just leave them laying around everywhere

okay you put it you take it off you put

it back in your side box you don't leave

it lay anywhere it's going to be fun

cranking the hopper open with a rich


so just put your crank here and then you

loosen that and then you crank it open

in a one-load now the track for the the

door is on the back here which means

it's going to open from the front so

when you unload this front hopper you're

going to want to make sure that you

start with the gate on the ground where

the you know to unload right even with

that now with the back hopper it's the

opposite the track opens to the front

which means you will want to start the

back edge of that that grate on the

floor where the grain goes down to the

back as it'll go back forward

so it's just some tips on how to do that

now when you open up the gate

nothing happens sometimes so we have

what we call vibrators right here this

one runs the front one and this one runs

the back one okay so

you're getting thousand happens right

don't panic you get this vibrator you

get you they blow hammer you tap on that

rail get it pretty good it should start

coming out 99% of the time it will also

wanted to show you the weight gauge

under here this one for some special

reason is current sideways this is your

weight gauge which we are at right

around 60 61

that's your dump valve for the trailer

now when we were unloading say Milo or

corn something that comes out real fast

dump that valve on the back of the

trailer is that it can't blow an air bag

so that's what we do with that so pretty

much it's pretty straightforward

that's your vibrators down here on the

hopper on the bottom they work pretty

they're pretty nice and we're pretty

smooth so I'll come back here and I'll

show you how to create Qatar

and you get a close-up of that tarp over

there his handle is turned down if you

notice the handle is turned down the

problem with this is he blows a tire it

will rip that handle off then you'll

have to crank the tarp with a pipe

wrench that won't be very fun so let me

show you what what you can do you notice

this one is turned up so how do you do

that that being up there at the top

there's a pin there that comes out you

slide your that out you turn it half a

turn and you put it back on and you put

that pin back in and you're good to go

that way you don't lose yo your handle

if you would happen to blow a tire now

we keep the tarp shut if after we wash

out a trailer and leave the gates open

and the bottom air will go in there and

circulate around and dry the inside of

the trailer to offer you really don't

too often want to go down the road with

the tarp open

when can catch it it can rip it off it's

just that's good practice to keep your

tarp shut where possible so anyway

that's some basics on pulling a hopper

and uh thank you for watching all right

god bless