How to Start Your Home Staging Business in 3 Easy Steps

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hi I'm Erin and I'm Jenny and we are

revisions mentor do you want to learn

how to start your Home Staging business

today in three simple steps

we're going to help you through it we

have three quick and easy steps it can

get you up and going on your way to a

very successful saving company in the

next 24 yeah by this time tomorrow

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staging business journey okay

so step one this is the less sexy side

of Home Staging but this stuff is really

important so we're starting you here you

need to establish yourself as a

professional business entity in the

state that you live in so to begin what

you need to choose your name you need to

go to your Secretary of State website

quick google search for us you know we

type in North Carolina Secretary of

State and we filed for our Articles of

Incorporation and what that does is just

make sure that your name is not already

taken by another company within your

state you're going to have to fill out a

simple form on the Secretary of State

webpage it's usually one to two pages

long and you're going to pay a fee which

you can generally do with the credit

card online I think ours was one hundred

and twenty-five dollars yeah piece of

cake um once you're done with that

you're gonna get a tax ID number ìin

number and that's gonna come for us it

came in an email within a couple of days

and we were well on our way to

establishing ourselves as a business

that's it it's pretty simple one other

little tip I think we might throw in for

you is to do a quick google search of

Small Business Association in your area

we were able to find one through the

University here in Wilmington and it's a

free resource for entrepreneurs provided

by retired business owners and

entrepreneurs who are just looking to

support newbies in the community they

were an awesome resource for us super

helpful super helpful that's it that's

step one so step two is

create your style guide this is

something that we wish that we had

started with early in our days of

starting our staging business and we

didn't so you can learn from our

mistakes and go ahead and go straight

out the gate with a beautiful style

guide Jenny what's a style good a style

guide is an awesome little concise

package of information mostly colors

fonts and logos that creates a really

consistent image for you as a brand it

kind of kind of conveys an emotion that

you want people to associate with your

brand and you're going to use it on all

different platforms on your business


you're gonna frame it and have it on the

coffee table and the houses that you

staged you can use it on your Instagram

account and eventually your website you

can use the same fonts and images same

colors on your website to create this

consistency all across the board that

will help people associate your business

with your brand and I think one of the

reasons we regret not having it from the

very start is because it's a tool that

you can hand to the people that you're

working with to develop your Home

Staging business so it's a tool that you

can hand to your photographer right and

give them an idea of the aesthetic that

you're trying to create so that the

photographer knows exactly what your

branding image looks like it's a tool

that you can hand to your web designer

so that they can create the image that

you envision for how the community sees

your home staging business come by you

don't buy them on Etsy you can go on

fiverr.com or you could reach out to a

family or a friend who does graphic

design we went through Etsy we found

hundreds upon hundreds of pre-made

design what do they call them style

guides or branding guides and you choose

your colors you choose your fonts and

then you have them create your logo it's

a piece of cake and for a minimum cost I

think we paid less than $30 for ours we

did so that's what you can do today you

can actually get on the internet check

out at sea

check out Fiverr find a package of fonts

colors and logos that you like place

your order you can do that in less than

an hour today and you will be well on

the way to creating a brand so tell us

what you think leave us a comment

do you like what you're listening to

give us a thumbs up do you already have

your the name of your company have you

filed for your Articles of Incorporation

if you have go ahead and tell us the

name of your company we love to read up

about it we'd love to follow you on your

social media give us some ideas about

what you're thinking for your style

guide what kind of images do you want to

create for your customer base and let us

know ask us questions because we will

answer you so before we go on to step 3

click on the link below and we'll send

you a PDF with direct links to all of

the things that we've covered today so

that you will be well on your way of

starting your business right okay step 3

establish your social media presence

this is the probably the single most

important piece in terms of really

getting your information out there and

sharing with your customer base yes so

in order to create your audience you

gotta take pictures you guys start

building that portfolio so start by

taking pictures in your own living room

do you before and after shots take

pictures of your friends houses take

pictures of your neighbors houses start

staging people's houses around you know

and take photos of it because you're

gonna need that in order to to post them

online you have to have that portfolio

in place and you don't have to have

customers you don't have to have clients

to start the portfolio I think that's

something that people people forget or

kind of misunderstand your the

likelihood is high that if you want to

be a home stager and you're setting up

this business you've already home staged

in your own place you've probably done

it for friends and family use that

material use those use those venues to

to get your photos to get started and

then you're gonna want to start reaching

out to the Realtors

community start following their hashtags

and start reaching out to them send them

links to your Facebook profile once you

get some photos up there get a photo of

yourself up there so people can start

associating your face with your brand

alright once you set up your Facebook

your Instagram and your LinkedIn

profiles and whatever other profiles

that you want to start on social media

that's where we started we haven't

really taken it to Twitter we haven't

taken it to all of those platforms we

feel like this is enough for us once

you've done that you want to start

creating that congruence even within

your photography and you could hire

professional photographers to do this or

you could take pictures with your phone

yeah here's it here's a great set there

are tons of resources available on the

internet there free apps for for your

phone the filters that you can use to

create the image that you want to

portray one that we love is called light

and airy it's one of many that exists on

the on the free market but this app

particularly let us create sort of this

white bright consistency amongst all of

our photos that we're going on Facebook

and Instagram and there are dozens and

dozens and dozens of these out there and

you should spend an hour today looking

at those search through your Google

browser to see what's out there see what

free apps you can get on your phone

download them and play with the photos

that you're taking of your own home find

your image start creating it you can do

that today in an hour and if you want a

link to the light mary app that we use

that will also be in the PDF file if you

click on that link below so once you've

told your story you've got pictures of

yourself posted and you've kind of

created that online presence you need to

start thinking about what services you

want to offer in your staging business

we obviously offer staging to builders

and Realtors and homeowners and we do

holiday staging around the holidays

people maybe you want to do staging for

vacation rental properties we actually

live in a

in communities though there's a huge

opportunity for staging for photos for

people who rents their places out to

vacationers so to recap these are the

only three things that you need to do

today to get your home staging business

up and going number one establish

yourself as a business entity legally

yep create your brand and decide on your

style go ahead and purchase that logo

and and choose your aesthetic get that

style guide going right and then create

your social media presence start working

on your portfolio start getting that

image together and before you know it

you're gonna start getting phone calls

just stage people's homes so we've got

you started by this time tomorrow you

should be up and rolling with these

three things subscribe click on the link

below we're going to have more videos

leave us a comment tell us what you'd

like to hear next we are here to guide

you through this process and to support

you in every way we want to know what

you're interested in hearing we're going

to keep you going and get your business

rolling yes and you can do this you can

start a successful staging business

neither one of us have backgrounds in

business but we got our business up and

going and we sold over eight million

dollars in residential real estate and

our second year business together and

you can do the same thing so stay tuned

and follow




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