How To Start A Non Medical Home Care Agency

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hello this is coach Michelle coming to

you live from Atlanta Georgia it's a

beautiful day here I'm super excited I

have put together a plan a program of

virtual workshop series specifically

designed for those who have started a

home care agency or non-medical home

care agency anywhere in the country

and those who are looking to enter into

the industry so many times actually on a

daily basis I receive my office receive

phone calls

with the same questions over and over

and over again how can I get customers

how do I get my order by my records in

order how do I hire where should I look

for employees do I need a nurse can I do

it myself

what type of business entity do I need

to set up just a myriad of questions and

it's the same questions over and over

but what I'm really here to share with

you today what I want to share with you

is I have a solution I've put together a

program well let me back up because we

implemented a group program a couple of

months ago and it sold out immediately

so many people have contacted us across

the country requesting to join our group

and we reached our capacity very very

fast so I put together another group of

virtual group to allow additional

individuals or more people to be a part

of it and to be able to learn in a safe

environment where I'm going to take you

through step by step on what you need to

be successful in this business and

there's a lot to go a lot of different

avenues but we're going to focus on a

main off--you business setup so some of

you already started your business but

you're still stuck you don't know if you

have the right information you don't

know what you need versus what you don't

need Marketing yes you need to market

your business in order to be successful

and there's so many ways to market on

home care agency cells yes you are a

salesperson so you have a compassion to

help people you have a heart of gold but

at the end of the day you need to be

able to sell your service I'm going to

teach you compliance it's very important

to be compliant in this business so if

you create a good foundation a solid

foundation and you have all of the

papers that documents the systems let's

say that the systems in place you will

be successful and you'll be compliant

you'll know your rules your regulations

what you can do what you can't do limit

your liabilities and all of those other

things we're going to also or I am going

to teach you streams of income I've been

away from you guys for a couple of

months as far as producing a video

because I've been working on my business

I've been diversifying my business we're

in the process of opening a training

center to Train caregivers so there's so

many streams of income available to you

as a non-medical homecare agency that I

want to teach you it's not just about

private pay another question I get all

the time is Medicare Medicare Medicare

Medicare is not for non-medical home

care agencies that's home health totally

different but there are many third-party

payers that will pay us to provide

services to individuals in their home

seniors children individuals with

disability disabilities post-operative

so there's so many different third-party

payers that I'm going to introduce you

to to allow you to create those

additional streams of income so we're

going to meet once a week a virtual

meeting once a week starting the second

week in April we're going to meet

Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

and we're going to do a Saturday the

second week in April as well so we're

going to have two sessions going on

simultaneously to allow individuals

across the country to participate so

regarding so where you are you can chime

in on Saturday at 12 noon or Tuesday at

p.m. so again just to reiterate this

goes out my heart goes out to all of you

home care agency owners who have been in

business I've talked to you every single

week they've been in business a year two

years without one single customer don't

feel bad when I started my homecare

agency in the state of Georgia I was

specifically told that it would take at

least eight months before I would get my

first client and I'm here to share with

you today I received my first client

within one week so it is possible I'm

going to teach you where to advertise on

the internet because most of our clients

find us on the Internet you have to have

a presence online if you don't you're

losing out on a lot of kind of potential

clients you must be on the Internet

I'm going to teach you how and where to

advertise I'm going to teach you where

and how to find the perfect caregivers

all of my caregivers I love every single

one of my caregivers on a scale of one

to ten are actually a ten could I set

out a year ago absolutely not have I

discovered a system and implement and

implemented a system that works

absolutely I can say that today all of

my caregivers on a scale of one to ten

are actually a ten I'm going to teach

you what goes in the folder for

employees what goes in your folder for

kick all your clients every single thing

you need to know about running a

business on non-medical homecare agency

I'm going to walk with you hand by hand

hand in hand step by step in addition a

question we receive all the time is

contract service agreement should I take

a deposit should I charge a week in


should I get paid in advance ba bla bla

bla bla a lot of questions and they're

all great questions I had the same

questions the beauty is you have me here

to help you answer those questions I


anyone except the grace of God to help

me through this process so now I'm

giving it back to you so as a bonus and

you're going to get a lot of different

bonuses but one bonus I want to share

with you is you will get my four-page

service agreement at no additional

charge at the end of the session you're

also going to get a strategy call which

is an hour and a half 90 minutes

one-on-one a personalized call for you

and your business with me which is

valued at three hundred and forty seven

dollars included at no additional fee

another question I want to address which

I kind of think sometimes is a little

strange but I understand but people are

asking me why am I so inexpensive as far

as the rate that I charge for coaching

and I say you know what let me address

that question my rates are very low

there's individuals online that charge

tens of thousands of dollars I don't my

main source of income is my homecare


I'm doing this to give back to all of

you because I didn't have anyone to help

me and the goal is for you to be

successful and for clients across the

country to have quality caregivers in

their home there's so much abuse in your

abuse and things going on neglect we

have to make sure that we have quality

caregivers across the country to allow

people to age gracefully in their home

so that's why my prices are not high I

told one person yeah you want to pay me

higher pay me higher I'll accept it but

in reality the reality is I'm doing this

as a gift back so yes my prices are low

but the quality is high I mean you can

look online visit my website read my bio

I know what I'm doing and I'm just

simply here to help you so all of this

information that I shared so we're going

to go let me do a quick recap I like

doing recaps all of my coaching clients

you know I

recaps so we're going to discuss

business setup so notice is not going to

include a manual because most of you

probably have a manual or you could get

it on my website at a discount or will

help you step by step so this is going

to include the foundation of your

business so this is much more important

than a manual this is the foundation of

your business the marketing how to

market and get customers sales how do I

sell myself and my service and my

caregivers I mean there's so many

different moving parts to selves in

addition compliance compliance

compliance compliance I am a compliance

chick I do not deviate from the law I

will teach you how to follow the rules

and regulations of your state to make

sure you stand out among amongst your

competitors and streams of income so we

all love the series of income so are we

in business to make money absolutely yes

do we have a heart to give passionate

compassionate and passion and all those

other things yes but at the end of the

day it's a business and I need to teach

you and I want you to learn how to

operate a great successful business

employees how to get great office staff

all those different things and I could

go on and on and on so I'm going to sum

this up with its only $975 975 it's a

fair price for everyone it's affordable

you can participate if you want to

participate take advantage of this it's

a limited time offer you can register

online and I can tell you based on my

experience and based on the phone calls

that we receive on a daily basis it's

going to fill up quickly that's not a

part of sales right there that's reality

it's going to feel quickly so if you

want to take advantage of this promotion

take advantage of it as soon as you can

some people say hey do you have any

payment plans visit the website you'll

be surprised so the website is michelle

lee LS comm m IC h e le le

II ll is calm Michelle D L is calm thank

you I look forward to helping you and I

also want to do a quick little shout out

to all of my coaching clients across the

country I've helped so many of you start

successful businesses I'm so thankful

for the opportunity to work with you

I've built many friendships I have a lot

of laughs throughout the week you helped

make my week easier so I just want to

say thank you thank you thank you I

appreciate you I appreciate your

business and I wish you much success so

take care again

visit us online and I look forward to

helping you succeed in your business

take care