How to operate the Hobart Profi-AMX & Premax-AUP Hood Dishwashers

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To operate the Hobart standard machines they have a set format, single button to

switch it on it will then show you by indicating on the green quarter at what

stage it is heating up. Fully green, ready to operate.

When it's ready to operate it will automatically come on to the standard

wash cycle, 180 seconds however you can choose depending on what you are washing

either a shorter cycle or longer or different special washes. We

operate with a standard cycle, you would put your dishes into the dishwasher and

press the button it will then go blue to show it's in the wash cycle and return to

green to show it has completed, an audible sound will tell you that the

wash cycle is now completed. You then take your dishes out and repeat the

system. When you have finished your washing press and hold for 3 seconds and

it will empty, drain down and switch itself off. You then need to go and do

your standard hygiene cleaning.