Heated Towel Rail - the PTSelect Switch and How It Works

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hello everyone my name is Natalie and

I'm from bathroom Butler today I'm

stepping out of my normal day-to-day

routine as sales manager to show you how

to use your bathroom badly heat RL to

get the most enjoyment out of it one of

the questions I get asked the most is

why do you need a heater Tyrol I have

done a full video on the benefits of a

heat RL and why it's a necessity and not

a luxury which you can view on our

YouTube channel but I do feel it is

important to just cover some of the

basics here today the main reason you

would need a heat Tyrol

contrary to believe is to dry your

towels yes a lot of people think that a


Terral is designed to heat your towel

but the primary purpose is for drying

why would you want to keep your towels

dry the obvious reason is that it keeps

your towels hygienic Lee clean so it's a

necessity we've done an independent

study and ensured that the bacteria on

your towel drastically reduces by using

your heater taro if you'd like to watch

the study please visit the blog on the

link below then of course there is a

saving of water and electricity because

you don't have to wash your towels as

often all heaters are oils are not

created equal and with bathroom Butler

you get a few unique features the one I

want to focus on today is this it is

called the personal temperature

selection switch or PT select for short

as the name suggests the PT selects

which enables you you the user to adjust

the temperature to what is personally

round for you imagine being stuck in a

car and you're not able to adjust the

aircon you would feel so uncomfortable

fortunately reality is not

that it is similar with your heater taro

why would you not want to adjust the

temperature of your heater taro in my

bathroom I might like the heat RL to be

on maximum temperature but if you have a

child in the kids bathroom you might

want to turn the temperature down it's

all up to personal taste the PT selects

which also enables you to use your

heater Tyrol all year round in the

winter time you might turn the PT slick

switch right up to ensure that you add

some warmth to your towel but in the

summertime you turn the doll right down

in order to just dry your towel and keep

it nice and clean and fresh the PT

selects which not only enables you to

adjust the temperature of your heater

Tyrol it also enables you to switch the

roll on and off a heater Tyrol is

designed to run 24/7 seven days a week

it uses so little electricity let me

show you this heat are all for example

the natural 5 ball only uses the same as

a 60 watt light bulb and that is on

maximum temperature you can still reduce

it by using your PT select switch while

the heater Tyrol is designed and safe to

run 24/7 seven days a week you don't

need to leave it running all the time

you can switch it on and off you can

reduce the temperature thus reducing the

wattage you can save up to 60% on your

energy costs just by using your PT slick

switch this is how it works very easy to

switch the heat Tyrol on you

click right it is on now click left it

is off

to adjust the temperature you click it

on then you rotate the doll all the way

to the right when it is fully to the

right the red light will illuminate red

constantly that means it's on maximum

temperature as you turn it down

you are reducing the temperature and the

red light will be less constant and

again switching it off by clicking it

all the way to the left so there you

have it you can personalize your

bathroom Berkeley Heat are all by using

your PT select switch if I had to give

it a rating I would say the PC selects

which is hot for more information you

can follow us on Facebook or Instagram

or check out our website or our block