How to Operate an Articulated Dump Truck // Ep. 137

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everyone welcome to this training video

on how to operate an off-road haul truck

so today we'll be using a Komatsu hm 300

haul truck which is an articulated model

we have it out our Minnesota site we

thought be great do a training video on

it first things first we've already done

our pre-op inspection on the haul truck

as well as the site and then you know I

always tell you every time we're not

expert so I'm going to show you kind of

what we've learned but I always

encourage people to give comments

feedback and what they've learned so

let's get in this thing and check it out



so first thing pretty much contact

anytime they're getting in and out of

any heavy equipment come on sue haul

trucks load from the front okay close

the door first saying seatbelt okay so

again we're in a Komatsu it's an hm 300

haul truck this is going to be pretty

similar though with any other haul truck

you might use turn the key initially to

see if there's any warnings and the key

started up first thing doing making sure

the parking brake a lot of times it's

going to initially alarm with the air

brakes it's getting making sure we're

good there I have a parking brake on for

the Komatsu haul truck there's a red

switch over to the right of the

transmission that is my parking brake

I'm gonna kind of go over some of the

controls here and again they're a little

bit different from some machines but

again the ones I've been in are fairly

similar obviously for steering

everything your left hand steering wheel

right there writes your shifter right

there similar throttle and a brake pedal

just like you would normally have

so coming kind of left to right most of

this is very basic on here you got your

radio controls there Komatsu has their

climate control system right there

lights and everything on the left side

on the right side we have a few things

on the dash here there's the

differential to lock the differential

general you want to be in Auto just to

let the you know the the machine will

let you know when it needs to lock out

or do anything like that if you're in

really soft or muddy material you may

just want to lock your differentials so

all wheels are spinning at the same so

that would be the switch there and then

other like in Komatsu there's an

emergency steering button there there's

some other features that obviously want

to read the manual and make sure you

know all the different features on it

and then to the right we have our

rearview backup camera there with the I

can adjust my display there that's very

handy and these machines to kind of see

where you're backing and where you're

dumping obviously with the backup this

is a large machine so you also want to

make sure your mirrors are positioned so

on my left and my right I can see all

the way down

machine make sure their position

appropriately outside of that we then on

the the steering wheel here so there's a

couple two different ways you break on a

off-road hull truck you've got a service

break just like you would in a car

that's gonna be typically how you'll

bring it all the way to complete stop

and then you also have a retarder on

this so on the Komatsu this is lever

right on the right of the steering

column that I pulled out and what that's

going to do it's using the hydraulics to

basically slow it down so it's if you're

going down a hill you don't want to burn

up your service brakes there so that's

usually you'll be pulling that down

actually you don't want to use it to

come to a complete stop you would want

to use it if you're in a large incline

going down just to slow the Machine down

if this thing hauls it's about a 40-ton

machine so that's got a lot of weight

you don't want to just use your brakes

you'll its generates so much heat wears

those out really quickly let's see and

then for the dump bed itself over here

you got one lever and this is pretty

standard in most dump trucks right now

if you put it in the middle

usually when you first go and you have

to reset it so right now it's in the

middle you put it down into float which

is all the way down and I on the

Komatsu's you go to display and you

can't drive or do anything unless that

is gone so it's got to be in float and

then to raise it if I just pull back on

it like that

again the Komatsu will do it on its own

so it's going up on its own you can set

those limits on where you want it

general you can also give I'm in park

and everything here give it some

throttle that will make it go a little

bit faster I'm looking out my windows

so these will stop it'll stop at a

preset point so that's there you almost

all these so have a little bit of dish

no if I pull back it'll go even a little

bit more you shouldn't necessarily have

to use that every time depending on what

material you have in there if it's

sticking in your bed and then to bring

it down just reverse you push it all the

way down and same thing it'll start

coming down I'm going to bring it down

it's obviously best practice to not be

moving forward while that's coming down

although I'll show you when we dump

typically you want to come for a little

bit to drop the material then it's all

the way down and it's down in float in

front so I don't have my indicator so

now I can drive okay so now for driving

first thing put on the service brake and

my take parking brake off transmission

on the Komatsu you basically have your

drive which is your automatic and then

you've got two different reverses for

different speeds typically I recommend

these machines are so smart let them do

all those calculations for you so drive

is going to be automatic it's going to

basically calculate what gear it should

be in so this one's right now in Drive

taking my foot off the brake and I'll

start giving it some gas

so the most unusual thing with an

off-road haul is its articulated so I

think that's the biggest thing for

someone driving a traditional dump truck

that's got your wheels in the front or

even a off-road haul truck that's not a

off-road your axles in the front this

one's just like a wheel loader so it is

articulated so that means when I turn

I'm actually my front tires aren't

turning it's actually articulating a pin

behind it the important thing to know

too is if you're in a really tight area

that actually if you notice it'll swing

my outside out a little bit so if you're

in a really tight area just be careful

and be aware that it'll swing like that

bring it all the way around

and if I'm there come to a stop and I've

got my reverse again in Reverse you want

to make sure your mirrors are set I've

also got the backup camera there's two

big back straight up stop there neutral

and then back and drive so those are the

basic controls

let's show we are excavating a little

bit of area out on our property so I

thought it'd be good to kind of drive

over and we can show you how to

basically Center set this up in position

for someone that would be filling in

okay so I've got Jake up on the

excavator we're just going to do a

little bit of an example load here so

typically know where you're going the

more you can do it pulling forward

obviously that's ideal with this I

actually have to back up typically

what's going to happen is the excavator

who's ever loading is going to have the

bucket over the area where they want you

to park so that's generally kind of a

target obviously you don't they don't

want to generally be loading over your

cab at all so I'm coming around I know a

rough idea on where I want to go trying

to line it up they're putting it in


so the way they communicate is generally

a horn so I'll see if I can hear Jake

with that I'm also looking at my cameras

I know it's got to be right in there so

Jake honk there you're putting it in

neutral parking brake on now mine I've

got a load I mostly have a load sensor

on it

and they'll tell you how much they're

loading in there so that's this is a

30-ton 830 ton capacity there so I'll be

able to monitor that on my screen for

this I don't believe Jake's loading me

full he's just gonna maybe do four or

five in here just as an example

so once you get that horn neutral back

in the drive parking brake off I am

pulling forward

so kind of the area know where you're

going for a target we're actually just

putting a large pile here that we're

gonna be pushing out later so ideally

you don't want to raise that bed at an

angle you know the more it's articulated

machine so the more angles you're at

with this the more risk you could have

on this thing tipping so I'm gonna put a

neutral put in reverse I'm gonna back up

a little bit I got my backup camera and

then neutral usually I recommend putting

a parking brake on so now I'm just gonna

pull this back it'll start raising its

where again you can give it some


watching a dump in the mirrors and I can

also look right off my camera that'll

show me below once it's all the way up

you know generally it's always it is a

good idea to lower it with parking brake

on but a lot of times you want to pull

away with some of that material so it

falls off foots on the brake

take the parking brake off put it it's

gonna alarm at you let you know that's

still up but if I Drive forward a little

bit again I can raise this if I did want

to go up higher I can get any material

out of there and then I'm going all the

way down you definitely don't want to

start doing any turns or any maneuvers

while that's coming down it's one thing

to inch forward slowly to pull away it's

a whole other thing if you're trying to

turn and you're obviously your center of

gravity is a lot higher there it's all

the way down I have no alarm and I can

start driving forward

and I'll Park it right here put it in


obviously make sure that parking brake

is always on that keeps your machine

from rolling at all this off let it cool

down for a little bit about 30 seconds

or so we'll shut that off

three points of contact getting out

well that's our Komatsu off-road haul

truck hope you guys enjoyed this again

by no means are we experts you

definitely want to check the manual but

I'd also be interested here in to your

comments feedback so please comment

below if you run one of these things

full-time might have some good tips or

suggestions thanks a lot for tuning in