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hi I am Yannick from appliances online

and today we're looking at this classic

look freestanding dishwasher from higher

the HD w12 tfe3 WH this dishwasher is

finished in an easier to match white and

it's suitable for two to four people

thanks to its available 12 place setting

the control panel located at the top has

a simple design and the control dial

here to the right lets you easily

navigate through the dishwashers seven

different wash programs which includes a

heavy wash for your heavily soiled pots

and pans and a quick 30 wash which

thoroughly cleans lightly saw dishes at

a faster pace to the left of the control

panel is the power on button also the

half load button that can be used when

you need to wash a few dishes the time

remaining indicator and the rinse aid

indicator can also be found here a great

feature to this dishwasher is the delay

start function which enables you to wash

when you want to it also lets you take

advantage of washing during off-peak

rate hours saving you money in the long

run taking a look inside the dishwasher

there are two washing baskets as well as

a removable cutlery basket located here

at the bottom both baskets slide in and

out with ease and the bottom basket

features adjustable prongs for easier

loading of larger items this model

features two spray arms ensuring a

powerful wash every time one spray arm

is located at the bottom of the upper

basket and the second can be found at

the base of the appliance this is also

where you'll find the washing filter

which does need to be kept clean to

ensure optimum wash results simply take

out the filter remove any leftover food

into the bin run under warm water and

then put it back into place the

detergent and rinse aid dispensers can

be found here on the door and can take

either tablets or powder suitable for

dishwashers it is recommended that you

use a rinse aid as this makes your

dishes Sparkle and helps them to dry

without spotting the amount of rinse aid

used for each cycle can be regulated by

turning the dose adjuster with a handy

screwdriver and there you have it a

classic looking dishwasher from hire

that carries a 24 month warranty

thank you for watching I hope this video

will assist you when shopping with us

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