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let's go guys coach show here at the

Lions Den and I promise you guys that I

would make a series on how to start a

gym business so this is gonna be part

one of three part series where I dive

into my journey the basics you're gonna

need to know and then just kind of how

to get you rockin and rollin so this

first part is going to be dedicated to

my background and my story which I think

really helps understand how it's all

gonna come together if you guys know my

background then you can skip this and

wait for part two which will come out a

couple days but if not just sit down get

a pen paper start taking notes going

through everything that I'm saying and

this can apply to any dream that you

have but I really want to help as many

people as possible so hopefully through

my experiences in my journey I can help

you so let's get to it so the background

story on myself is that when I grew up I

was actually chubby I was not what you

see right now I was like the gay best

friend every single girl I was huge into

playing video games at the time busing

martial arts so I actually do have a

black belt in karate and that was kind

of taught me a lot of discipline and

hard work I fell into working out

because I wanted to change my physical

appearance and I wanted to boost my

confidence and I did just that I

remember I would do sit-ups in a shower

you know so my parents would know and at

the time there's a band called Senses

Fail that came out and I bought that CD

and I were going to my room put it into

a CD player and I do push-ups sit-ups

pull-ups squats you name it a lot of

stuff I couldn't even actually do so I

had to do so many reps until I could do

that with my own bodyweight

progressively I end up losing a lot of

weight building some muscle boosting my

confidence and that actually got me more

attention because there's kind of like a

mini transformation kind of going around

my middle school years I was an okay

student and I wasn't ever like a

standout athlete I've always a bigger

kid like always taller like the tallest

in that class but what I did is I took

my discipline of my hard work and my

best friend at the time had told me to

try lacrosse and I was like okay

whatever I end up sucking at it but if

something I really enjoyed so I put a

lot of hard work in time and dedication

and I ended up getting pretty good and

the same thing with football where I was

a four year starter for the cross in

high school

and then the same thing with football

starting as you know sophomore at the

time and I became the captain of both a

lacrosse and the football team and

throughout this I went from being like a

C average student to a a minus average

student taking honors classes and just

kind of really putting that discipline

to work and getting better so I wasn't

gifted with these unnatural

you know abilities of strength or

intelligence something I had to work for

really hard which just shows you that if

I can do it you can too during that

whole time span when I was about 14 or

15 I actually was playing for the state

lacrosse team and I during practice had

a little episode where I passed out on

the field and then I got heatstroke

where then they actually found that I

had this heart condition called long QT

syndrome but it was kind of borderline

with this they treated it like

full-blown long QT bottom line is that

the doctors told me I've never be able

to play sports they said that I could

die it was very traumatic to me but that

led my parents finding me a personal

trainer currently I was going to Planet

Fitness but one of the guys who was

selling his gym that was to become the

Planet Fitness was a big dude I mean he

was like you know almost 300 pounds of

muscle huge like ex CFL you know NFL

football player and it kind of took me

under his wing and that's when I had my

first personal training and he really

helped me build the base so I was doing

squats I was doing deadlifts I was doing

kettlebell swings pull-ups flip entire

sledgehammers all that stuff that people

weren't really doing at that time a lot

of people were just stuck in that

bodybuilding era and I was trying to do

something a little bit different but

that is what really got me hooked and

then from there I got a gym membership

and I've just go in every day either

after school or after practice and just

stick my nose down into the dirt and

just work hard to try to outwork every

single person that I possibly could so

when I graduated high school I was

really into criminal psychology and

forensics and my goal was to be an FBI

and have some sort of job with the

government so I went to a small private

school which was actually smaller than

my high school called Albright College

and I had a lacrosse scholarship that I

was going for at that school at the time

so I played the fall season I'm

quickly into being at that school which

was very small the education you know

there was like 10 15 kids in a class I

realized that I actually wanted

something a lot bigger I wanted to have

more opportunities I wanted to meet more

people and within the first couple

months I feel like it was just too small

for me so I knew at the end of the year

I probably wasn't gonna come back but

during that time that I was there I was

always in the gym you know my lacrosse

coach actually got mad at me because I

didn't want to do his workouts because I

thought that they were too easy and I

wasn't getting enough at him so create

my own workout plans but by doing that a

lot of people saw me training so I was

making friends with the upperclassmen

the guys on the football team people all

around campus and I distinctly remember

having one friend who was in one of my

classes and he was a little bit strong

here and he would always ask me about

building muscle or get stronger so I

gave us proposition I was like do you

know if you pay me like 15 bucks a week

I'll give you like 4 sessions you know

so I'm training this guy four times a

week for over four hours and he's give

me 15 bucks a week now 15 bucks in

colleges wahwah hoagie you know case of

beer you are living the life but

ultimately I started you know turning

the years of man I can kind of do

something with this so at the end of

that year I ended up not coming back I

got a job at giant making fruit race and

I was going to Community College in the

meantime and one of family friends gave

me this opportunity to help start a

private gym business so for the next two

and a half years I really got all the

ins and outs of how to run a business

how to start something from scratch

which was cool for a business aspect but

I was also training my butt off all

different people you know whether they

were big they were small they were

athletes they were older they were

younger everybody some people I

absolutely hated I didn't like other

people I loved but what that did was it

just gave me that general background

knowledge how to work with people how to

run a business and it was just a great

opportunity that I have now during this

time I was dating a girl I distinctly

remember having a conversation with

somebody pretty much saying that her

parents aren't ever gonna really truly

appreciate you because you can't provide

for her with what you do and that I'll

never forget honestly

so what I decided to is actually really

wanted to be a provider is I quit that

job and I worked full-time for a pool

company so now I go from working you

know 30 hours a week to like 70 hours a

week where I'm making great money I'm

working my balls off but the problem

with this was is even though I was

making good money I was working like

crazy and could be a provider there was

always something missing I always felt

like man there's something about Fitness

or there's something about you know the

weight training that it was just always

calling me and with that opportunity

that I had to make more money I started

setting up a garage gym full of

equipment for me to train so it's just

me and at this point I was getting home

and like 7:00 p.m. at night so it's

pretty late and when I would get home I

had the garage set up and this is in my

and uncle's garage because I was living

with them at the time was for me to

start training myself and that was it

over time though people in the

neighborhood started seeing this guy

carrying case you know or Atlas stones I

used to pick up spare tires on the road

or chains at a scrapyard you know how to

make things it was super minimal and

super basic barbell I was getting mats

you know from Home Depot like just like

little stuff I could make it anything

with my overtime cash but little by

little people started seeing this crazy

nutjob walking up and down the streets

with kegs and stones and there's a hey

man like can I join in

so I remember I've let people work out

with me and every Sunday I always had a

free boot camp and I was putting out

flyers actually at one point and then

like 12:00 at night because you weren't

allowed to do that to try to get people

in the neighborhood to join so that was

what ultimately became the grind house

and in that was really cool I mean those

are some of the best years the best

times in my life you can even ask some

of the client service told me today

nothing will probably ever mimic that

experience because it was so raw it was

just such a really interesting cool

places hardcore and you had to be

hardcore to work out there so as time

went on I was getting a lot of clients

in this garage and then I had picked up

another job with a gym that was pretty

close to the grind house so I had two

training jobs I was still working for

the pool company now I kept building and

building and building my clientele my

following which was huge and

to the point where to really take myself

to the next level

I needed to cross one of those out so I

ended up leaving the pool company which

my boss was the coolest guy ever and he

knew what I was doing the entire time so

there's no hard feelings and then I just

took everything in the garage that I had

on the people and moved them inside of

the gym that I was currently working so

I had my people in there brought all my

equipment in and I was also training

pretty much full-time at that gym I was

at this new gym and I was bringing in

tons of clients and I was doing lots of

personal training bringing the gym in a

good solid amount of revenue so this is

a great time for me to you know do my

youtube videos build my my network my

niche all that good stuff but deep down

inside I knew that I was a strength guy

and the gym I was working out was more

obstacle racing boot camps TRX classes

all that kind of stuff which is totally

cool but it wasn't where I knew I had to

be so while I was there I kind of sort

of brainstorming business ideas in the

background of you know how can i maybe

start my own little facility and over

time everything too started clicking and

falling into place and I was presented

with a great opportunity to do so things

just kind of lined up so I put my two

weeks in did everything right as a

business person or employee should and

when I quit they were pissed they talk a

lot trash behind my back which obvious I

hear about it and it got pretty ugly

where I just showed up and all my stuff

is outside for me to come pick it up and

load it into trucks and it was just


but what I could have done is set a lot

of bad things expose a lot of people

told their clients what they were really

saying about them and hurt a lot of

people's feelings but it would be the

truth or I could just take my pride

swallow it no it's all gonna work out

and karma is gonna get to them at some


and that's what I did so from there I

had a little bit of a stalling point

where I was kind of working out of a

couple people's garages keeping the

clientele happy in the meantime I was

building this gym now this gym was my

first location which was a 2,000 square

foot facility in retail of a town so it

was right on a Main Street the rent was

pretty expensive for 2,000 square feet


I put about two to three months of hard

work into this place you know loading

the equipment in getting the huge

shipments from rogue it was it was so

exciting I was working the hardest I've

ever worked every day day in and day out

and I made this thing come true

so the gyms all set up and what I want

to do prior to opening was get a group

people in there do a mock workout just

see everything ran now the first issue

is when I had at least ten people in

there it actually felt like I didn't

have enough space so I thought that was

a problem but the real problem came when

we started doing some deadlifts right

we're doing some ball slams or heavy

heavy odd objects for dropping and the

entire floor started shaking and the

walls were shaking out of control which

is not good and next door to me was a

tattoo shop so whenever people would

drop deadlifts you know 300 plus pounds

things were falling off the people's

walls next door rather getting tattooed

the floor shaking the walls are shaking

and this is not what I expected at all

so the issue with this is that the

i-beam was running underneath the floor

connecting my neighbor and I now

anything that was dropped or any

vibrations that were felt were felt on

the other side as well so this is a huge

problem and they were not happy at all

and neither was i I'm about to open this

is like the work she a possibly happen

so I end up getting some structural

engineers in there pretty much bottom

line they said this would be hundreds of

thousands of dollars to fix you're gonna

be out of business it's not going to

work they're not gonna pay for it so I

had to get out of that lease now my

landlords were kind enough to give me

about a month to find a place and move

into which I thought would be great

however I ended up not finding a spot in

that time the market was pretty crappy

and it was either too big or too small

and wasn't in my price range so then I

had to move everything into storage and

the dark years commenced so ironically

enough I had set up the garage gym again

and I started inviting people in what

people I could keep but the issue was

that it's such a huge hype so I had like

65 people ready to sign up they were

super amped when I left the gym nobody

had enough time to talk trash on me or

anything like that so people were ready

to go but as time went on right and now

they hear that this gyms closing the

people who I work for and I

trash on me it took my height

from here and kicked it all the way down

to here like this was like the ultimate

kicking the nuts so I thought at the

time but it was just a huge morale loss

so I'm trying to make things work and

you know find a place look for a

location when I can make money I had

some money saved up but over time that

was just diminishing my bank account was

running down to zero I had lost clients

and it was just a really bad time my

life of super depressed I was super

unhappy I'm not gonna lie you know it's

just you're thinking crazy things you

want to give up you want to find another

job so fast forward to about November

November at I would go to the gun range

all the time down the street now shoot

there and I saw this cool-looking garage

space so I inquired about that space and

you end up being available it was 3,000

square feet so it's actually bigger

their rent was cheaper cuz it's a

warehouse which is all stuff we'll talk

about in the next video and it looked

like a cool opportunity now this place

looked definitely a lot how do I say

more dungeon he like like a true like

almost like a CrossFit box look where

it's just in a warehouse there wasn't

any bathroom so I was gonna have to add

bathrooms and you know do a lot of work

to it but I thought it would be a great

starting spot so I end up signing a

lease there and over time I moved all my

equipment back into this garage so as

time went on in this location I was

getting ready to open up again right but

my landlord acting kind of weird and he

kept saying that the township was

delaying the township the township the

township however when I go to the

township they would say that he was

delaying so someone here was either

lying or miss communicating with me

which ultimately led to me calling and

saying yo I'm showing up at your office

and were in fear I what's going on right

now so this is about a two month period

when I got there he ultimately said that

he wanted to open up his business next

door so he was he was in the automotive

business he wanted never space available

next to me he wanted to open up a

business there now the problem was with

the parking lot and the parking


he couldn't have my business and his

business at the same time the township

wouldn't allow and it was gonna cost him

50 some grand to bill

parking lot to make it happen now I

understand right he's trying to do his

thing I'm trying to mine and whatever by

the same time it didn't need to take two

months for me to figure this out so that

is the second kick in the nuts and that

was really the worst one ever at that

point I was hopeless you know I'm

sitting there thinking is this really

gonna work am I gonna be able to make

this happen I have no money you know I

have no support I barely any clients I

think I had like less than ten people

all the time who were still with me so

going from sixty to ten that's not good

so I had a close up shop and move

everything out of there now in this

whole interim I was trying to look for

locations but it just wasn't happen you

know and this time frame was from when I

closed the first gym October all the way

until after my birthday so a little bit

after February so now it's about

February and I decided to take this one

last look with the realtor drive around

properties and part of that I talked to

my best friend and he was really giving

me a heart to heart and I was thinking

about quitting honest I was think about

like you know I can get a good corporate

job I can work my way up I can make good

money I'm going back to that per

provider mentality and he's like dude he

said if you give up on this dream that

is when you're actually a failure that's

when you failed he's like you can't not

do this like you were destined to do

this you have to see it through and he

said you know you're gonna go and see

some properties and how weird is this

and this is what he said a swear to God

he's like he's gonna show you the last

one and that's gonna be it that's I've

been feeling that's gonna be the one I

was like yeah whatever I don't really

believe him but I was like okay so

anyways go watch his properties none of

them worked right and we're driving back

and he gets on the phone he's like

listen because I got one more than I

could show you that I think is really

gonna work but you're gonna have to come

back at 5:30 this is like 1:00 in the

afternoon so I was like wasn't really

feeling it but I did anyway

lo and behold we walk into this place

it's 5,000 square feet divided into two

sides with a big opening to go in

between them and that is where I am

today so I don't know you know

everything happens for a reason and this

is was meant to happen

but it did and it's a pretty wild story

but throughout this year and a half long

journey of trying to open up the gym I

learned a lot about myself I learned a

lot about other people my friends my

family you know who's actually there for

me who's not I learned how to run a

business fail a business try to make it

work not make it work I learned so many

things that I would never have come out

stronger if this never happened and I

don't think anything in life without

conflict you know has ever led to

anything amazing right there's always

some sort of conflict every movie you've

ever watched or every story you've ever

heard there's always conflict so it's

hard to realize that during the time and

then you know I went through crazy

depression I went through horrible you

know situations and loss of money

friends and you know other things but

ultimately it taught me so much and it's

been an amazing opportunity and that's

why I want to share this with you guys

is to help people you know inspire you

guys or show you that if I can push

through it and do it you can too the

reason why I started a gym was to create

an amazing community of people who are

willing to work hard and I could show

them how capable they really were of

achieving things in their life now I

just do that through strength training

but I think what I do has such a bigger

purpose than just strength training and

it was also a way for me to help people

build confidence in themselves I knew

what it was like to be insecure and not

get the girls or be unhappy with the way

I looked and strength training and

fitness had done that for me it was also

an outlet for me when I was down or

depressed to get myself out of that

depression get myself out of thinking

dark horrible thoughts it really was

just my medicine so if that was my

impact of strength training I I knew

that it could help other people out

there and that's that's why I built you

know the grind house that's why I have

the Lions Den is to to help influence

inspire create motivate and just change

the world and spread my message to as

many people as possible this is pretty

much just the journey of me building my

legacy trying to leave my legacy and

help others do the same thing hopefully

you guys enjoyed that story if you

didn't sorry

coming out and part two is gonna be way

more about the business end of things

where we talk about you know your story

so that's why I told you this is how to

use your story to influence people or to

market or to get people in and talk

about your niche market we're going to

talk about business layouts and you know

all sorts of different business things

in the next video so hopefully you guys

learn more about me my story took a

little tipped off of this and then the

next video is we're going to dive deep

into how I built the following the

social media all of that get ready