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How To Start An Online Grocery Store

Accenture estimates that by 2020, out of the total retail consumption by shoppers worldwide,

eCommerce will get 13.5%. In other words, out of every 7 dollars spent on retail consumption,

eCommerce will get a little over 1 dollar.

Gold rush. Isn’t it ? Add to it the fact that there’s practically

no way you don’t buy grocery – whatever the channel of purchase – you have a promising

grocery market. And yet, people planning to get into the business

of online grocery store often think the market is the same as that of an e-retailers….

…….That’s incorrect. Beyond some superficial similarities the two

businesses share, at an operational level, they are entirely different. For instance,

an online grocery store deals with items that are perishable in nature, unlike an e-retailer

who faces no such risks. As a result, when you are trying to figure

out how to start an online grocery store, you must address these issues in a superior

manner. So here’s what you’ll need to do before

starting a grocery store.

#1 Understand And Research The Business

Online grocery is all about sourcing and delivering within the shortest time possible, given the

inherent perishable nature of most of its products. You’ll want to understand what

do the local farms produce the most and what do they provide the best – often, these

two things aren’t the same. Carefully study and analyze the buying pattern

and habits of the geographical area you intend to serve. Since you are dealing with edible